Adventurer's Guide

Equipping and fusing lightstones

[Black Desert Mobile Guide]

01. Equipping and fusing lightstone
02. Lightstone slate



- Through [Black Spirit’s Whisper], [My Info] or [Inventory], you can equip or fuse the lightstone. By equipping a lightstone, you will get bonus effect depending on lightstone types.


Fusing lightstone


- If you have too many lightstones, you can fuse them and try your luck on getting a higher grade lightstone.

- To fuse lightstone, you need 3 lightstones of any type, but they have to be the same grade.

- You also need silver to fuse lightstone.



- When you start your adventures, you will begin with 1 lightstone slate.

- You can have a total of 3 lightstone slates to have different configurations for different situations. 

- To obtain the other two lightstone slates, go to the Pearl Store. 

- One lightstone slate can be bought with Silver and the other can be bought with Black/White Pearl.

- Once you have multiple lightstone slates, you can choose which one you want active by selecting it and pressing [Select]. 
- The bonus stats from the first lightstone slate applies to all characters in the family. However, stats from each second and third lightstone slate only applies to an equipping character.
※ Stats from lightstone slates does not stack. You only gain stats from the lightstone slate that you are equipping.