Adventurer's Guide

Night of Vengeful Souls

Developer Commentary:

Even as the sun and moon adhere to their celestial dance of rising and setting, a darkness, oblivious to the constraints of time, refuses to fade. The cries of the Changui reverberate through the skies and the earth. Let this time of cries be known as the Night of Vengeful Souls.

The Land of the Morning Light, home to mysterious folktales set in Korea's Joseon era, is still receiving a lot of love from our Adventurers.

As much as you cherish the Land of the Morning Light, we have also had a lot of deep thoughts about content that can bring a renewed joy, and we have prepared new PvP content set in the Land of the Morning Light.

It's the "Land of the Morning Light: Night of Vengeful Souls" that we introduced at the 2023 Calpheon Ball.

The way the content progresses is similar to the Black Sun, but we have added different play elements while complementing the parts that were lacking before.

First, in the Night of Vengeful Souls, only 10% of the character's CP is applied, so Adventurers with relatively low CP can still take an active role.

Here, through various topographical features such as bushes, rocks, and walls, you can hide from the opponent's eyes or ambush the opponent when the opportunity arises.

Also, like the Black Sun, the part where you can only attack Adventurers from other guilds is maintained, but the name of the other Adventurer is displayed as "Unknown Adventurer," allowing for more thrilling combat.

We expect that you will be able to feel more intense battles and new fun in the Night of Vengeful Souls with a Joseon background, with different PvP elements than has been seen before.


- Added the "Night of Vengeful Souls" content.
ㆍ Night of Vengeful Souls will unlock once you complete 4 or more tales from the Land of the Morning Light - Tale Collection.
ㆍIt takes place every Monday between 20:20 - 21:00 and Saturday between 19:20 - 20:00.
ㆍYou can navigate through the icon to the right of the minimap or auto-path to Night of Vengeful Souls from the World Map to participate in the content.
ㆍ Season characters can also participate in the Night of Vengeful Souls.

ㆍYou will move to a location at random upon entry to the Night of Vengeful Souls.
- Only 10% of the AP and DP of the character will apply when entering Night of Vengeful Souls.
- You may not attack fellow guild members in Night of Vengeful Souls and their Family names will be displayed.
ㆍAdventurers who are not from the same guild will be displayed as "Unknown Adventurer."


- Rewards are obtained based on the total score after the Night of Vengeful Souls ends.
ㆍ Individual and Guild ranks are determined based on the total score.
ㆍ Score Rewards can only be received the following day based on the points earned on the day you participated in the Night of Vengeful Souls.
ㆍ Rank Rewards will be calculated and sent out on Mondays at 00:00.

- Main rewards you can obtain include [Morning Light Imperial Gift] and [Worn Pouch].
ㆍ You can obtain Embers of Hongik, Crimson Sculpture, Chaos Crystal, and Dimensional Fragment at a set chance upon use of [Morning Light Imperial Gift].

- As you approach Beombawi of rugged mountain ranges, more powerful monsters appear.
ㆍ Monster CP will be adjusted based on the overall CP rank each time Night of Vengeful Souls begins.
ㆍ You gain points when defeating monsters and the amount of points earned differs based on the CP of the monster defeated.

- You can obtain items through the Spoils of Battle when you defeat monsters.
ㆍ Spoils of Battle are affected by the stats from items and skills including "Field Item Drop Rate," "Spoil Drop Rate Boost," and by the CP of "Field Item Acquirement Rate," "Spoil Drop Rate Boost," and "Spoil Drop Cooldown Reduction."

- Tiger Changui will spawn as you defeat the groups of monsters that appear with the Gulgak. You can acquire a large number of points upon defeating the Tiger Changui.

- There are thickets in the Night of Vengeful Souls.
ㆍ From outside a thicket, you cannot see the Adventurer inside the thicket, nor can you use the target lock feature.
ㆍ From outside the thicket, you can attack the Adventurer inside the bush and effects for attacks will display, but they will not be visible.
ㆍ Adventurers inside thickets are not displayed on the minimap.
ㆍ Adventurers inside tickets will be visible when you're close enough.

- The Apex Changui and Apex Changui Specter will appear in Night of Vengeful Souls.
ㆍ After a certain amount of time has passed since the Night of Vengeful Souls begins, they appear at a random specific location.
ㆍ When they appear, you can check their location on the World Map, and an alert message will display.

- The Apex Changui is a very powerful entity, and when defeated, you will obtain a large amount of points along with ranked rewards based on the damage inflicted.
ㆍ The main rewards include Embers of Hongik, Dimensional Fragments, and more.
ㆍ The Apex Changui Specter is weaker than Apex Changui, but stronger than normal monsters, and you will acquire rewards when it is defeated.

- During the Night of Vengeful Souls, you can mount a horse and will not be dismounted even if attacked by another Adventurer.
- You can quickly move to other zones through the Broken Altars located in each zone.
- You cannot use the "Add to List" and "Pursue" features in the Enemies list.
- Some notifications will not display during the Night of Vengeful Souls.
- During the Night of Vengeful Souls, you can enter Byukgye Island and Haemo Island, but the Night of Vengeful Souls does not take place in these zones.