Adventurer's Guide


01. Outfit Fusion
02. Isobelle Encarotia
03. Outfit Upgrade
04. Tailor Outfit

① Fusing two Unique Outfits gives you a chance to receive an Epic Outfit.
ㆍYou will need two Outfits of the same grade and type (Weapon or Armor).
ㆍGo to Pearl Shop > Appearance tab or select Outfit Fusion from the Outfit's item description.
※ Limited and Event Outfits can be used as material but are not obtainable through the Outfit Fusion.
※ Treant Camouflage and Desert Camouflage cannot be used as a material.

② Outfits for different Classes can be used as Fusion material, however the obtained outfit will be suited to the character class attempting fusion.

① Outfit Upgrade and Tailor Outfit are available through Isobelle Encarotia's NPC shop.
② Outfit Upgrade and Tailor Outfit can be accessed after Encarotia's Outfit Shop story is completed.
ㆍThe story is available if one family member has an Epic Outfit equipped.


① You can craft Mystical Outfits.
ㆍWhen crafting an outfit, the stats of the Epic Outfit used as material will be transferred to the Mystical Outfit.
ㆍThe crafted Mystical Outfit's appearance will become Shudad Black.
ㆍThere are two methods for crafting: using [Artisan's Skein] or Foraged Resources.

Craft Item Artisan's Skein Method Foraged Resources Method
[Mystical] Armor Outfit [Epic] Armor Outfit [Epic] Armor Outfit
Artisan's Skein x16 Wild Grass x50,000
100,000,000 Silver Herb Grass x50,000
Cotton Wool x50,000
Silk Ball x50,000
[Mystical] Weapon Outfit [Epic] Weapon Outfit [Epic] Weapon Outfit
Artisan's Skein x4 Wild Grass x12,500
25,000,000 Silver Herb Grass x12,500
Cotton Wool x12,500
Silk Ball x12,500

② You can change the Outfit's Basic Stats and add bonus upgrades.
ㆍBasic Stats: +16 to +25 AP & DP
ㆍBonus Stats: +20 to +70 AP & DP
※ [Artisan's Skein] and Silver are used for Outfit Upgrade.
※ Restore the previous stats using [Restoration Scroll].

- Use Outfits as material to obtain [Artisan's Skein].

Outfit Outcome
[Epic] Armor Outfit 16
[Epic] Weapon Outfit 4
[Unique] Armor Outfit 4
[Unique] Weapon Outfit 1