Adventurer's Guide

Node War

Black Desert Mobile’s Node War is undoubtedly one of the best ways to show off your teamwork of your Guild. Node War is a mode in which guilds battle each other for possession of Nodes. Winning a Node War will grant a 7-day possession of the newly acquired Node.


Table of Contents
1) Schedule
2) Bidding and Selection
3) Preparation
4) Starting Node War
5) Victory Conditions & Rewards



■ Date & Time

Every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday between 19:00 - 20:00 or 21:00~22:00.


■ How to Participate

A total of 3 guilds can participate in a Node War.

There will be numerous Nodes for each Node War. Please note the date of availability of each Node as each Node War will be different. 

※ Each Node has 3 different tiers, labeled Tier 1-3. More rewards will be given when winning on a higher tier Node. Please note that a Tier 1 Node is the lowest tier.

e.g) Winning a Node War on a Tier 3 Node will grant more rewards than a Tier 2 Node.



If you wish to check basic information or register for a Node War, press the [Node War] button in the [Guild Fortress - Siege Gateway] menu.


■ Requirement to participate Node War

Guild Masters and Officers can bid when the guild meets the following conditions:

Guild Level Level 3 or higher
Guild Members At least 10 or more members

※ Regardless of the Node Tier, a Guild can only occupy a maximum of one Node at a time.
※ Bidding can only be made once per day, and Guild can only occupy one Node per day.
※ If the Guild is currently occupying a Castle, bidding on another Castle/Node is not possible (they only have the option to defend the Castle or Node).
※ If a Guild wins the bid for Siege War, all Nodes that the Guild controls will be lost.
※ Guilds can free the occupied Node only if the Guild makes a bid on a Node that has the same schedule for Node War as the one occupied. In this case, Guilds can free the Node 2 days before the Node War begins.



Guild Funds are used to make bids, 3 guilds with the highest bids will be selected as participants.

※Once the 3 guilds are chosen, JOIN/LEAVE/KICK for Guild members and disbanding the Guild will not be available for the participating Guilds.


3 Guilds will be selected to participate in the Node War once the bidding process is over. The particiapting guilds will move on to the preparation phase.


Participating guilds will be able to prepare during the 10-hour preparation period after the bidding process ends at 10:00, and before the actual Node War begins at 20:00. Guild members will be able to upgrade the Holy Artifact, Guard Towers, and Barricades at the Guild Fortress by consuming their personal resources.

※ Barricades cannot be repaired.
※ Holy Artifact, Defense Towers, and Barricades will obtain extra HP when upgraded.
※ Guilds will not be able to craft elephants or cannons during the preparation phase.
※ Guild Skills cannot be leveled up during the Node War preparation phase.


✓ Armory, Den, Guild Skills

Armory Craft Cannons, Construct Fire Shot Supply Depot.
Den Purchase Elephants and Orges. (Orges can only be used in Siege War)
Guild Skill Level up Cannon Knowledge, Elephant Training, Orge Skills

Guild members will be able to enter the Node War through the Siege Gateway at 20:00 after the preparation phase.
※ Guild members must be a part of the guild for a minimum of 7 days to be able to participate in the Node War.


The defending Guild and attacking Guilds (which are the 2 Guilds with the highest bids) will each be randomly placed on 1 of the 5 Holy Artifacts marked on the minimap. 

Siege Objectives
Holy Artifact The Holy Artifact positioned in the center of your Guild’s base must be protected at all cost in order to win the Node War.
You must destroy any opposing Guild’s Holy Artifact in order to win the Node War.
It is important to find the balance between defending your Guild’s Holy Artifact and attacking the opposing Guild’s Holy Artifact to win.
If you die during the war, you will be revived near your Holy Artifact.
The guild will lose the Node war when the Holy Artifact’s HP reaches 0.
Defense Tower This is a defense tower in a fixed position near the Guild’s Holy Artifact. It will automatically attack any approaching enemies.
Barricade An obstacle set in place near a Guild’s Holy Artifact that helps keep incoming enemies at bay.
Enemies will be able to move in between any destroyed Barricades.
Siege Weapons
Cannon Each side will have 3 elephants and 10 cannons. You can ride on cannons to attack the opposing guild.
Elephants Elephants will also attack and can inflict high amounts of damage to Holy Artifacts, gates, and enemies.  

Fire Shot Supply Units

Fire Shot Supply Units can be summoned one at a time. You can obtain a maximum of 3 Fire Shot at Fire Shot Supply Units near the Holy Artifacts.

※ 3 Fire Shots are available to use within a Node War session. For instance, After 1 Fire Shot is fired, another one can be obtained.


An Adventurer who was given a Fire Shot cannot be inflicted by Normal attack and can use skills such as [Evade], [Run], and [Throw].

The skill has 3 Tiers. The Higher the tier is, the further distance you can fire the Fire Shot

Throw the Fire Shot to inflict damage to enemy guild members, siege units and siege weapons.

If an Adventurer dies or evacuates the Node War while holding a Fire Shot, the Fire Shot will drop at their position and explode to inflict damage after 3 seconds.

Guild Skills - Guilds can also use Guild Skills to provide strong but temporary buffs to Guild members.
Available Guild Skills are as follows and can be upgraded in the Guild Menu by using guild funds.
1) Call to Battle: Attack
2) Call to Battle: Defense
3) Call to Battle: Move Speed
Prelude to Battle This will provide AP/DP/HP buffs to all members of the guild that delivered the final blow to the Prelude to Battle.
Neutral Hwacha A weapon with an extremely long-range that is capable of inflicting continuous damage to enemies.
It can be controlled by the Adventurer that first mounts it, but can also be used by other Adventurers once the mounted Adventurer has been defeated.
Battle-Hardened Ogre

· The guild to deliver the last blow to the Battle-Hardened Ogre will get a powerful buff for 5 minutes.
· The buff will continue when your character dies, and will only disappear after the time has expired.
· Battle-Hardened Ogre will reappear 10~15 minutes after its defeat.


- Buff 1: Ogre's Roar
- 1st Buff: AP +600 / DP +300
- 2nd Buff: AP +700 / DP +350
- 3rd Buff: AP +800 / DP +400
- 4th Buff: AP +900 / DP +450
- 5th Buff: AP +1000 / DP +500


- Buff 2: Destroyer Instinct
- 1st Buff: Structure Damage +5%
- 2nd Buff: Structure Damage +10%
- 3rd Buff: Structure Damage +30%
- 4th Buff: Structure Damage +50%
- 5th Buff: Structure Damage +100%


- The buff you get from defeating Battle-Hardened Ogre will get stronger after each additional defeat of the Ogre.
※ Both of the buffs apply only to direct attacks by the player.
※ The additional damage granted by Destroyer Instinct only applies to Holy Artifacts, Guard Towers, and Barricades that can be leveled up.
※ Node War Mounts and Fire Shot Supply Units are not affected by the buff.



The Node War will end once all opposing Guild’s Holy Artifacts are destroyed or the 2-hour time limit ends. 

If a Guild’s Holy Artifact is destroyed, the Guild will leave the battlefield. The guild that successfully protects their Holy Artifact will occupy the Node. 


The winning Guild can collect tax as Guild Funds and distribute Guild Bonus.

Guild Bonus will be sent through the Mailbox once a week. Distribution history will reset on every Saturday 12:00 (Server Time).


If there are 2 or more Holy Artifacts remaining after the 2-hour time limit, the war will end with that Node considered to be ’Unoccupied’.


■  Unoccupied Node

The tax will stack and the next occupying Guild will collect the unclaimed tax.