[March 15] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2022.03.15

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Mar 15 (Tuesday) are here!
In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ New Class: Legatus, The Last Hero who Controls Lightning

Legatus, the Last Hero that controls lightning, has made his appearance!

With the Kibelius spear to control the power of lightning,
Legatus uses ancient skills to retaliate with thunderbolts to annihilate enemies.

He also employs the Arkanon, an ancient weapon that is further strengthened the power of the Kyve.
This further raises the power of Legatus during battle, making him a true menace to his foes.

He can draw out the inherent power within Kibelius to attack with a swiftness and strength akin to lightning in the raging rain.

Enemies who face Legatus will find themselves in the whirlwind of an unpredictable battle.

- Legatus, the new class, will be created as an Awakened class.
- You will have 4 attack skills upon creating Legatus, and you can learn more skills leveling up.   
- Complete Balenos Main Quest "The Boss, Red Nose" to start the story "Remembering Power: The Last Ancient".
- Complete this story to obtain "The Last Ancient" title.


■ Legatus Skill List

▷ Eye of Ator
Through the Eye of Ator, gain deep insight and observation to analyze enemies and spot weaknesses. (Passive skill)



▷ Spear Bolt
Power Kibelius with lightning and thunder, causing great damage to the enemy. (Req. Level: 1)
Enhancement & Branch Info: Decrease DP, Burn, Decrease Cooldown, Inscribe: Aal, Inscribe: Ahib


▷ Divine Punishment
Summon an enormous spear and empower Arkanon with the power of lightning. (Req. Level: 1)
Enhancement & Branch Info: Reduce Crit Chance, Decrease Attack Speed, Increase Range, Inscribe: Aal, Inscribe: Serrett


▷ Imprison
Open a rift and summon lightning spears to attack the enemy. (Req. Level: 1)
Enhancement & Branch Info: Increase DP, Decrease Move Speed, Decrease Cooldown, Inscribe: Labreve, Inscribe: Serrett


▷ Lightning Crash
Gather energy and launch the spear at the enemy. (Req. Level: 1)
Enhancement & Branch Info: Bleed, Recover HP, Inscribe: Aal, Inscribe: Labreve, Flow: Lightning Flash


▷ Thunderclap
Attack the enemy while enveloped in pure lightning. (Req. Level: 10)
Enhancement & Branch Info: Increase DP, Decrease Move Speed


▷ Lightning Sentinel
Summon Arkanon to chase and attack the enemy. (Req. Level: 20)
Enhancement & Branch Info: Burn, Decrease DP


▷ Sentinel Beam
Summon Arkanon to unleash a lightning beam that splits the ground in front of you. (Req. Level: 30)
Enhancement & Branch Info: Decrease AP, Increase DP, Inscribe: Serrett, Inscribe: Ahib


▷ Thunderbird
Throw the spear into the air, then leap to catch it and hurl it at the enemy. (Req. Level: 40)
Enhancement & Branch Info: Increase AP, Burn, Decrease Cooldown


▷ Incessant Storm
Use Kibelius as a lightning rod to summon repeated lightning strikes. (Req. Level: 50)
Enhancement & Branch Info: Increase Hit Targets, Inscribe: Ahib, Inscribe: Labreve


▷ Divine Executioner
Increase the surrounding electric current, then summon an enormous spear to strike the enemy down. (Req. Level: 60)
Enhancement & Branch Info: Increase AP, Increase Hit Targets, Increase Range


▷ Power of Kibelius
Strengthen yourself by drawing power from Kibelius. (Req. Level: 70)
Enhancement & Branch Info: Increase Critical Hit Damage, Increase Black Spirit's Skill Damage


■ Doom, Dream Horse

Doom is one of the three children of Krogdalo.
It is a Dream Horse born with a flame that burns forever.

Its entire body is engulfed in flames that fade away,
but they will do no harm to an owner it has recognized.

Doom has unique traits not just with appearance, but in performance as well.
It was made to be the horse everyone dreamed of riding.

Leaving foot trails as fiery as our adventurers' passion from all over the world,
we hope to see this Dream Horse become a reliable companion.

- Dream Horse "Doom", a legendary horse, has been added.
- Doom is a Dream Horse that is enveloped in flames.
- Having it will increase Horse Inventory weight significantly and give better mobility than a Tier 8 Horse.
- Dream Horse: Doom uses [Ultimate Quantum Jump] and has a better Horse Bond.
ㆍThe [Quantum Jump] skill used by the Tier 8 used to awaken a Dream Horse will change to [Ultimate Quantum Jump].
ㆍ[Ultimate Quantum Jump] will have a location addition for fast travel and has less cooldown.


[Ultimate Quantum Jump]
ㆍCooldown time 20 min
ㆍFast Travel to the boss entrance when coming from the World Boss Status Board
ㆍFast Travel to a Guild Call spot
ㆍFast Travel to the enemy location when chasing a designated enemy from the enemy list."
ㆍDoom can obtain 4 Normal Skills and 1 Exclusive Skill.
ㆍYou need Horse Skill Coupon x50 to change an Exclusive Skill.
ㆍDoom's Exclusive Skills are the following:
Dark Sprint
- Inflicts burn damage and strikes down the enemy by charging forward.
Dark Flame Steps
- Push and inflict burn damage by creating fire with every step.


- Doom cannot be mounted in Great Desert.
- Doom cannot be connected to the Merchantry Wagon.


■ Dream Horse Awakening

- Complete "Legendary Dream Horse" story first to be able to obtain a Dream Horse.
- Complete the story and be able to obtain Dream Horse: Doom in Awaken Horse menu in Camp Stable.
- Awaken Dream Horse requires a Level 10 Tier 8 Horse, and Glowing Root x1 and Krogdalo's Spirit Stone x200 as materials.
- Even if you fail to awaken a Dream Horse, the Tier 8 Horse won't disappear, but the Glowing Roots and Krogadalo's Spirit Stones used as materials will. Dream Horse Energy will also get stronger.
- You can 100% succeed on your next Dream Horse Awakening when Dream Horse energy is full.


■ Dream Horse Awakening Materials

- Glowing Root can be obtained in Kamasylvia monster areas or at a low chance when gathering Kamasylvia Blue Lunar Flower.
ㆍKamasylvia Blue Lunar Flowers bloom in Kamasylvia after completing the first quest of the "Legendary Dream Horse" Story,


- Krogdalo's Spirit Stone can be obtained as stated below:
ㆍDeliver a Horse that has achieved Level 10 (Tier does not matter)
ㆍPurchase from Patrigio's Shop items list
ㆍObtain by exchanging premium specialty goods from Trade NPC in town after entering Merchantry or Purchase from Wandering Merchant


- Spirit Tulip can be obtained as stated below with a low chance:
ㆍPurchase from Patrigio's Shop items list
ㆍPurchase from Wandering Merchant in Merchantry
- You can raise the Awakening rate by 100% by using Spirit Tulip.
- Dream Horse Awakening materials cannot be registered on Market.

※ Other items will appear less since 2 new items were added in Patrigio's Shop and Wandering Merchant items list and 1 new item was added to Merchantry Trade NPC Specialty Goods Exchange items list.


■ Horse Delivery
- Complete "Dream Horse Researcher Borgoh", one of Dream Horse stories, to use Horse Delivery menu in Camp Stable.
- Obtain Krogdalo's Spirit Stone by delivering a horse that has reached Level 10 regardless of the Tier.

Horse Tier Krodgado's Spirit Stone
Tier 1-3  1
Tier 4 2
Tier 5 3
Tier 6 5
Tier 7 9
Tier 8 100

- Added information about Horse Delivery to be displayed when selling Tier 1-9 Horses in Stable.
- Horses that have reached Level 10 cannot be sold.


■ Reaper
- Fixed the situation regarding the opponent adventurer target lock not being disabled when Reaper uses [Nightmare].

■ Raven
- Fixed the issue in which Invincibility in Arena and Super Armor is not applied when Raven uses [Phantom Crash: Shard].

■ Sura
- Fixed the issue in which Sura falls down from the air when using [Shadow Cloak] to a Destroyer that was using [Hellraiser].

■ Others
- Fixed the issue in which [To Arms] passive skill does not activate while running in Great Desert with Warlord.


■ UI
- Changed the design icon of weapon base.

■ Accessory Shop Renewal
- Accessory Shop in Pearl Shop will be renewed on the upcoming maintenance on Mar 22.
※ The total count of Accessory purchases made in the special shop before maintenance on Mar 22 will refresh after the maintenance on Mar 22.


■ Chaos Accessory
- Chaos-grade Accessory will be added on the upcoming maintenance on Mar 29.
- Chaos Accessory can be crafted with "Enhanced Primal Accessory +5", Chaos Jewel and Ah'krad.
- [Ah'krad], the newly added material, can be obtained by defeating enemies after East Valencia.
- Can also be obtained by defeating enemies in The Hidden Banquet Hall.

ㆍChaos Accessory & New Story
- Chaos-grade Accessory can be crafted after completing the quest "A New Power" among the newly added story "Chaos Accessory".
- Chaos Accessory can be enchanted in the same way as Chaos gear. [Dimensional Fragment], [Magical Essence], and Silver are consumed upon Enchantment.

ㆍChaos Accessory Enhancement & Awakening
- Chaos Accessory can be enhanced by using Primal Accessory of the same piece as a material.
- During Enhancement, Primal Accessory and Chaos Accessory have the same success rate, and the amount of Restoration Scrolls consumed for restoration after failing is the same.

- Chaos Accessories are crafted as Non-Awakened and they can be awakened in Camp Blacksmith after completing "Full of Chaos" quest from "Chaos Accessory" story.
- A certain amount of Chaos Jewels are consumed to awaken Chaos Accessories, and new Chaos Enchantment slots and Accessory Crystal slots are unlocked upon awakening.


■ Arena
- The max HP applied when entering Hero of Karkea and Normal Arena has approximately doubled compared to before.


■ UI
- Fixed the UI displaying weirdly when moving to Combine Totem or Enhancement Transfer menu through Info Mode in the Enhancement screen.
- Fixed the issue of previously set Save Settings being maintained even if the Auto-Enchant Settings screen of Enchantment is closed.

■ Sound
Fixed the issue of the oasis area background music playing in the Great Desert during Black Sun.


■ Starting Events
Traces of Lightning Daily Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 15 - until Mar 28 (Mon), 23:59
Legatus Premium Login Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 15 - until Apr 11 (Mon), 23:59
Path of Penance
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 15 - until Mar 21 (Mon), 23:59
Black Spirit Mission Pass
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 15 - until maintenance on May 10 (Tue)
Royal Family's Special Announcement
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 15 - until Mar 21 (Mon), 23:59

■ Ending Events
· Accessory Upgrade! Rock, Paper, Scissors
· Rock, Paper, Scissors Daily Missions
· Candy Day Event
· Patrigio's Shop Special Event
· Picnic Ingredient Exchange
· Prep for the Picnic!


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- Special Package
· Legatus Launch Chest
· Weekly Alchemy Stone Crafter's Pack
· Limited Dream Horse Crafter's Pack
· Daily Dream Horse Crafter's Pack
· Glowing Sun Pack


- New Armor Outfit (Black Pearl)
· Kibelius Ⅰ (Sage, Legatus)
· Kibelius Ⅱ (Sage, Legatus)
· Exclatus (Sage, Legatus)


- New Armor Outfit (Pearl)
· Venia Riding Attire (Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Valkyrie, Witch, Musa, Sorceress, Dark Knight, Tamer, Stiker, Maehwa, Lahn, Mystic, Shai, Archer, Hashashin, Sura, Nova, Solaris, Kunoichi, Corsair, Sage)


- New Weapon Outfit (Black Pearl)
· Exclatus (Sage)
· Kibelius (Legatus)
· Exclatus (Legatus)
· Karlstein (Legatus)

- New Weapon Outfit (Pearl)
· Shudad (Legatus)
· Treant Camouflage (Legatus)
· Desert Camouflage (Legatus)