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What are the skills?

Skills are a key element of combat in Black Desert Mobile

As you increase your level, you will have access to more skills. 


You can then customize which skills you want to use and level up those skills.


Table of contents
01. Skills
02. Upgrading Skills
03. Equipping Skills
04. Skill Training
05. Skill Slot

By pressing on the [Skills] icon, you can see information about the skills that you possess. 


① Skill Info: You can see the level, name, damage and explanation of the selected skill.

② Skill Upgrade: You can increase the level of your skills by using tech manuals.

③ Equipping Skills: You can equip the skills that you wish to use. 

[TIP] : Look at how many times a skill can be used consecutively. If it says 3, then you can use that same skill 3 consecutive times. 


You can upgrade skill level through skillbook and silver.


■ Skill Upgrade

There are specific skillbooks for different skills and cannot be used with other skills. 

The skillbooks are divided into novice, expert, and master; all provide a different amount of experience.

They can be acquired through fighting, completing quests, purchasing them, and more. 

[Tip] : You cannot use skillbooks for skills that you have no learned yet. 


■ Skill Enhancement

Skills can be enhanced to have additional effects such as an increased amount of hits, increased range, etc.

When a skill reaches a certain level, you can spend silver to be able to enhance the skill. 

You can set the enhancement by pressing on its icon, however, you can only select one enhancement per skill. 

You can find out more about the enhancements by pressing on its icon.


Depending on the character’s level, you can equip up to 8 skills per character.

■ Equipping Skill

If there is a skill that you wish to equip, press on the skill that you would like and then press on an empty slot. If you are not sure which skills you should equip, press on [Auto-Equip].


■ Removing Skill

If you want to remove a skill from your set, simply press on the skill (that is currently in a slot) and it will be removed from the slot. You can unequip all skills by removing the entire set.


■ Skill Pages

You can have a different set of skills for more suitable situations such as joining the Arena or Boss Rush.


① Page

You can have a total of 3 different skill pages.

② Adding skill page

Once your character level reaches 30 and 50, additional pages will be unlocked in a sequential order.


Awakened / Ascended class can use the previous skillbooks to train family skill.


The skills trained before awakening / ascending will be accumulated to the family level and will increase the AP, DP and HP.


First, select the skill whose experience you want to extract. Then use [ - / + ] to adjust how much of the experience to extract.

The extracted skillbook will be stored in your Pearl Inventory. You'll obtain a skillbook that can be used for your class upon use.

※ The Skill Extraction Coupon can only be used by Awakened/Ascended classes.

Each set has 8 slots for skills, 4 of which will be seen on the game screen. 

The remaining 4 can be found by pressing on the icon at the bottom right of your game screen or by swiping the skills.