Adventurer's Guide

Alchemy Stones


Alchemy Stones have a variety of abilities, so Select the stone that best fits your needs! They can also be enhanced in the Alchemy Lab.


Table of contents
01. Obtaining Alchemy Stones
02. Amplifying Alchemy Stones
03. Alchemy Stone Awakening
04. Alchemy Stone Enhancement

 ※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.

① Alchemy Stone Chest

Alchemy Stone Fragments and Caphras Dust can be obtained from the Ancient Ruins. The 9th Chamber of the Ancient Ruins also provides a chance to obtain an Alchemy Stone Chest.Once opened, an Alchemy Stone will be obtained at random.



② Crafting

You can obtain Alchemy Stone Fragments through the Ancient Ruins regardless of the difficulty level. These fragments are the materials used for crafting Alchemy Stones in the Alchemy Lab.


 ③ Synthesis 


You can synthesize 3 Alchemy Stones for a new Alchemy Stone. Each Synthesis will yield some fragments as well.


④ Auto-Craft & Auto-Fusion

- Auto-Craft will use all Alchemy Stone Fragments you currently have in your inventory.

- Auto-Craft will continue until all of your Alchemy Stone Fragments have been used.


- Auto-Synthesize will use all Alchemy Stones you currently have in your inventory.

- Auto-Synthesize will continue until all of your Alchemy Stones are used.


- After selecting Auto-Craft or Auto-Synthesize, tap the Auto-Craft and Synthesize option to continually perform both functions at once.


You have a rare chance to obtain Caphras Dust in the Ancient Ruins. These can be used to amplify an Alchemy Stone, improving its stats or effects.


① Alchemy Stone Awakening

You can awaken an Alchemy Stone when it has been amplified to max level. Awakened Alchemy Stones see an increase in its overall stats and it can then be enhanced up to level 10.

※ Awakened Alchemy Stones can only be equipped on Awakened or Ascended classes.

② Revert Alchemy Stone to Pre-Awakened State
You can remove an Alchemy Stone's awakening at the Extractor in the camp.

When you remove Awakening, it will revert to a +30 Alchemy Stone.

※ You cannot remove Awakening from Alchemy Stones that have been enhanced. Enhanced Alchemy Stones must first be disassembled before Awakening can be removed.

① Alchemy Stone Enhancement
Enhancement levels will reset upon a failed enhancement, though you are able to use a Restoration Scroll to restore it to its previous enhancement level.
② Disassembling Enhanced Alchemy Stones

You can disassemble Enhanced Alchemy Stones from the Extractor at the camp.

· Select [Dissasemble Accesstory/Alchemy stone] to diassemble an Enhanced Alchemy Stone.

· You'll re-obtain an unenhanced, Awakened Alchemy Stone along with Alchemy Stones for enhancement equivalent to its previous enhancement level.

· Disassembling an Alchemy Stone will not cause it to lose its awakened form.


③ Materials for Alchemy Stone Enhancement

Alchemy Stone Description
Faded Lucky Stone Used to Enhance:
- Stone of Luck
Faded Brave Stone Used to Enhance:
- Brave Stone of the Hunter
- Brave Stone of the Conqueror
- Brave Stone of Honor
Faded Unified Stone Used to Enhance:
- Unified Stone of Strength
- Unified Stone of Lucidity
- Unified Stone of Training
- Unified Stone of Skill
Faded Ultimate Stone Used to Enhance:
- Critical Stone of Power/Steel
- Restorative Stone of Power/Steel
- Destructive Stone of Power/Steel
Faded Enhanced Stone Used to Enhance:
- Critical Enhanced Alchemy Stone
- Restorative Enhanced Alchemy Stone
- Destructive Enhanced Alchemy Stone


① Crafting Primal Alchemy Stone
The Abyssal Alchemy Stones can be synthesized and used to create even more powerful Primal Alchemy Stones.
To craft Primal Alchemy Stones, go to [Craft] > [Gear] > [Alchemy Stone/Accessory].

✅ Crafting Primal Alchemy Stone

Material How to Acquire 
Awakened Abyssal Alchemy Stone x1 Abyssal Alchemy Stones can be Awakened in the Alchemy Lab.
Caphras Alchemy Stone Secret Book x1 Collect [Caphras Secret Book Page] and [Lapis Lazuli] in Spoils of Hadum. Use [Caphras Secret Book Page] to craft [Caphras Alchemy Stone Secret Book]. 
Lapis Lazuli x30


② Enhancing Primal Alchemy Stone

The Enhancement Level of the Primal Alchemy Stone is divided into two ranges, 1 – 10 and I – X.


The Enhancement Level of crafted Primal Alchemy Stones will be between 1 - 10,
relative to the level of the Abyssal Alchemy Stone (I – X) used as a material.


You can enhance Primal Alchemy Stones in the same way as Abyssal Alchemy Stones.
To enhance a Primal Alchemy Stone, you need 10,000 Caphras Dusts and an Abyssal Alchemy Stone of the same type.