Adventurer's Guide

Land of the Sherekhan

Developer Commentary:

"Descendant of Edana...
can you hear the sound of the distorted space-time?

Before long, the slumbering dragon will awaken
and devour all of Duvencrune.

Will you answer the call of the Chenga Sherekhan
for the sake of Duvencrune?"

Drieghan is known as the land of dragons and home to the descendants of the Sherekhan. Adventurers who have sensed the anomalies occurring in Drieghan will embark on an adventure to old Drieghan, where the capital city Duvencrune has just been established, with the help of Chief Durgeff.

Duvencrune is where the sound of hammers can still be heard, and where evidence of the Great Battle between the dragon and the Sherekhan still remain. The place where the dragon landed has become a new threat to Drieghan, as groups seeking its power have flocked there.

Adventurers can learn "Succession Skills" in this area, which allows you to use skills of both Ascension and Awakening classes. You can also obtain [Charm of Succession] items that will increase the damage of Succession skills.

Centered around Duvencrune and located in the highlands are the Blood Wolf tribe known as the Kagtum, who serve Garmoth the Crimson Dragon, and the tombs of the five warriors Belcadas, Nybrica, Garud, Lateh, and Federik, who were all acknowledged by the Chenga Sherekhan. Sherekhan Necropolis is found in the Gervish Mountains, while the Tshira Ruins are cursed lands stained with the blood of the Black Dragon Markthanan, who was severely wounded by the Sherekhan. Finally there is the Land of the Sherekhan, where the giant bat Khalk threatens Adventurers. We hope you continue to enjoy your new adventures.


- Land of the Sherekhan is a region where you can see Drieghan of the past.


- You must complete the quest "Ready for the Past" from the newly added story "Legacy of the Sherekhan" to enter the Land of the Sherekhan.
ㆍ This story can be unlocked after completing the story "Drieghan: Spread of Terror."

- You can enter Land of the Sherekhan by tapping the "Land of the Sherekhan" button via the Town icon, or through the well in Duvencrune.
ㆍ When you enter Land of the Sherekhan, you will move to the town, Old Duvencrune.
- The following buffs are applied in Land of the Sherekhan: Flute of Unity, Normal/Advanced Cooking items, French Toast, Lucky Black Dragon's Item Drop Rate Up.
ㆍ The effects of Hot Time 100%/200%/300% items are not applied.

- To stay in Land of the Sherekhan, you must use "Clockwork."
ㆍYou can obtain one Clockwork every day once you complete the "Ready for the Past" quest from the Story - "Legacy of the Sherekhan."
ㆍUsing one "Clockwork" increases your exploration time by 20 minutes.
ㆍWhile in town, exploration time in the Land of the Sherekhan does not decrease.
ㆍTowns: Old Duvencrune, Night Crow Post, Rocky Mountain Encampment, Marcha Camp, Morning Fog Beacon Tower
ㆍYou can have up to 5 hours of exploration time in the Land of the Sherekhan.
ㆍWith Life Plus active, max exploration time increases up to 10 hours.

- Clockwork can be used within 24 hours after obtaining it, and once it expires, it can only be sold to vendors.
ㆍ There is no Holy Vial of Light cost in the Land of the Sherekhan.
- If you do not take any action in the zone where Clockwork is consumed and enter Sleep Mode, you will be forcibly moved to a nearby town.
ㆍ This function will not activate if Sleep Mode is off.

- There are Broken Altars in Land of the Sherekhan.
ㆍ Broken Altars will activate when you step on it, and you can quickly move between activated altars.
ㆍ When you first arrive in the Land of the Sherekhan, you can only see the area around Old Duvencrune on the World Map, but as you explore new zones, more of the World Map will gradually become visible.

- A "Call-Up Board" is installed in each town in the Land of the Sherekhan, where you can accept missions.
ㆍ Call-Up Board missions can be accepted after completing the "To the Land of the Sherekhan" quest from the Story - "Legacy of the Sherekhan."
ㆍ You can complete one Call-Up Board Mission per week and can refresh missions once per day.

- Upon completing the Call-Up Board mission, you will obtain the Clockwork Chest as the main reward.
ㆍ Upon use, you will obtain 3 Clockwork.


- Monsters appearing in Land of the Sherekhan range in CP from around 43,000 to 60,000.
- You can obtain Topography, Academic, Ecology, Adventure, and Character Knowledge.
- You can accept quests around the main monster zones to receive monster knowledge as a reward.
ㆍ Acceptable zones: Marcha Camp, Everlasting Falls, Wolf Habitat, Black Dragon Marsh, Ashen Canyon, Dwelling of the Misguided.




- You can enter the Illuminated Land of the Sherekhan through Sherekhan Illumination.
- The Illuminated Land of the Sherekhan includes separate monster zones where only the monsters of that area appear.
ㆍ The effects of Flute of Unity, Item Drop Rate Up (Normal/Advanced Cooking item buffs, Lucky Black Dragon, etc.), and French Toast buffs are applied just like in Land of the Sherekhan.
ㆍ Clockwork is also consumed in the Illuminated Land of the Sherekhan.
ㆍ You can defeat monsters within a limited area.
ㆍ When a certain number of people enter one area, a new channel is created.

- You can check the location of each Sherekhan Illumination zone through the Land of the Sherekhan World Map.
- You can exit the Illuminated Land of the Sherekhan by:
ㆍ Interacting with the portal at the entrance
ㆍ Moving outside the border area
ㆍ Returning to Duvencrune
- In the Illuminated Land of the Sherekhan, you cannot use the Outlaw Zone or use the "Save Location" or "Nearby Town" features.
- If you run out of exploration time in the Illuminated Land of the Sherekhan or are unable to take action, you will be immediately returned to Duvencrune.