[March 22] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2022.03.22

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Mar 22 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Family Dispatch

Developer's Comments:

As your character grows, adventurers will move to areas with stronger enemies and better rewards.
During this process, some areas may not be able to complete all monster knowledge levels.


However, in order to increase the knowledge level, it is difficult to return to an area where the monster's CP, and thus hunting efficiency, is low.


In the last update, we added Scout Hadum so that you can increase knowledge while focusing on your growth. We also increased the max dispatches for Scout Hadum.


While some may have been disappointed by this, Shahzad Nesser, King of Valencia,
has brought good news as a way of thanking adventurers' for their performance in Valencia.
As a reward for your achievements, he is issuing a scout permit to the Hadum area in East Valencia.


In addition, as the Scout area has expanded, it has been decided to allow one more scout, as well as lower the required CP limit.


Now, adventurers who have been to Northeast Kamasylvia can dispatch more family members for scouting.

- Family Dispatch: East Valencia has been added to Scout Hadum.
- The max dispatches for Scout Hadum has been increased from 2 to 3.
ㆍThe max dispatches for Scout Hadum will increase after completing NPC Shahzad Nesser's selective quest "King of Valencia's Call" in East Valencia capital.
ㆍSelective quest "King of Valencia's Call" will be available after completing Chapter 1 of the main quest in Northeast Kamasylvia, "Shrouded in Mystery."


■ Accessory Shop Renewal

- Accessory Shop within Pearl Shop has reopened.
ㆍEpic - Primal grade Accessories are possible to be purchased.
ㆍEpic - Mystical grade Accessories are possible to be obtained for free.
ㆍAccessory prices have generally decreased.
· The previous refresh price event has ended.
※ Updated refresh price is the same as the previous one.


■ Main Quest

Adventurers are enjoying adventures as a "Family" in the world of Black Desert Mobile.
This means that you are not alone, but that you have other comrades you can count on.

It is about challenging and solving content that requires collaborating with your comrades,
or welcoming new friends as a member of the Family and joining them with the desire to experience a different class.

However, it can be difficult to develop new family members and achieve a level where they can share adventures together.

Among them was having to repeat the journey that has already been done each time a new family member was created.

Although some conveniences were added, such as the [Main Quest Completion Pass],
it could still be inconvenient as adventurers had to go to the vendor to purchase items, in order for each region, and use the rewards.

So, we took a more fundamental approach and consolidated the main quests to be completed as an entire family.
By telling the same story no matter which character you log in to, you can enjoy the immersive feeling of sharing one adventure with a true "Family."

This will also solve the cumbersome process mentioned previously.

In addition, new adventurers will be able to develop a Family and play various content more easily.

Together with adventurers who continue to love Black Desert Mobile,
and for adventurers who are newly interested in the game,
We will continue to improve so that past services do not feel like a barrier.

- Improved so that Main quests can be completed per Family.
Before: Can be completed once per character
Change: Can be completed once per Family
- Main Quest Completion Shop has been deleted in Town.
ㆍ Main Quest Completion Shop Vendor NPC will disappear and all Main Quest Completion Passes in your Inventory will be deleted.
ㆍ Silver that was used to purchase the deleted [Main Quest Completion Passes] will be restored and sent to your Mailbox.
- Main Quests' Repeatable Quests and Black Spirit Quests will be all deleted.


- Pass Quest in Main Quest will all disappear.
ㆍPass NPC will disappear in the field.
- Title regarding Pass Quest cannot be obtained anymore.
※ Previously obtained titles will be maintained.
- The following Achievements requirements will change
ㆍEnd Story of Balenos: Complete Main Quest "Getting Ready to Leave" -> "Saying Goodbye"
ㆍThe End of Serendia Territory Adventures: Complete Main Quest "The Last Step" -> "Stoneback Crab Problem"
ㆍThe End of Neutral Border Zone Adventures: Complete Main Quest "To Reach Calpheon" -> "Khuruto Boss"
ㆍThe End of North Calpheon Adventures: Complete Main Quest "To Reach Keplan" -> "Look for New Information"
ㆍThe End of Southeast Calpheon Adventures: Complete Main Quest "Secret Maneuver" -> "Personal Request"


■ Weight
- As main quests can be completed only once per Family, Weight Increase Passes that would be given as rewards have been deleted. 
- Added a function in which inventory weight increases when a character reaches a certain level.
ㆍInventory Weight will increase in order from Lv 35 to Lv 70.
ㆍUpon reaching Lv 70, total inventory weight will be the same as the main quest reward weight limit before maintenance.
ㆍCharacters that have already used Weight Increase Passes will be refreshed after maintenance, meaning that only weight increases gained according to character level will be applied.
ㆍWeight Increase Passes purchased for the Pearl Shop will be sent to the character's mailbox you have purchased with.
- Weight Increase Passes from Main Quest and Selective Quest rewards list have been deleted.
- Increase Weight Quest 1 and 2 have been deleted from Path to Power > Character Growth.


■ Multi-Enhancement

Developer's Comments:

In order to enjoy various Family content, the moment comes when a new character is welcomed as a Family member.
Choose the class you want and equip and enhance their gear, one at a time.
The process of gaining new comrades is not easy.

It is a process involving heavy CP increases, but with so much gear to level,
It can give unnecessary fatigue when trying to do them all at once.

In order to allow adventurers to better experience the fun of growing characters,
We are trying to improve any inconveniences felt in the process of enhancing gear.
With this in mind, we have added a Multi-Enhancement function to enhance gear all at once. 

- Multi-Enhancement function has been added.
- Multi-Enhancement function is available from Black Spirit Level 130.
- In Multi-Enhancement, you can select multiple pieces of gear and enhance them automatically until the desired level.
- During Enhancement, you can set a desired level and attempt rate.
- During Multi-Enhancement, the process will stop when all selected pieces of gear have been enhanced or if you lack the needed restoration items.


■ Shai

▷ 'Round and 'Round
- Improved so that the skill action can be cancelled and another skill can be used after the first skill attack while using [Flow: 'Roundy and 'Roundy].


▷ Yoo-Hoo!

- "Intensify: Cooldown time" is now applied by default and "Intensify: Increase Range" was added.

-  Fixed [Yoo-Hoo!]'s HP Recovery range description.


■ Error Fix
- Fixed the issue in which the bear was not getting summoned sometimes when using Shai's Yoo-Hoo! (Flow: I'm Performing Here!).


■ Quest
- Changed so that enhancement materials are obtained as rewards after completing quests or Bounty Missions.
ㆍApplied Enhancement materials: Black Stone, Black Crystal Chest, Pristine Black Crystal
ㆍApplied Categories: Quests, Bounty Missions, Guild Mileage Quest, Merchantry Family Dispatch

■ Black Spirit
- Adjusted Black Spirit Benefits per level so that new adventurers can more quickly make use of convenience functions.
ㆍConvenience functions for certain Black Spirit Levels
Lv 25
- Purchase Shakatu's Shop item x10
Lv 30
- Lightstone / Crystal Auto-Fusion
Lv 35
- Use All Skillbooks
- Lightstone / Auto-Fuse Unique Grade Crystal
Lv 40
- Lightstone / Auto-Fuse Epic Grade Crystal
- Auto-Gathering
Lv 50
- Lightstone / Auto-Fuse Mystical Grade Crystal
Lv 55
- Automatically absorb items from Shakatu's Shop into Dark Energy
Lv 60
- Awakened Enhancement
- Auto Alchemy Stone Synthesis
- Force Enhancement
- Auto-Enhance
Lv 65
- Expand Dark Energy absorbing slots to 15 slots
- Auto-Enchant
Lv 70
- Expand Dark Energy absorbing slots to 20 slots
Lv 80
- Auto-Start
Lv 95
- Force Auto-Enhancement
Lv 100
- Automatically absorb items from chest into Dark Energy
- Shakatu's Shop Continuous Item Draw
Lv 130
- Multi-Enhancement
- Auto Awaken Enhancement
- Use All Black Crystal Refinery Items
- Totem Auto-Enhancement
- Auto-Enhance Alchemy Stone
- Auto Relic Enhancement


■ Guild War
- Required points have reduced to 5,000 points when surrendering in Guild War.

■ Ancient Ruins: Ancient Guardian
- Adjusted so that Ancient Guardian Max Reward Multiplier can be set up to 500.
- Max Reward Multiplier per Knowledge Level for Guardian Kabuamilles are now the following:
ㆍKnowledge Level 100 - 300: Increase Multiplier +1 per Knowledge Level
ㆍKnowledge Level 301 - 400: Increase Multiplier +2 per Knowledge Level
※ Up to +500 Multiplier can be applied upon reaching Lv 400

■ Node War
- Increased the damage caused to the adventurer and Barricade with Fire Shot.


■ Item
- Changed text on where to obtain Akhram Prophecy 50% and 100%.


■ Quest
- Improved so that a main quest is completed automatically when the requirement is interacting with an object.

■ Patrigio
- Improved so that Mystical gear doesn't pop up in Patrigio's items.

■ Black Sun
Improved so that Invincibility is applied temporarily when entering the Great Desert during Black Sun.

■ UI
- Improved so that Boss Knowledge Level can be seen on the Alyaelli's Rift screen.
- Improved so that a notification icon is added to the boss that can be entered through the Alyaelli's Rift screen and so it can be displayed in front.
- Improved so that Boss Knowledge effects are displayed as an icon in Guild Rush screen.
- Added a link in which item descriptions can be checked more easily by tapping on the text.
ㆍThis link function will be updated so that adventurers can check it more conveniently when playing the game.

■ System
- Reduced the time for fishing during Auto-Fishing.


■ Title
- Fixed the issue in which some titles related to Arena disappeared.
※ Applies to: Addicted to Victory, Duelist, Sole Survivor, Legendary, Victorious, Top Duelist, Immortal, Apprentice Gladiator, Arena Hobbyist, Fight Master

■ Mail
- Fixed the issue in which the "Get All" button wasn't working properly.
- Fixed the issue in which expired mail remained in the mailbox.

■ UI
- Fixed the issue in which other items appeared in the list when searching in the Market.
- Fixed the issue in which the Watcher effect was being displayed to the Watcher in Watch Mode.
- Fixed the issue in which the stockings were displaying weirdly during combat mode when equipping Lahn, Crimson Lily's Checkmate outfit.
- Fixed the issue in which the pop up screen wasn't going away after accepting party request.
- Fixed the issue in which the armor elbow part was displaying weirdly when equipping Sage, Legatus' Shudad Outfit.

■ System
- Fixed the issue in which you could use some parts of the menu even though your gear was locked.
- Applies to: Enhancement, Force Enhancement, Awakened Enhancement, Memory Imprint, Equipping Crystals, Fuse Crystal, Combine Totem, Enhancement Transfer, Enchantment
※ System functions can be used without any problem after unlocking.
- Fixed the issue in which you couldn't receive the selected rewards for GM's Quiz answer when not having spare slots in your Inventory.
※ You can select the answers again after clearing your Inventory without logging in again.


■ Starting Events
Enhancement! Bingo Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 22 - until Mar 28 (Mon), 23:59
March Login Daily Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 22 - until Apr 4 (Mon), 23:59
Boss Beatdown Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 22 - until Mar 28 (Mon), 23:59
Larc's Growth Support
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 22 - until Apr 4 (Mon), 23:59

■ Ending Events
· Royal Family's Special Announcement
· Path of Penance
· Accessory Upgrade! Battle with the Black Spirit! Rock, Paper, Scissors


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- Special Package
· Accessory Shop Renewal Pack I
· Accessory Shop Renewal Pack II
· Gold Coin of Glory Pack
· Pinkish Hue Challenge Chest
· Limited Pet Selection Pack