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Greetings Adventurers! 


It’s me, every Adventurer’s best friend, Eileen!


You will need all the help you can get for your first step into the world of Black Desert Mobile!
I’ve got all the important information you will need on your adventurer right here!

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 Game Info.
- Pets and Horses
- Market
- Family Name / My Info
- Stamina
- Amity
- Titles
- Contribution
- Wealth


- Equipping and fusing lightstones
- Transfer Enhancement
- Enhancement / Force Enhancement
- Dark Energy
- Skills
- Task
- Enchantment
- Collection


- Node Manager
- Shaktu's Shop
- Node War
- Blood Kin
- Adventurer's Fame
- Field of Valor
- World Boss


- Arena
- Nightmare
- Ramoness
- Siege War
- Resource Support
- Knowledge
- Workers
- Crafting
- Camp
- Relics
- Crystals
- Lightstones
- Alchemy Stones
Guild Contents
- Guild Rush : Elite Boss
- Guild / Guild War
- Character Customization
- Settings
- Escape
- Black Spirit Mode


Pearl Shop Drop Rate Info.
- Pearl Shop Drop Rate Info.
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