Adventurer's Guide

Twisted Nightmare


The Nightmare has unveiled itself in a different light. The small rift that appeared in Velia has begun to absorb the darkness little by little in instability. Absorbing even the fear of the people as they feel threatened by the ominous energy, the rift gradually became a misshapen mass as a portal to a mysterious realm on the other side.

In this realm, nightmarish incarnations have broken its seal in unbridled rage. Rumors say those who recklessly set foot into the twisted realm will never escape the terrifying nightmare. The bloodthirsty energy that comes from this realm called "Twisted Nightmare" is gradually encroaching upon the real world as a threat.

Adventurers wanting to put an end to this terrifying nightmare have taken a leap into the rift, but the twisted realm is full of only bloodthirsty rage, causing both friend and foe alike to battle against one another. The only trustworthy allies in this terrifying nightmare that can rob of you of even your basic instincts, are your guild members who've had your back for ages.

You are about to face nightmarish bosses and other Adventurers in the quest to completely seal off the fearsome world of nightmares. Participate in this fearsome challenge with the strong bond and teamwork you have created with your guild members.

- Twisted Nightmare is a combination of PvE and PvP. You can obtain Nightmare Fragments by defeating bosses or other Adventurers, and receive bonus rewards according to the number of fragments obtained.
ㆍTwisted Nightmare will be available after defeating "Boss: Gavelle" in East Valencia.
- It is recommended to co-op with your guild since there are [Nightmare Fragments] and rewards for guilds, but even Adventurers who aren't in a guild can enjoy the content.

■ Entry
- Enter Twisted Nightmare through the Dark Rift that appears in Velia.
ㆍTwisted Nightmare opens once every week (Mon/Tue excluded).
ㆍTwisted Nightmare opens on a random day of the week at 18:00.
ㆍInvincibility will be applied for 5 seconds upon entering Twisted Nightmare.

■ Difficulty Levels
- There are a total of three levels (I to III) in Twisted Nightmare.
- You can set the level of Nightmare according to your CP before Twisted Nightmare opens.
ㆍYou cannot change the difficulty level once Twisted Nightmare is open.
- The required CP for entry for each difficulty level will differ depending on adventurers' aggregate Elite, Knight, Viscount CP levels, respectively, which reset daily.
- Adjustments will be made to the Adventurer's CP if it's higher than the maximum CP requirement for Nightmare I and II entry.
ㆍe.g. If the max CP limit for Nightmare I is 40,000 and the Adventurer's CP is 45,000, their CP will be adjusted to 40,000.
ㆍCP will not be adjusted in Nightmare III.
- In Nightmare II and III, a "Fear" effect that cannot be deactivated will be applied to all Adventurers.

Difficulty Applied Debuffs
Nightmare: Fear II Crit Chance -5%, Crit Damage -20%, Attack and Move Speed -3%,  All Branch Damage -5% 
Nightmare: Fear III Crit Chance -10%, Crit Damage -40%, Attack and Move Speed -6%,  All Branch Damage -10% 

- The timer will begin upon entering Twisted Nightmare.
ㆍThis indicates the total time you have left to stay in Twisted Nightmare. You'll be kicked out from Twisted Nightmare when the timer expires.
ㆍGain time when defeating bosses, monsters, or Adventurers.
ㆍIn Twisted Nightmare, you are able to revive on the spot you died in, unlike the previous Nightmare.

■ Instability
- Each level will become unstable with 135 or more players present.
ㆍThe rift will remain unstable until 120 or less players are present.
ㆍThe Dark Rift is inaccessible during instability.
ㆍAdventurers who've already entered cannot revive from where they fall while the rift is unstable and will gain time only from defeating other Adventurers.

■ Twisted Nightmare

- Bosses and monsters will spawn within the Twisted Nightmare.
ㆍYou can check the location of the bosses from the rays of light that soar up to the sky.
ㆍRewards will be given to the guild that dealt the most damage for each 5% damage dealt to the Nightmare Boss' HP.
ㆍGuild rewards will be given to all guild members who are in Twisted Nightmare.
- Nightmare Bosses will drop Nightmare Fragments upon defeat. Interact to obtain them.

- Each time a Nightmare Boss is defeated, the Nightmare Energy gauge will fill up.
ㆍWhen the Nightmare Energy gauge is filled up completely, "Nightmare Turaka" will break free from its seal.

■ Nightmare Fragment

- The number of Nightmare Fragments you have will be displayed on the top of your character.
- You can spawn and defeat Turaka when the Nightmare Energy gauge completely fills up, and receive rewards according to the number of Nightmare Fragments you have.
- You can defeat other Adventurers to take their Nightmare Fragments from them.
- Adventurers will drop all of their Nightmare Fragments when defeated by bosses or monsters or when leaving Twisted Nightmare.
ㆍInteract with dropped Nightmare Fragments to loot them.

■ Nightmare Turaka

- Nightmare Turaka is the most powerful boss in Twisted Nightmare.
- Nightmare Turaka will be sealed again upon defeat. Twisted Nightmare will collapse, and Adventurers will no longer be able to enter.
- When Twisted Nightmare collapses, the damage each guild dealt to Nightmare Turaka will be tallied. Rewards will be given according to the inflicted damage rankings, and each guild member will receive the same rewards.
ㆍOnly the damage dealt by guild members who were in Twisted Nightmare when the boss was defeated will count.
ㆍThe higher the ranking, the more rewards, and the probability of obtaining rewards will increase.
ㆍe.g. Adventurer who dealt the highest damage: 100% chance at looting [Root of Sorcery], Adventurer who dealt the 3rd highest damage: 80% chance at looting [Root of Sorcery]

■ Guild Benefits
- [Nightmare Fragments] will be converted to Guild Benefits at a 1:1 ratio when Twisted Nightmare collapses.
- Guild benefits obtained will be sent to your Inventory and upon use, all guild members can collect rewards from [Guild -> Benefits -> Gift Box].
- Adventurers can collect Guild benefits after 7 days of joining a guild.
- Guild benefits must be used within 24 hours from when they are obtained and will expire 12 hours after they're activated.
※ Identical Guild benefits can be used, and up to 20 can be active at the same time.
- If you are not in a guild, you will receive the rewards obtainable by one guild member as a guild benefit, according to the number of [Nightmare Fragments] you have.