Adventurer's Guide

Black Spirit Mode


Table of contents
01. What is Black Spirit Mode? 
02. How to Use Black Spirit Mode 
03. Available Black Spirit Modes 

In addition to the Black Spirit questioning every decision of yours, he can actually help you in your adventure!

Black Spirit Mode is a convenient system which enables the Black Spirit to continue your adventure while you are away. You can request the Black Spirit to hunt, gather, or fish, or clear Boss Rushes or the Ancient Ruins for a certain period of time during Sleep Mode.


■ Requirement to use Black Spirit Mode

- Your Black Spirit must be level 40 or above.

- The Black Spirit will continue your journey for 3 hours upon using Black Spirit Mode.
※ You can Increase the duration of Black Spirit Mode by 6 hours and increase your inventory capacity by 800 LT.
- You can obtain items until your inventory reaches 200% capacity in your character’s bag.
※ Please clean out unnecessary items from your inventory before proceeding.


■ How to Enter Black Spirit Mode

1) Tap on the menu icon located on the top right corner of the screen

2) Tap on the [Black Spirit Modeor [Sleep] icons.


You can tap on [Black Spirit Mode] located on the bottom right of the screen on Sleep Mode.


3Select which task you want the Black Spirit to help you with.



- Improved to be able to receive rewards when you log in again after a certain time, even without using Black Spirit Mode.
- Time in Black Spirit Mode accumulates based on the time logged out without having to adjust any other settings.
- Time in Black Spirit Mode accumulates while accessing content such as Camp, Merchantry, Arena, and more.
- The max time that can accumulate is 4 hours by default, and up to 8 hours with the Black Spirit Plus buff.

- You can receive the accumulated time via the reward of your choice when you access the game.
ㆍ The types of rewards you can choose are as follows.

Category Description
Auto-Hunt A suggested monster zone will be set based on the current character's CP.
You can change it to the monster zone you want, and toggle the Blessing of Light and set the tier for the Holy Vial of Light cost. 
Auto-Explore Ruins Available from when you first clear Ancient Ruins.
Only available for Ancient Guardian: Lv 1 to Lv 4. 
Auto-Rush Boss Rush entries exchanged in advance will be spent for rewards.
Available after the first time clearing the Boss Rush.
Auto-Start and Hadum will be the default setting for Boss Rush. 

ㆍ The Auto-Gathering and Auto-Fishing features have not been added and are scheduled for a future update.
- Rewards will be sent to your Temp Storage if you don't have enough inventory slots or weight.
- You can check the rewards and resources spent from the window that displays when obtaining Black Spirit Mode rewards.

※ The increase in max accumulated time applied with Black Spirit Plus (4 → 8 hours) will be based on access.

E.g. 1 Only the default time of 4 hours will accrue when logging in after 8 hours after logging out with 6 hours remaining for the Black Spirit Plus buff. 
E.g. 2 5 hours will accrue when logging in after 5 hours with 6 hours remaining for the Black Spirit Plus buff. 

- In celebration of the update, all Adventurers will find their time accumulated maxed in Black Spirit Mode, and you can log in and select rewards.
- Changed the content open requirement for Black Spirit Mode.
ㆍ Defeat Giath → Family Quest - Necessary Supplies