Black Desert Mobile Update History


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Once she takes flight,
none shall be able to escape

from the destruction she brings.

[Succession Skills]
Unfold the skills of other classes
into a new thrilling action
unique to Black Desert Mobile!




[Night of Vengeful Souls]
Feel more intense and fun battles
in the Night of Vengeful Souls
within the Land of the Morning Light region.

[Battlefield of the Sun:
Forgotten Ruins]

Encounter the new Battlefield of the Sun, in a Node War style!

[Restricted Zone]

A quest arrives to adventurers with special qualifications.

[New Land of the Morning Light
Tale collection Stories]

Find out for yourself in the newly added bonus tales of the Land of the Morning Light Tale Collection.



[Chaos Glyph]

A powerful glyph has been added, imbued with the power of chaos.

[Charm of Succession]

A new gear that can increases your family’s combat power, succession skill damage, and more has been added.

[Chaos Lightstone]

Increase your Primal Lightstone to a higher tier!


[+7 Rift Totem Chest]

Added a crafting recipe that will guarantee a +7 Rift Totem.


[New Eidolic Gear]

Added the "Eidolic Gear" that paves the way to +9 enhancement.




[Land of the Sherekhan]
A new region that drops Succession Skills and Sealed Charms of Succession has been added.