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Co-op Rush: Ronin

Co-op Rush: Ronin

Developer Commentary:

A new enemy that Adventurers must unite to defeat has appeared: the boss of the Forest Ronaros, Ronin.

Ronin uses vines to turn a wide area into its own battlefield and performs agile attacks, such as disappearing into Ron's Mirror, then charging forward. If you lose focus while facing Ronin, you'll find yourself helpless, knocked down on the verdant ground.

Check out the newly added Story, "Guardian of the Sacred Forest," and Ronin's lore, while enjoying the thrill of strategizing in the new Co-op Rush.


- Added the new Story - "Guardian of the Sacred Forest."
ㆍ You can proceed with the story after completing the Story - "The Awakened Watcher" after completing the main quest "Back to Nelindo" in Northeast Kamasylvia.
ㆍ Complete the new story to acquire knowledge that increases your stats.

- Added a new Co-op Rush: Ronin.
ㆍ Entry is granted once you complete the Story - "Guardian of the Sacred Forest."
- The basic entry count for Co-op Rush is once per week, and it resets on Monday at 00:00.
- Co-op Rush entries are shared, and you can select the desired Co-op Rush and join a party.


- Ronin raises its foreleg to strike down and swings its weapon to attack nearby enemies.
- It also showcases a charging attack by raising its foreleg and rushing towards enemies in front of it.


- When Ronin's HP drops to 80%, it summons White Tree Thorn Vines.
- The White Tree Thorn Vines cannot move but attack nearby Adventurers.
- The White Tree Thorn Vines become immune to damage if they're not defeated quickly. They then last until Ronin is defeated and cannot be removed.


- Ron's Mirrors are placed on the battlefield where Ronin inhabits.
- When Ronin's HP drops to 50%, it hides and enters the mirror.

- After hiding, Ronin charges forward and attacks from the opposite mirror with the Ronaros.
- If you destroy the opposite mirror before Ronin charges, it will be stunned and stop moving temporarily.
- If Ronin enters the mirror without the opposite mirror being destroyed, that mirror cannot be destroyed.
ㆍ Forest Ronaros Marksman continuously appear from the remaining mirror to assist Ronin.



- When Ronin's HP decreases to 20%, it becomes enraged and launches a powerful attack.
ㆍ Ronin will quickly perform a series of deadly attacks over a wide area.

- Ronin becomes frenzied at the 15-minute mark of battle.
- While frenzied, Ronin continuously attacks over a wide area.

- You can obtain the [Shattered Guardian Belt] as a reward for defeating Ronin.

- When equipped with the [Forest Guardian Belt] and using "Black Spirit's Rage: Absorb," the following effects are activated:
ㆍ Recover 750 HP for allies every 2 sec for 6 sec.
ㆍ Increases allies' "PvP Damage Reduction" stats and max by 10% for 10 sec.
ㆍ Effects apply to nearby allies and the equipper.

- It can be used to craft a [Forest Guardian Belt] with other materials from the Craft menu.

Grade Materials for Crafting
Chaos Chaos Belt, Shattered Guardian Belt, Chaos Jewel x20, 100 billion Silver
Eternal Eternal Belt, Shattered Guardian Belt, Chaos Jewel x20, 100 billion Silver
Awakened Forest Guardian Belt, Eternal Belt

ㆍ The enhancement level and enchantment of the Chaos Belt used as a material will be retained.

- Defeating Ronin has a chance to drop "Roaring Energy."
ㆍ Roaring Energy can be exchanged for a [Shattered Draconic Necklace] or [Shattered Guardian Belt] with [Roaring Energy] x25 via Orwen in towns.
ㆍ The exchange icon will only appear on top of Orwen's head if you have 25 or more Roaring Energy.
ㆍ Roaring Energy can be registered on the Market.

- Changed the suggested and maximum CP for Co-op Rush bosses as follows:
ㆍ With the suggested CP for Co-op Rush: Garmoth now fixed, the HP of monsters in this stage will be adjusted accordingly.
ㆍ If your CP exceeds the maximum CP, it will be adjusted to the maximum CP upon entry.


Boss Suggested CP Max CP Limit
Offin 30,000 60,000
Garmoth 41,500 75,000
Ronin 55,000 90,000