Adventurer's Guide

Battlefield of the Sun (Updated)

01. Preparations
02. Entering the Battlefield
03. Rules
04. Victory and Rewards
05. Medal of Honor Shop

World-Matching RvR Content: Black Desert Mobile's New Large-Scale Battles
Calling all Adventurers seeking fortune, fame, and purpose! Glory awaits in the blood-soaked lands of the desert!

① Conditions of Participation
To participate in the Battlefield of the Sun, you must first complete the Story Quest "Crimson Winds of the Desert".
· You must have over 7,000 CP and completed the Family Quest "Awaken, Black Spirit" in the Great Desert to be able to accept the "Crimson Winds of the Desert" Story Quest.

② Battle Times  

Content Day Time
Battlefield of the Sun: Crimson Wind
Battlefield of the Sun: Sandstorm Assault

Saturday / Sunday 18:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 19:00 - 20:00
Thursday 20:00 - 21:00

ㆍBattlefield will now change every week instead of every two weeks in turn.
※ You cannot participate in either the Arena or Ramoness Arena while the Battlefield of the Sun is open.  

※ You will not be able to join a faction in the Battlefield of the Sun lobby if there are no battles being prepared at that time.

※ The dates and times of the Battlefield of the Sun are subject to change. Notices will be made detailing any changes that may arise.



- When the Battlefield of Sun opens, go to [Menu > Arena > Battlefield of the Sun] to access the lobby and join a battle.  

- When 60 Adventurers join the battle, they will be divided into two balanced factions (30 per faction) and the batle will commence.

ㆍ The Forgotten Ruins will appear, and the battlefield will change on a weekly basis.
- The Forgotten Ruins will last for 10 minutes.
ㆍ When participating, you will be assigned to either the Valencia or Calpheon faction.

- The faction that first destroys the opponent's Holy Artifact wins.
- There are two Guard Towers around the Holy Artifact that deal high damage.
- There is a sturdy Barricade surrounding the Holy Artifact and Defense Towers.
- If the Holy Artifact is not destroyed within 10 minutes, the faction with the higher total Contribution Points wins.
- The Adventurer who deals the most damage each time 2.5% of the Holy Artifact's HP decreases will gain 500 Contribution Points.
- Destroying the Holy Artifact will earn you 400 Contribution Points.

- The Supreme Commander of each faction appears in the central zone of the battlefield.
ㆍ The Supreme Commander has powerful damage and high HP.
ㆍ The Supreme Commander stays at the point of appearance and when defeated, you obtain 400 Contribution points.

- The Sealed Captain's Sword appears in front of your faction once the battle begins.
- Destroy the Sealed Captain's Sword to obtain the Captain's Sword.
ㆍ One Adventurer with 100 or more Contribution Points per faction can obtain it.
ㆍ Upon acquisition, your AP greatly increases, and you become even stronger when you defeat enemy faction Adventurers.

- There are a total of two respawn points in the Forgotten Ruins.
ㆍ All factions can capture the respawn points, with the exception of the faction's main base.

- At the start of the battle, two normal Cannons appear around the Supreme Commander for each faction.
ㆍ Cannons are effective at inflicting damage on targets from a long distance.
ㆍ One minute after the start of the battle, and again five minutes later, two Elite Cannons appear, one for each faction.
ㆍ The Elite Cannons appear on a hilltop where the Hwacha is located.

- A Hwacha is placed on each faction's hill.
ㆍ The Hwacha continuously inflicts wide-range damage where it is fired.
ㆍ You cannot mount the Hwacha when you have the Captain's sword.
ㆍ The effect of the Alchemy Stone that increases Hwacha damage is not applied.

- 30 seconds after the battle starts, an elephant appears in each faction.
ㆍ Elephants have high HP and are effective when attacking the opposing faction.
ㆍ An additional elephant appears 3 minutes after the start of the battle and another one when the enemy Supreme Commander is defeated.
ㆍ You cannot mount an elephant while holding the Captain's sword.
ㆍ The effect of the Alchemy Stone that increases elephant damage does not apply.

- There are bushes scattered throughout the battlefield.
ㆍ From outside the bush, you cannot see the Adventurer inside, nor can you set them as a target.
ㆍ You can attack the adventurer inside the bush from outside, and hit effects will be displayed, but you cannot see their figure.
ㆍ The Adventurer inside the bush is not displayed on the minimap.
ㆍ The figure of the Adventurer inside the bush becomes visible as you get closer.

- The time for automatically leaving the Battlefield of the Sun will be changed from 120 seconds to 300 seconds.
ㆍ If you do not inflict any damage on the opposing faction for 300 seconds, you will automatically leave.
- Decreased the damage inflicted on other Adventurers in the Battlefield of the Sun.

Battlefield of the Sun: Crimson Wind

Battlefield of the Sun: Crimson Wind

① Commander and Supreme Commander  
- Each faction has a Commander and a Supreme Commander. The following rules apply:  

Role Details
Supreme Commander · The Supreme Commander of the opposing faction will join the battle when 3,500 Contribution Points have been reached by defeating enemy Adventurers.
· Defeat the enemy faction's Supreme Commander to win.
Commander · When the Commander is defeated, they will drop their weapon on the battlefield.
· Picking up the Commander's weapon will grant the wielder an AP buff.
· If the wielder of the Commander's weapon is killed by the enemy faction, the weapon will remain where its wielder fell and can be picked up again by an ally Adventurer. The weapon will grant a stronger AP buff each time this happens.
※ · If the wielder of the Commander's weapon leaves the battlefield, the weapon will remain where its wielder fell and can be picked up again by an ally Adventurer. In this case, the weapon will not grant a stronger AP buff when it gains a new wielder.
※ The CP of the Supreme Commander, Commander, and their personal guards will vary depending on the CP of the Adventurers participating in the battle.

② After the first 10 minutes, a combat buff will be applied to all Adventurers on the battlefield.  
- Increase the damage dealt to other Adventurers/Bosses  
③ Respawn Points  
- Upon death, you can select a Respawn Point to revive at.  
ㆍCapture an enemy Respawn Point to turn the tide of battle in your favor.  
- Capturing a Respawn Point will restore 5000 HP and increase the damage dealt to enemy Adventurers by 20% for all allies.  
※ To capture a Respawn Point, tap on the [Capture] icon and wait for 3 seconds.  
④ The Battle's Conclusion  
- The faction that defeats the enemy faction's Supreme Commander first wins.  
- If the battle does not end within the 20-minute time limit, the faction that has the higher number of Contribution Points will win.
ㆍ If both factions have the same number of Contribution Points, the battle will end in a draw.  
※ If you are inactive for a certain period of time, you will automatically be kicked from the battlefield.  
※ If you leave the battle or the game closes unexpectedly, you can rejoin the battle within 10 minutes (max. 2 times per battle).  
※ If you join a battle, you will not able to change your gear or travel to other areas until the battle ends.  
※ Deserting your faction will result in a penalty restricting your participation in the Battlefield of the Sun for 30 minutes in case the the battle has ended and requires reconnection within 5 minutes.


Battlefield of the Sun: Sandstorm Assault

Battlefield of the Sun: Sandstorm Assault

- Sandstorm Assault has the same Commander and Supreme Commander in each faction, just as in Crimson Wind.
- The enemy faction's Supreme Commander appears in the center of the battlefield when your faction achieves 3,500 Contribution points.
※ Win the battle by defeating the enemy faction's Supreme Commander.
※ If the Supreme Commander is not defeated in 15 minutes after the battle has started, the faction with higher total contribution points wins.


■ Sealed Faction's Sword

- There's a sealed faction weapon in the middle of the battlefield and it will appear upon being destroyed.

- The faction sword will always appear in a fixed location and it has the same effect as the Commander's sword of Crimson Wind.

Faction Faction's Sword
Calpheon Seric's Sword
Valencia Nesser's Sword


■ Tactical Elephant

- One Tactical Elephant will join 1 minute after combat starts, one will join after an ally Commander dies, and one more will come when an ally Supreme Commander appears.
ㆍTactical Elephants appear in the node for each Faction that cannot be conquered.
ㆍUp to 3 Tactical Elephants can appear for each Faction each time you enter Battlefield of the Sun.
ㆍAlchemy Stones that increase Elephant Damage will not apply to Tactical Elephant.
ㆍAdventurers with the Faction Sword cannot mount.

- Tactical Elephants can collide into an enemy in front of it every 3 seconds as an attack.
- Tactical Elephants can drop a bomb that will explode about 1.5 seconds after tapping on the Tactical Bomb button.
ㆍWhen the bomb explodes, it will inflict large area-of-effect damage along with Stun to enemies, similar to a cannon attack.
- Adventurers mounted on a Tactical Elephant won't get damaged during combat, and will dismount when the Tactical Elephant faints.
- Respawn points cannot be conquered when mounting on Tactical Elephant.


■ Cannon and Hwacha

- Cannons that can be used by each faction are placed on the hill of Sandstorm Assault.
ㆍThere are 3 Cannons placed in each faction.
ㆍAdventurers who have the faction sword cannot mount Cannons or Hwachas.
- There's a Neutral Hwacha located in the middle of the hill.
- You can damage all targets, including adventurers, using Cannons and Hwachas.
- When equipping an alchemy stone that increases the damage of Cannons and Hwachas, that effect will apply.
- If you are hit when mounting a Cannon, the Cannon will receive damage.
- If you are hit when mounting a Hwacha, the adventurer will receive damage.


■ Respawn Point

- Sandstorm Assault has a main node and an additional node in every faction.
ㆍ The main node of the enemy faction cannot be conquered, but the additional node can be conquered by interacting.
ㆍ The conquered additional node can be selected by adventurers from your faction as respawn points.
ㆍThe adventurer that conquered the node can recover all HP.


■ HP Potion
- An HP Potion that can be used in Battlefield of the Sun has been added.
- An HP potion with unlimited uses in the battlefield is provided as default when entering.
- This HP Potion can only be used in Battlefield of the Sun.
- The HP Potion can be used manually or be automatically used when HP is below a set amount. It recovers 500 HP when used.
※ HP Potion Cooldown is 3 seconds.

① Individual Season Rewards  
- You can obtain Individual Season Rewards depending on the number of victories you rack up in a week in the Battlefield of the Sun.
- You can also obtain additional rewards up to three times per week.

Reward Details
Individual Season Rewards Date/Time Every Monday, 00:00 - Sunday, 23:59
How to Claim Collect automatically by entering the Battlefield of the Sun menu.
Reward Details 1 Win: AP +50 / DP +50 / Max HP +250
2 Wins: AP +75 / DP +75 / Max HP +375
3 Wins: AP +100 / DP +100 / Max HP +500
※ The Individual Season Rewards Buff will be applied until 23:59 on Sundays.

② Battle Rewards  
- Rewards will vary based on the overall outcome of the battle and the number of enemy Adventurers that were defeated.  
ㆍThere are two bonus rewards that can be obtained: Kill Rewards and Rank Rewards.  

Requirements Reward
Victory Medal of Honor x30
Defeat 30 Enemy Adventurers Medal of Honor x10
Contribution Rank: 1st - 10th Medal of Honor x10
Contribution Rank: 11th - 20th Medal of Honor x8
Contribution Rank: 21st - 30th Medal of Honor x6


- The Medal of Honor Shop contains useful items for your adventures. Use the Medals of Honor obtained from the Battlefield of the Sun to purchase them!

- The Medal of Honor Shop vendors offer the following products:  

Item Cost (Medal of Honor) Notes
Crazed Scale Armor 10.000 No purchase limit
Orzekel Harness 10,000 No purchase limit
Token: Card Sloider Choppy (Tier 7) 10,000 No purchase limit
Unidentified Shaman's Orb 300 No purchase limit
Token: War Elephant 1000 1 per Family
Token: Baby Elephant 5000 1 per Family
Shadow Chaser Outfit Chest 10000 No purchase limit
Honor Outfit Exchange Coupon 10,000,000  Silver No purchase limit