Adventurer's Guide

Enhancement / Force Enhancement

[Black Desert Mobile Guide]


Table of contents
01. Enhancement / Force Enhancement
02. [Weapon / Armor] Enhancement / Force Enhancement
03. [Weapon / Armor] Enhancement Restore
04. [Accessory / Relic] Enhancement
05. [Accessory / Relic] Enhancement Restore
06. Auto-Enhancement / Auto-Forced Enhancement
07. Info / Select Mode
08. Multi-Enhancement

You can enhance the item by using a certain item.

There is possibility of failure, but you can use restore pass or silver to restore up to a certain amount of enhancement.


① Weapon and armor enhancement requires `Weapon/Armor blackstone`.

Different grade of blackstones will have different enhancement rates and costs

The probability of successfully enhancing a piece of equipment is dependent on how many blackstones were used and the quality of blackstones


② Force Enhancement

[Force Enhancement] is another Enhancement method to enhance gear.

- [Force Enhancement] can be found in [Black Spirit] - [Enhancement].

- [Force Enhancement] requires [Black Crystal] and [Silver].

- [Force Enhancement] is only available for [Epic] Grade or above gear with at least +20 [Enhancement] level.

- [Force Enhancement] can be performed regardless of the current [Enhancement] success Rate of the gear.

- Weapons require [Weapon Black Crystal], while armor requires [Armor Black Crystal].



③ Once you put blackstones and reaches at the certain probability, you can proceed to to enhance.

※ You can only attempt an enhancement at 10% or higher.

④ If you leave the screen after adding blackstones without confirming the enhancement, the blackstones and silver will still be used.


If you fail to enhance your equipment, you can recover part of your enhancement probability. 

You can choose to recover by spending silver or by using enhancement pass item sold at the Pearl Shop.

By using items (such as memory fragment), you can recover more of your enhancement probability. 


① Accessory and relic can only use the identical item for the enhancement material.
※ You're guaranteed a 100% success rate when enhancing accessories until you reach +3 enhancement.

② The item used for the material will be gone.

※Enhanced accessory and relic cannot be used for the enhancement material.


① When the enhancement of accessory and relic fails, the existing enhancement value will be reset. However, you can restore them by spending silver or restore pass.



①  You can select which materials will be used, the desired enhancement level , preferred enhancement rate, and other settings before performing Auto-Enhance.


① You can switch between [Select] and [Info] at the bottom right corner of the screen.  

When using [Select], you can choose which piece of equipment you wish to enhance.  

When using [Info], you can check the detailed information of the selected piece of equipment. 



- Multi-Enhancement function is available from Black Spirit Level 130.
- In Multi-Enhancement, you can select multiple pieces of gear and enhance them automatically until the desired level.
- During Enhancement, you can set a desired level and attempt rate.
- During Multi-Enhancement, the process will stop when all selected pieces of gear have been enhanced or if you lack the needed restoration items.