Adventurer's Guide


01. Requirements
02. Entering Constellation
03. Constellation Exploration
04. Family Fame / Family's Spirit
05. Constellation Rewards
06. Constellation Knowledge and Title
07. Constellation : Adventurer


Constellations is a new family-based content.

You can take 6 characters from your family on an exploration to restore the light of stars within a constellation, as they have lost their power due to Illezra. With today’s update we are releasing 3 Constellations (Sealing Stone, Hammer, and Shield). Explore them with your family members, restore the stars' brilliance, and gain Constellation Knowledge as well as various rewards!



Broken balance, two realms tangled, and descending darkness. Legends and prophecies talk about the first darkness that shattered a moon and a second darkness that will make the stars fall from the sky. The Valencian General, Ganin Arth, has selected you to discover the truth behind the troubling prophecy and restore balance between Elion and Hadum! Will you respond to Ganin Arth’s call and embark on battles to restore the stars to their former glory?


- Complete the Great Desert story 'Faded Constellation' to unlock the content.
- The story will be available after you fulfill the following:

ㆍCharacter Awakening or Ascension
ㆍCP 6,000 and higher
ㆍCompleted family quest ‘Awaken, Black Spirit’


- Tap 'Stars' from the main menu to enter Constellation.

- Use Adventure Token x100 to gain a pass and explore a Constellation.
ㆍExchange: Use Black Pearls to gain an entry pass for the selected Constellation.
ㆍGroup Pass Exchange: Will randomly provide entries to available Constellations.
ㆍExchanging Adventure Token and gaining Constellation entries is not available between 23:50 - 00:05.
ㆍYou can obtain [Adventure Token] while field hunting in Elion or Hadum.



- Up to 6 family characters can participate in the exploration.
- Tap the prepare button to check the required CP and adjust the difficulty.

ㆍYou need to meet the CP requirement to enter the constellation.- Tap Start to explore the selected Constellation Difficulty.
Select Auto-Repeat to continue challenging the same difficulty until all of your entries have been used.- During exploration, defeat the enemies around the faded Constellation before facing the Boss.
ㆍAfter the Boss battle begins, you have 3 minutes to defeat the enemy.- If you are defeated, you will still keep the entry to try again.

- Each time you reach Constellation Knowledge by 5 levels, the maximum multiplier you can set increases by 1.

Family Fame Buff
Lv. Surviving Family Characters Boss Damage Increase
1 6 20%
2 5 16%
3 4 12%
4 3 8%
5 2 4%


Family's Spirit Buff
Lv. Surviving Family Characters Normal Monster Damage Increase
1 6 20%
2 5 16%
3 4 12%
4 3 8%
5 2 4%

- Receive buffs during exploration based on the number of characters who are still alive in the exploration.
ㆍFamily Fame: Increase damage to Bosses
ㆍFamily's Spirit: Increase damage to monsters



- Difficulty Clear Rewards can be earned once per family.

- Here are the main rewards that can be obtained through Constellation exploration:

ㆍBlack Spirit's Elion Rune

ㆍ[Mystical-Primal] Elion Rune Chest
ㆍ[Epic-Abyssal] Elion Rune Chest
ㆍGrand Weapon Black Stone
ㆍRefined Black Crystal Bundle
ㆍAwakening/Ascension Skillbook
ㆍAncient Gold Coin

- You need to clear each difficulty level before moving on to the next difficulty.

ㆍEven if you've cleared the previous difficulty, you have to meet the CP requirement to challenge the next one.



- Added Constellation Knowledge:
ㆍSealing Stone Constellation
ㆍHammer Constellation
ㆍ hield Constellation

- Increased Constellation Knowledge, which will increase stats such as Max HP, AP, DP.

- Added Constellation related Titles:

ㆍSealing Stone Symbol
ㆍHammer Symbol
ㆍShield Symbol

※ Gain each title after clearing the Constellation's highest difficulty.



- constellation "Adventurer," where you can accumulate knowledge EXP through constellations that have already achieved their final knowledge level.
· Adventurer can be obtained by completing the new story "Where the stars take you" after reaching the final knowledge level for any constellation.
· If you explore any constellation when it has reached the final knowledge level after obtaining Adventurer, knowledge EXP will be accumulated in Adventurer.