Adventurer's Guide

Temple of the Sun

The Temple of the Sun is a place where Adventurers can use silver for a chance to get valuable goods.

Even if you don't get the best item, you'll have a chance to get large amounts of valuable goods worth much more than the cost required to participate.


Table of contents
01. How to Enter
02. How to Make Offerings


1) When an Offering room opens at the Temple of the Sun, a message will appear in the open world. You'll be able to enter the temple after 3 minutes.

2) Tap on the sun icon next to the mini-map to enter the Temple of the Sun.

3) You'll see the best item you can get, offering cost, and total number of participants upon entering Temple of the Sun.

4) You can see a list of the best rewards and normal rewards upon entering Temple of the Sun.

1) Tap on [Offering] to spend the listed silver and randomly receive one of the available items.

2) Participating Adventurers will make offerings in the same room, with rewards becoming unavailable as rewards are received.

3) Adventurers who don't make an offering within 30 seconds will be kicked for inactivity. You'll be unable to rejoin the room if the offering room is fill.

4) Temple of the Sun is open for 2 hours or until the best reward(s) have been obtained.

※The offering fee may vary depending on the grade of the item. 

※You can make repeated offerings by holding down the offering button. However, we recommend you first verify you have sufficient silver as it will rapidly reduce from successive offerings.

※ Please check the following before entering Temple of the Sun.

1) Make sure you're in a safe zone.

2) You cannot enter the temple while you're using auto-combat to hunt in the field.

3) You must have at least 15 or more slots in your inventory.