Adventurer's Guide

Family Dispatch


01. Tower of Trials: Entering

02. Tower of Trials: Start Training

03. Tower of Trials: Obtaining Rewards

04. Tower of Trials: Elion's Realm

05. Tower of Trials: Hadum's Realm

06. Merchantry: Details

07. Scout Hadum: Details

08. Scout Hadum: Interact

- Family Dispatch is a feature that allows you to use Family members to carry out specific tasks

- Tap Dispatch on the right side of the main menu and send Family members to Tower of Trials, Merchantry, or Scout Hadum.


- Tower of Trials is content that allows offline characters to grow stronger. Once a day, you can send your characters to the tower to obtain various rewards and EXP.

- Merchantry feature allows you to send one of your family members to do Merchantry.

- Scout Hadum feature allows you to dispatch characters in your family to Hadum's Realm in certain regions to accumulate Hadum Knowledge EXP.

Tap the main menu icon at the top-right corner and tap the [Tower of Trials] icon to enter.

① Tower of Trials
On the left side of the UI, you will find information regarding rewards and EXP you can obtain on each floor.

② Select character
You can select available characters from the list.
You can send a maximum of 5 characters level 45 or over for training. Any characters that are pending deletion or who have already been deleted cannot participate.


③ CP
In this section, you’ll see the combined CP of the selected characters.
Using characters of different classes can yield bonus CP.



Tap [Start Training] to send the character(s), after which you can monitor their current status.


① Training information
Here you can see the combined HP of characters currently in training.
Training will continue until the HP bar reaches 0.

② Acquired Items
Here you can find the rewards and EXP that the character(s) have acquired, relative to how many floors you cleared.



Once the HP bar is empty, training will conclude. Tap [Complete] to obtain the rewards gained from cleared floors.


However, EXP only can be acquired for characters who participated in the training session. The character will obtain the EXP the next time you log in with this character.

※ You cannot obtain EXP if the character you sent has already reached the maximum level.


Tower of Trials: Elion Realm is a system where you can send up to 5 characters, who are at least Lv. 45, for training (logged-in characters cannot be sent to the tower). Characters dispatched to the Tower of Trials will earn experience points as well as other rewards.

- You can access Tower of Trials from Main Menu > Tower of Trials. The content is accessible after your Black Spirit reaches Lv. 50.
- The total CP of The dispatched characters determines The highest floor you will be able to clear. You will receive rewards for each cleared floor.
- The Tower of Trials rewards can be received by accessing the Tower after it has concluded. Experience points for each dispatched character are earned only once you log in with that character.
- You can use the Tower of Trials once a day, and training will continue until the characters are exhausted.


- Tower of Trials: Hadum can be used at the same time as Tower of Trials: Elion and is available once a day.
- You can toggle between Tower of Trials: Elion and Tower of Trials: Hadum on the main Tower of Trials page.
- Tower of Trials: Hadum can be used once a day and Holy Vial of Light will not be consumed for the training.

- You can dispatch up to 5 characters to Tower of Trials: Hadum, who will all gain experience points and Hadum-relevant rewards.
· Characters who are mid-training in Tower of Trials: Elion cannot be sent to Tower of Trials: Hadum.
· Characters waiting to be deleted, or those whose deletion waiting period has ended, cannot be sent to the Tower of Trials.
- Tower of Trials: Hadum rewards can be collected by any family member, but experience points will only be awarded to characters who were sent for training, and only after you log in with them.
- The total CP of The characters dispatched will determine how many floors you can clear. you will receive rewards for each floor cleared.
- If characters of differing classes are sent on training together, you will receive a CP bonus.

- To use Family Dispatch: Merchantry, you need to first unlock a camp and have a Tier 5 Town Hall, a Trading Post, a Wagon, and be Lv. 20 or above at Merchantry.
- The active Character needs to be at least Lv. 45 and only Characters Lv. 60 or above can be dispatched.
- If you are short on family members to be dispatched, you can use [Mercenary Contract] to hire a Mercenary who'll do it instead.
- Family Dispatch: Merchantry will require a Daily Food Supply, which will be deducted from Food Storage.
- New Regions will unlock with higher Merchantry levels. Dispatching to these Regions will yield better rewards, but it will take more time to complete.
- Family Dispatch: Merchantry will maintain amity with Trade Vendors of all regions.
- Amity reduction remains the same. Should you not do Merchantry or Family Dispatch: Merchantry for 7 days, amity will begin to fall.

※ Important Note
- Active characters, or those already dispatched for any task, cannot be selected for Dispatch.
- you cannot do Merchantry when Family Dispatch: Merchantry is already in progress.
- the level of your Merchantry escorts does not influence the results of Family Dispatch: Merchantry.
- Family Dispatch: Merchantry does not earn Merchantry Exp. points.
- After Family Dispatch: Merchantry is completed, you can continue with Merchantry or another round of Family Dispatch: Merchantry, provided you have enough food.


Starting Dispatch:
- You can start the dispatch by selecting a maximum of two characters to scout different areas in Hadum.

Required Materials:
- You will need a certain quantity of [Holy Vial of Light] to begin Scout Hadum, and the required amount differs by region.

- You cannot dispatch characters whose CP is below the recommended CP for each region. You may inspect up to one region at a time.
- You can obtain Hadum Knowledge EXP in the area being scouted once it completes.
- Family Dispatch is available from the start of the game in Balenos, through the West Valencia region.

※ Important Note
- Once completed, Knowledge EXP will accrue, but not after max level is reached (100%).
- You cannot inspect regions where your Knowledge EXP is 100%.
- You cannot send Family Dispatch to the front-line zone.


- You can interact with the family character that has been sent to Scout Hadum when visiting the region.