Adventurer's Guide

Season - Character Tips!

You may face difficulties in understanding certain aspects as you adventure along the Season Pass with a season character,
and may have questions on what may be the most optimal way, so we've gathered some tips that you may find helpful.


Can I proceed with the Land of the Morning Light and the Mountain of Eternal Winter Stories?

Yes, you can proceed with the Land of the Morning Light and the Mountain of Eternal Winter Stories!

Not only are there many regions but there also are many stories in Black Desert Mobile.
There will be the "To the Land of the Morning Light!" and "To the Mountain of Eternal Winter!" events
so that even Adventurers who embark on an adventure for the first time with a season character can enjoy it.

As we're giving out Tuvala Black Crystals useful for a season character in these events when you complete the Land of the Morning Light and the Mountain of Eternal Winter Stories,
you can get rewards even as you pause character progression to travel around new regions through the Stories.


Remaining Tuvala Black Crystals

- If all of your Tuvala Weapons/Armor are at max level for Awakened Enhancement, but you still need to enhance your Totem, Relics, and other Tuvala Gear,
you can use Tuvala Black Crystals as material for crafting Tuvala Relics, Accessories, and more via [Menu - Craft - Materials - Craft Material - Tuvala].


Main Quest Express Pass

Main Quest Express Passes allow you to adventure through only the important parts of Main Quests and speed through the rest.
There are Main Quest Express Passes from Balenos, where you begin your adventure, to regions before Valencia.
You can obtain Main Quest Express Passes you can use for the following region as you progress through the Season Pass.

There are two requirements for using Main Quest Express Passes.
First, you must meet the CP requirement stated in the item description of each item to use it.
Second, you must complete up to a certain quest even if you've reached the CP requirement with a preceding quest.



You may find items in your inventory not available for immediate use as you adventure with your season character.
From Gear items to various Crystals that you cannot immediately equip, you may find yourself not knowing what to do with all these items.


The Gear you get from completing the Main Quests can be added to the Collection or fed to the Black Spirit as Dark Energy!
Different types of Crystals can also be registered to the Collection, and by fusing them, you can get higher-grade Crystals.

Hadum's Realm

Holy Vials of Light are required to stay in Hadum's Realm, unlike Elion's Realm.
Enemies respawn more quickly and the rewards you can loot are different.
Notable rewards include Chaos Crystals required to enhance the Rift Stone, and EXP Scrolls that grant you EXP required for fast leveling.


Check whether you're in Hadum's Realm when you're defeating monsters after completing the Hadum's Realm quest.
There are tiers 1, 2, and 3 for Blessing of Light. You can acquire more EXP from tier 3, but at a greater Holy Vial of Light cost.
We recommend that you set the tier for Blessing of Light based on the amount of Holy Vials of Light you have.


Lv 60 Character Generator Coupon

Some content such as Path of Glory and Constellation, among others, require more characters within the Family.
We're giving out a Lv 60 Character Generator Coupon from completing the season so that our Adventurers can more easily participate in Family content.

You may not be able to create more characters because you don't have enough character slots.
You can use the Black Pearls obtained from the Season Pass to add more character slots.
You'll be able to use the "Lv 60 Character Generator Coupon" once you expand character slots.


Blazing Chaos Crystal

You'll obtain Blazing Chaos Crystals from the Season Pass you progress once you enter Hadum's Realm.
You can use this item to enhance the Rift Stone up to Lv 200. This item will guarantee increasing your Rift Stone level.

You can level up the Rift Stone by increasing the Success Rate with Chaos Crystals as well,
but we recommend that you use the Blazing Chaos Crystals for enhancing the Rift Stone up to Lv 200 as you can get them from the Season Pass.