Adventurer's Guide

Tukar Laytenn.

- The Ancient Guardian Laytenn's location will be marked on the Great Desert Map when it appears.
- Adventurers that participated in defeating Laytenn will receive rewards based on the damage they inflicted on it.


- Purified Water will not be consumed in Hystria Chambers, where Tukar Laytenn appears.

- Main Rewards
· The Black Rock Shrine will appear upon Tukar Laytenn's defeat.
· The Adventurer with the highest contribution to Tukar Laytenn's defeat will discover the Black Rock Shrine.
· The Black Rock Shrine will not appear starting from 1 hour before Tukar Laytenn's Spawn until its defeat.
· Up to 3000 Adventurers can enter the battle against Tukar Laytenn.
※ The recently added Black Rock Shrine preservation effect applies to the shrine that appears upon defeating Tukar Laytenn as well.


■ Tukar Laytenn's Core

- When Tukar Laytenn is defeated, it will leave a remnant in Hystria Chambers.
- Only adventurers who did not manage to participate in the battle against Tukar Laytenn will be able to use the remnant.
- The remnant will appear 30 seconds after Tukar Laytenn is defeated and will be available until 10 minutes before Tukar Laytenn's next spawn.
- You can obtain Tukar Laytenn's Core upon interacting with the remnants of Tukar Laytenn. The Red Sand Stone Chamber mission page will pop up and you can enter the battle after assembling a party.
- Adventurer's Apparition will join the party 30 seconds after creating a public chamber.
- CP-based damage does not have a big effect in this mission.
- Defeating Tukar Laytenn in the Red Sand Chamber mission will not open a Black Rock Shrine.
- Upon finishing the mission, you will receive certain Tukar Laytenn defeat rewards and knowledge EXP.