Adventurer's Guide



Curious to learn more about Emblems and Badges of Glory? 

Emblems are more than just a pretty icon! These items can enhance the stats of all characters

in your family. Read the guide to find out more!

You can obtain Emblems from Path of Glory, and they can be used for their own effects or be absorbed by the Black Spirit.

You can earn emblems of various grades, including Badges of Glory, as a reward from Path of Glory.

You can equip or unequip Emblems through the main menu or the item's description screen.
Once equipped, every character in the family will receive its effects.

You can enhance your emblem through main menu or item's description screen.
You can use Badges of Glory to enhance emblems. The success rate will depend on how many Badges of Glory have been put towards enhancement.

Due to this, there is a chance of enhancement failing. A successful enhancement will see an increase to the AP and DP it provides.
Failed enhancements cannot be restored, but its current enhancement level will not change.

In the event you obtain a better emblem, you can transfer an enhancement from a previous emblem to the better emblem.
You can perform emblem transfer through the main menu or the emblem's item description page. You can transfer an enhancement, regardless of item grades, as long as each emblem is of the same season.
※ Enhancement transfer is no longer possible once the item you wish to transfer an enhancement into is +4 or above.
※ Emblems cannot be extracted, so please take care when enhancing an emblem for a new season emblem.

A season will last for 12 weeks (quarterly) and a new season will begin at the start of a new month.
You can equip emblems that were obtained previously.
You may notice some loss in enhancement EXP when transferring a previous season's Emblem, but your CP will not decrease.