Adventurer's Guide

Chaos Gear

Table of contents
01. Chaos Gear Introduction
02. Crafting Chaos Gear


Chaos Gear, which contains powerful, chaotic energy, has arrived.


- Tap Craft on the left side of the main menu to craft Chaos Gear and its materials.

✅ Awakened Chaos Enhancement
· Awakened Chaos Gear can be enhanced by using Pristine Black Crystals in 'Awakened Chaos Enhancement' tab

✅ Equipping Crystals
· Chaos Gear can be Awaken Enhanced up to 10 and you can equip up to 5 Crystals on them.
· The 4th Crystal Slot unlocks after Enhancing gear to +6 and the 5th Crystal Slot unlocks at +8.
· An already unlocked Crystal Slot will remain open even if the enhancement level goes down.

✅ Transfer Enhancement
· Chaos Gear cannot transfer enhancements to other gear, or have other gear enhancements transferred to them.
· Chaos Gear can only be crafted for the active character, and the Primal Gear used as material must belong to the active character's class as well.

✅ Awakening Chaos Gear
· You can Awaken your Chaos Gear to improve its stats even further.
· Use the Blacksmith in your camp to Awaken Chaos Gear.
· You will need [Dimensional Fragment] and Silver to Awaken Chaos Gear. The required amount will depend on which piece of gear it is.


✅ Enchanting Chaos Gear
· Performing Awakened Enchantment on Chaos Gear requires Magical Residue x100,000, Dimensional Fragment x10, and 1,000,000 Silver.
· Enchanting Chaos Gear differs from enchanting other gear grades in that acquired enchantments accumulate, and each can reach up to +100.
· As enchantments continue to succeed, stat gains will reduce and become more incremental relative to how high the current enhancement stat is. It can also become possible for your total enhancement stat to be reduced upon failure.
· If a stat is reduced due to a failed enhancement, you can use [Dimensional Fragment] x10, which will give a 100% chance to restore it.


✅ Required Materials
Required Grade Required Materials
Primal Awakened Primal Gear at V (PEN) or higher, Dimensional Fragment x600, and Chaos Jewel x1 to craft Chaos Gear.


✅ Chaos Jewel
· [Chaos Jewel], used for crafting Chaos Gear, can be crafted from Chaos Core x100 in the craft menu.
· [Chaos Jewel] can also be obtained from Spoils of Hadum in Chaos Zone when defeating monsters.