Adventurer's Guide

My Info

 Are you confused as to what all these numbers translate to in the World of Black Desert? Then make sure to check out the My Info screen. Here you'll see your level, stats such as AP and DP, life skill level, guild information, and much more!


 ※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.

■ Family and Character

You can view information about your character and guild.

- Family Information: Your Family name, family CP and your current tier based on this CP will be displayed.
- Character Information: Your character's name and stats will be displayed.
① CP: The CP is the sum of AP and DP.
② Attack Power (AP): modifies how much damage you inflict when hitting a target.
③ Defense Power (DP): Modifies how much damage is taken when being hit by an attack.
■ Detailed Info and Branch Damage
Move to the next page to find Detailed Info and Branch Damage information.
- Crowd Control Resistance: The value determines resistancy against Knockback, Knockdown, Stun, and other crowd control effects.
- Max HP: The number here shows the character's max HP.
- MP: Your max amount of MP, which is used to perform certain skills or evasive maneuvers.
- MP Regeneration: The value here determines your MP regeneration rate. The higher the value, the faster the regeneration.
- Crit Chance (Current Value/Max Value): The percentage determines the chance of critical hit.
- Critical Hit Damage (Current Value/Max Value): The number here determines the damage caused by a critical hit.
- Attack Speed (Current Value/Max Value): The percentage here determines attack speed and casting speed. The higher the percentage the faster you'll cast skill and increase the number of hits you'll land with basic attack. -> Translation check
- Move Speed (Current Value/Max Value) : The number here indicates the move speed when you're not on a mount.
- Branch Damage: This number indicates the modifier for each of the 4 branches.
You can increase these values through enchantments or by equipping crystals.
Branch Type Branch Effect Info
Aal Increase skill damage
Serrett Increase number of targets
Ahib Chance of extra damage
Labreve Increase skill crit chance
■ Bonus Effect
Tap to the next screen to see Bonus Effects. This will detail all other bonuses you are currently receiving from Lightstones, crystals, and pets.

- Character: You can view your equipped gear and your character's appearance.
- Equipped Gear: You can view detailed information about a gear by tapping the gear icon.
You can also view the activities of your Family on the server.
① Guild Information: You can view information about your guild.
② Play Information: You can view information about tasks, camp, and other play information.
③ Life Skills: You can check the life skill level on your character. The amount you obtain from completing a life skill task will increase at higher levels.
 - Details about Life Skill Grades are listed down below
    ※ Novice > Apprentice > Skilled > Professional > Artisan > Master > Guru

 - Levels that can be achieved for each Life Skill grades are listed down below.

ㆍ Novice, Apprentice, Skilled, Professional, Artisan (Lv 1 ~ Lv 10)
ㆍ Master (Lv 1 ~ Lv 20)
ㆍ Guru (Lv 1 ~)

You can view collected titles, title rewards, and add or remove titles.
※ Tap on the Titles tab to learn more about them.
- Looks: You can change your character's appearance from the customization screen. However, you'll need to purchase an Appearance Coupon to apply the change.
- Inventory: You can view the items inside your inventory.
  ※ You need more than 20 free spaces in your inventory to obtain items.
- Options: can set your character's costume decoration, pitching, etc. on/off.

You can check the average CP in your CP group and compare yours to other players.