Adventurer's Guide

Black Spirit Mode

Table of Contents 

01. What is Black Spirit Mode? 

02. How to Use Black Spirit Mode 

03. Available Black Spirit Modes 


In addition to the Black Spirit questioning every decision of yours, he can actually help you in your adventure!

Black Spirit Mode is a convenient system which enables the Black Spirit to continue your adventure while you are away. You can request the Black Spirit to hunt, gather, or fish, or clear Boss Rushes or the Ancient Ruins for a certain period of time during Sleep Mode.


■ Requirement to use Black Spirit Mode

- Your Black Spirit must be level 40 or above.

- The Black Spirit will continue your journey for 3 hours upon using Black Spirit Mode.
※ You can Increase the duration of Black Spirit Mode by 6 hours and increase your inventory capacity by 800 LT.
- You can obtain items until your inventory reaches 200% capacity in your character’s bag.
※ Please clean out unnecessary items from your inventory before proceeding.


■ How to Enter Black Spirit Mode

1) Tap on the menu icon located on the top right corner of the screen

2) Tap on the [Black Spirit Modeor [Sleep] icons.


You can tap on [Black Spirit Mode] located on the bottom right of the screen on Sleep Mode.


3Select which task you want the Black Spirit to help you with.


#1 Black Spirit Mode: Auto-Explore Ruins
- Black Spirit Mode: Auto-Explore Ruins can only be set to the highest difficulty level you have completed at least once.

• Your CP must be higher than the minimum entrance CP

• Black Spirit Mode will end and an alert will be sent out when there are no more Ancient Tablets.

- The number of Ancient Tablets required for each difficulty, and the rewards given, are the same as doing the Ancient Ruins manually. The only difference here is that you cannot set the mulitiplier.


- The below table shows the minimum number of Ancient Tablets required to start the Auto-Explore Ruins feature in Black Spirit Mode.

Difficulty  Level 1  Level 2  Level 3  Level 4  Level 5  Level 6  Level 7 
Tablets Required  12  16  20  24  28  34  40 
Difficulty  Level 8  Level 9  Level 10  Level 11 Level 12  Level 13   
Tablets Required  46  54  62  35 40 100  





#2. Black Spirit Mode: Auto-Rush

 - The Black Spirit must be level 110 or higher in order for you to play through all Boss Rushes.

   • Auto-rush will be set to a recommended difficulty that you have already completed of a Boss Rush, and the max possible multiplier.

   • If you do not wish to clear all Boss Rushes, you can select which Boss Rush to clear.

 - Auto-Rush will stop when there are no more Boss Rush Passes or after 3 hours pass.

   • Auto-Rush from Black Spirit Mode cannot be performed if there is a Boss Rush currently in progress.

   • Auto-Rush can be completed faster when using Combat Plus.