Adventurer's Guide

Gear Awakening


Table of Contents 

01. Weapon/Armor Awakening 

02. Accessory Awakening 

03. Removing Awakening 


- Awaken your weapons and armor to greatly increase the base AP and DP of your gear.

- Weapon/Armor Awakening can be done to the following gear: all Abyssal-grade gear, Ultimate Liverto gear, Ultimate Grunil gear, Ultimate Rosar gear, Ultimate Kite gear, and any 3-Slot Mystical-grade gear.


- To begin Weapon/Armor Awakening, you must meet certain requirements.

・First, go to [Story] and complete the Weapon/Armor Awakening Missions.

・You must complete a mission to awaken a specific weapon or armor (to awaken all weapons and armor, you must complete a total of 6 missions).

・Missions can be found by going to Camp > Blacksmith > Forge Gear > Gear Awakening > Weapon/Armor

・To commence with Weapon/Armor Awakening, you will need silver as well as the weapon or armor you want to awaken.

- The Enchantments, Crystals, and Enhancement Level of the weapon or armor being awakened will be retained.

- Once you awaken a weapon or armor, you can perform Awakened Enchantments on it.


- To Awaken accessories, you must first complete the Accessory Awakening Missions found in [Story].

- Accessory Awakening Missions can be found by going to Camp > Blacksmith > Forge Gear > Gear Awakening > Accessory. You can only accept one of these quests at a time.

・Just like Weapon/Armor Awakening, you can awaken an accessory once you complete that accessory’s specific Awakening mission.

・Once you complete an Accessory Awakening Mission, Awakening for that specific accessory will be available for all members of your Family.

・Accessory Awakening is available for any accessory that is Mystical grade or higher.

・Once you awaken an accessory, you can perform Awakened Enchantment on it.