Adventurer's Guide


Last Updated : 2/11/2020


[Nightmare] turns an area into a horrifying yet challenging field of combat. Monsters are much stronger, and PVP mode is always enabled.


Table of Contents 

  1. Nightmare Location
  2. Nightmare Rewards
  3. Entry Restrictions
  4. Time Limit
  5. PVP


1) Nightmare Location


A new Nightmare zone has been added to Omar Lava Cave in South Mediah. The previous Nightmare zone in Witch’s Chapel is now closed as of 2/11 update.


How to Enter:

You can enter the new Nightmare zone from the entrance in Omar Lava Cave. You can also find the Nightmare icon for this area on the World Map.


You can enter [Nightmare] by using the [Nightmare Entrance] in the selected region. 



2) Nightmare Rewards

Before entering [Nightmare], you can check the list of available rewards. 

With monsters being much stronger in [Nightmare], rare items will drop at a higher rate.

You have a chance of acquiring a [Mystical Accessory] by defeating Violent monsters in a Nightmare zone. 


3) Entry Restrictions

[Nightmare] has a limited capacity and can only hold a maximum of 100 Adventurers. You may enter once the capacity has opened up. 


4) Time Limit

There is a 5-minute time limit to how long you can stay in [Nightmare], but you can renew this time limit by defeating monsters or other Adventurers. 

※ You will be kicked out of [Nightmare] and be moved to the [Nightmare Entrance] if you either do not defeat monsters/Adventurers or die within the 5-minute time limit.

You can check the remaining time and the current number of Adventurers in [Nightmare] on the top of your screen.


Please note that the number of Adventurers allowed in [Nightmare] is capped at 100. If there are more than 90 Adventurers, the area will be indicated as [Unstable]. 

If there are 80 or more Adventurers in [Nightmare], the only way you can renew your time limit is by defeating other Adventurers. 


5) PVP

[PVP Mode] is automatically activated in [Nightmare]. You can fight against any Adventurers, including Friends, as long as they are not in your guild. 

※ Other than renewing your [Nightmare] time limit, there is no additional reward for defeating an Adventurer.

You can check the location of other Adventurers displayed on the mini-map.