[Mar 29 Patch Notes](Updated)
UPDATES 2022.03.29

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Mar 29 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Chaos Accessory

- Chaos Accessories can be crafted with Enhanced Awakened Primal Accessory +5 or higher and a certain amount of [Chaos Jewel] and [Ah'krad] as materials.
- The new material [Ah'krad] can be obtained by defeating enemies in regions after East Valencia.
- It can also be obtained by defeating enemies in The Hidden Banquet Hall.
ㆍPrimal Accessory enhancement level will be transferred to Chaos Accessory.
ㆍPrimal Accessories will lose their Enchantment but will keep their Awakened Enchantment.

Craftable Materials
Chaos Ring +5  Caphras Ring +5  Chaos Jewel x2 Ah'krad x10 
Chaos Bracelet +5  Caphras Bracelet +5  Chaos Jewel x2 Ah'krad x10 
Chaos Earrings +5  Caphras Earrings +5  Chaos Jewel x3   Ah'krad x10 
Chaos Belt +5  Caphras Belt +5  Chaos Jewel x4  Ah'krad x10 
Chaos Necklace +5  Caphras Necklae +5  Chaos Jewel x5  Ah'krad x10 


[Chaos Accessory Enhancement]
- Uses the same Primal Accessory as a material for Chaos Accessory Enhancement.
- When enhancing, the success rate for Primal Accessory and Chaos Accessory Enhancement, and the number of Restoration Scrolls used for failing, are the same.

[Chaos Accessory Crafting Methods]
- Complete "New Power" Quest within the "Chaos Accessory" Story to craft Chaos Accessories.
ㆍ"Chaos Accessory" Story will be available after obtaining a new Adventure Title "The Almighty One with a purple hue" that can be obtained after equipping an Enhanced Primal Accessory +5 or higher.
ㆍAn Adventurer that has Enhanced Primal Accessory +5 or higher equipped beforehand will obtain this title automatically after the update.
※ If you had a Primal Accessory lower than +5 and became +5 or higher after Enhancement, then you will have to unequip and equip it again to start the "Chaos Accessory" Story.

[Chaos Accessory Awakening]
- Chaos Accessories are crafted Non-Awakened and can be awakened in Camp Blacksmith after completing "Wrapped in Chaos" quest from "Chaos Accessory" Story.
- A certain amount of Chaos Jewels are used to Awaken Chaos Accessories and new Chaos Enchantment slots and Accessory slots are unlocked when Awakened.

Chaos Accessory No. of Chaos Jewel Used
Chaos Ring Chaos Jewel x4 
Chaos Bracelet Chaos Jewel x4 
Chaos Earrings Chaos Jewel x5 
Chaos Belt Chaos Jewel x6
Chaos Necklace Chaos Jewel x7


[Chaos Accessory Enchantment]
- 2 Chaos Enchantment slots will be added.
- [Dimensional Fragment] x10 and [Magical Essence] x35,000 can be used to accumulate enchantment stats.


[Ah'krad Crystal]

- When awakening a Chaos Accessory, unlock 1 Crystal Slot that can only be equipped with Accessory Crystals and another crystal slot will unlock when reaching Enhancement +6 and +8.
- [Ah'krad Crystal] can be equipped but [Dimensional Crystal] cannot be equipped in an Accessory Crystal Slot.
- After equipping Ah'krad Crystal, crystals cannot be extracted.
- [Ah'krad Crystal] can be crafted by using [Abyssal Crystal Fluid], [Refined Empty Crystal], [Cron Stone], and [Ah'krad] as materials.
ㆍApplies to: Ah'krad Crystal: Aal, Labreve, Serrett, Ahib
ㆍMaterials needed: [Abyssal Crystal Fluid] x1, [Refined Empty Crystal] x1, [Cron Stone] x1,200, [Ah'krad] x1
- [Refined Empty Crystal] can be purchased with Dark Coins from Gervaise in each Town.

- Equipping [Ah'krad Crystal] increases Max Branch Damage.
- When crafting [Ah'krad Crystal], AP and DP will be between 11 and 21 depending on fixed chances.
ㆍMax Branch Damage for every [Ah'krad Crystal] is 1%.
ㆍMax Branch Damage cannot surpass 60%.

Aal Damage Max 50%
Max Increase Category Max Increase Total Max Increase Max Possible Increase
Equip Black Spirit's Rune   +7%   62%   60%  
Equip Ah'krad Crystal x5 +5%  


[Chaos Accessory Resonance] 

- Chaos Accessory Resonance will be newly added.
- You can move from Primal Accessory Resonance to a grade higher than that.
- Primal Accessory Resonance won't be disabled when equipping a Chaos Accessory.
- Chaos Accessory Resonance will be additionally applied when equipping a Chaos Accessory.


■ Battlefield of the Sun: Tactical Elephant

Developer's Comments:
The Crimson Wind battlefield is a place where fierce battles never cease and the wind itself appears red.
Within the sounds of clanging metal and the screams of soldiers filling the battlefield,
resounding echoes from the footsteps of giant beings gradually come ever closer.


To overcome this impasse, both factions have placed tactical elephants onto the battlefield.
Tactical Elephants are much more powerfully armed form than the elephants seen in Node War and Siege War.
Merely charging with their enormous body is a fatal attack,
and mounted adventurers can lace the ground full of tactical bombs to present a new threat.


They can rush into the enemy camp, destroy their formation, and defeat the enemy by dropping bombs at key points on the battlefield.


The Tactical Elephant will be a strong support force that can change the course of battle, and will become a feared target for enemies.

- Tactical Elephant has been added to "Battlefield of the Sun: Crimson Wind".
- One Tactical Elephant will join 1 minute after combat starts, one will join after an ally Commander dies, and one more will come when an ally Supreme Commander appears.
ㆍTactical Elephants appear in the node for each Faction's that cannot be conquered.
ㆍUp to 3 Tactical Elephants can appear for each Faction each time you enter Battlefield of the Sun.
ㆍAlchemy Stones that increase Elephant Damage will not apply to Tactical Elephant.
ㆍAdventurers with the Faction Sword cannot mount.

- Tactical Elephants can collide into an enemy in front of it every 3 seconds as an attack.
- Tactical Elephants can drop a bomb that will explode about 1.5 seconds after tapping on the Tactical Bomb button.
ㆍWhen the bomb explodes, it will inflict large area-of-effect damage along with Stun to enemies, similar to a cannon attack.
- Adventurers mounted on a Tactical Elephant won't get damaged during combat, and will dismount when the Tactical Elephant faints.
- Respawn points cannot be conquered when mounting on Tactical Elephant.


■ Story
- A new Story, "Town Outfit: Calpheon Robes", has been added.
ㆍThe Story will be available after completing North Calpheon Main Quest "Shady Bipache" and the NPC Lebanin Quest in Forsaken Lands.
※ NPC Lebanin can be found in the Forsaken Lands area.

- [Calpheon Robe] can be crafted in the craft menu after completing the story.
ㆍ[Calpheon Robe] Outfit only shows in Town, Guild Fortress and Camp. It won't show in any other area.
ㆍOutfit Fusion, Tailor Outfit, or changing the outfit to another class is not available for [Calpheon Robe].
ㆍ[Belucci Ruby] can be obtained through Mining after completing "Town Outfit: Calpheon Robes" Story.



■ Windwalker

Developer's Comments:
Windwalkers have some restrictions present on the use of their skills when using charge skills multiple times, so they couldn't enter or leave combat and her skill combo speed, where much of her damage lies, was pretty slow. We saw a need to improve her combat ability.

We have improved her mobility by changing the additional attack action of [Wind Knife], strengthening her ability to enter or leave combat.

In addition, we have been working on improving her combat ability by adding enhanced skills that consume MP to inflict additional damage.

[Rupture] adds a flow skill that consumes MP to perform additional attacks,
as well as adding an MP recovery effect to the skill [Ethereal Blast].
Improvements have also been made to make the battle easier by reducing the burden of managing MP consumption on Windwalker.

In addition, we have supplemented the skill damage and secondary effects of passive skills.
We have improved skill effectiveness by adding a skill damage increase effect to the passive skill [Guidance of Wind],
as well as enhancing mobility by reducing cooldowns and adding acceleration to her run.

With this improvement, Windwalker will surely be faster and more powerful in battle.

▷ Wind Knife
- Changed so that 20 MP is no longer consumed upon use.
- "Intensify: Decrease MP Consumption" effect is changed to "Increase Range". 
- Changed [Intensify: Additional Attack] moves.
[Intensify: Additional Attack]
- "Stun on hit" effect has changed to "Daze on hit".
- Improved so that it can be smoothly used as a combo with [Ethereal Blast].


▷ Gale Harvest
- MP Consumption reduced by 20 for [Flow: Howling Winds].


▷ Ethereal Blast
- Added "20 MP Recovery" upon hit.
- "Daze on hit" has changed to "Knockback on hit".


▷ Wind Slicer
- Skill's attack speed has increased.


▷ Rupture
- [Flow: Open Sky] has been added.
[Flow: Open Sky]
Consume 40 MP for an additional attack
Apply same damage as [Rupture].
Super Armor while using skill (Not applied in Arena)
Knock-up on hit


▷ Guidance of Wind
- "All Skill Damage +10%" has been added.
- "Adventurer Damage Increase" has been reduced by 5%. (15% → 10%)
- Added "[Wind Knife] cooldown decreased by 0.5 sec" while using [Guidance of Wind].
- Added "Accelerate when running" while using [Guidance of Wind].


■ Crimson Lily

Developer's Comments:
Though the gains from Crimson Lily successfully using her mobility skills are impressive,
she suffered when any of these skills missed.
Her passive skill [Blood Harvest] also had a short duration, so it was difficult to see its full effects.


Overall, however, it did alleviate some of the more prevalent weaknesses that would show when using her movement skills.
Aside from this, improvements have been made in regards to the effects of her passive skills.


[Rondo of Doom] and [Reeling Thrust] are Crimson Lily's main movement skills.
Missing [Rondo of Doom] meant leaving Crimson Lily exposed,
While [Reeling Thrust] had a short Super Armor duration, despite its quick casting speed.


We have improved the second hit for [Rondo of Doom] so that it goes towards the enemy, and improved her move distance with the skill.
[Reeling Thrust] is now better for maintaining effects while chasing the enemy, as an additional attack is triggered when the button input is maintained.


In addition, effects of [Blood Harvest] have been improved so that it lasts longer during battle.
We've improved the attack speed and damage of her main attack skills to deal as much damage as possible for the duration of the effect.


Lastly, in order to more smoothly supply [Orbs of Hate], improvements have been made to [Crimson Glide], including attacking upon landing and generating [Orb of Hate] x2 on hit.


Please look forward to Crimson Lily flying around the battlefield more freely in the future.

▷ Rondo of Doom
[Flow: Crimson Break]
- Skill distance has increased.
- Improved so that she can attack enemies she is facing.


▷ Reeling Thrust
[Flow: Revenge Loop]
- Improved so that she can execute an additional attack while holding the skill button.
Applies same hit damage as [Reeling Thrust].
Additional attack while holding the skill button
Super Armor upon skill use
Stun on first hit
Daze on hit
Knockback on last hit


▷ Willow Slash
- Skill's attack speed and move speed have increased.


▷ Twin Strike
- [Flow: X-Slash] has been added.
[Flow: X-Slash]
Applies 50% of [Twin Strike] damage.
Super Armor upon skill use (Not applied in Arena) 
Knockdown on hit
Additional Attack by holding the skill button


▷ Crimson Glide
- Added "Stun" on hit.
- Improved so that [Orb of Hate] x2 are created on hit.
- Changed so that she can attack right after landing.


▷ Vacuum Slice
- Skill's PvE, PvP damage have been adjusted.
Lv 1: 369.6% x2 Max 2 Hits → 443.5% x2 Max 2 Hits
Lv 10: 480.48% x2 Max 2 Hits → 576.57% Max 2 Hits

Lv 1 : 295.68% x2 Max 2 Hits → 354.81% x2 Max 2 Hits
Lv10 : 384.38% x2 Max 2 Hits → 461.26% x2 Max 2 Hits


▷ Crimson Feast
- All Orbs of Hate effects are added upon skill use.


▷ Blood Harvest
- Skill damage increase duration has increased by 3 sec. (5 sec → 8 sec)


Developer's Comments:
Some classes do not perform optimally when dealing with bosses like Tukar Laytenn.

Overall, the damage of major skills has been increased and cooldown times have been decreased.
Classes that are sub-optimal for these activities have been improved so that they can play more aggressively.

There may be differences depending on the characteristics of the fighting style for each class,
but we expect these classes to better compare to others when dealing with bosses.

■ Archmage

▷ Blizzard
- Skill's PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 220% Max 10 Hits → 325% Max 10 Hits
Lv 10: 286% Max 10 Hits → 438.75% Max 10 Hits


▷ Tornado
- Skill cooldown time has been reduced from 7 sec → 6 sec. 
- Skill PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 350.4% Max 4 Hits → 430.4% Max 4 Hits
Lv 10 : 455.52% Max 4 Hits→ 559.52% Max 4 Hits


▷ Meteor Shower
- Skill PvE and PvP damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 556.84% x 4 → 620% x 4
Lv 10: 723.89% x 4 → 806% x 4

Lv 1: 350.46% x 4 → 434% x 4
Lv 10: 455.59% x 4 → 564.2% x 4 


▷ Frost Pillars
- Skill cooldown time has been reduced from 7 sec → 6 sec. 
- Skill PvE and PvP damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 820% x 2 → 972% x 2
Lv 10: 1068.6% x 2 → 1263.6% x 2

Lv 1: 500.05% x 2 → 631.8% x 2
Lv 10: 650.06% x 2 → 821.34% x 2


■ Void Knight

▷ Fury of Kamasylvia
- Skill PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 538.2% x 3 → 630.2% x 3 
Lv 10: 699.66% x 3 → 819.26% x 3 


▷ Cross Slash
- Skill PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 351% x 3 Max 2 Hits → 420% x 3 Max 2 Hits  
Lv 10 : 456.3% x 3 Max 2 Hits → 546% x 3 Max 2 Hits


▷ Legacy of the Vedir
- Skill PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 994.5% x 2 → 1190% x 2 
Lv 10: 1292.85% x 2 → 1547% x 2 


▷ Obsidian Ashes
- Skill PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 545.04% x 3 → 652.19% x 3 
Lv 10: 708.55% x 3 → 847.84% x 3 


▷ Eclipse
- Skill PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 565.11% x 3 → 676.2% x 3 
Lv 10: 734.64% x 3 → 879.06% x 3 


▷ Nature's Rage
- Skill's PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 1511.87% → 1873.69% 
Lv 10: 1965.43% → 2435.79% 


▷ Enchanting Frenzy
- Added "Increases Damage against monsters by 10%" for 10 sec when [Enchanting Frenzy] is activated.


■ Hashashin

▷ Eye of the Storm
- Skill PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 367.5% Max 5 Hits → 477.75% Max 5 Hits
Lv 10: 477.75% Max 5 Hits → 621.07% Max 5 Hits
- Added 1 hit to whirlwind during "Aal's Power".


▷ Sand Saber
- Skill PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 409.5% x2 Max 2 Hits > 614.25% x2 Max 2 Hits
Lv 10: 532.35% x2 Max 2 Hits > 798.52% x2 Max 2 Hits


▷ Solar Strike
- Skill PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 546% Max 4 Hits → 655.2% Max 4 Hits
Lv 10 : 709.8% Max 4 Hits → 851.76% Max 4 Hits


▷ Geo-Pulse
- Skill PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 1037.4% Max 2 Hits → 1244.88%  Max 2 Hits
Lv 10: 1348.62% Max 2 Hits → 1618.34% Max 2 Hits


▷ Breath of Aal
- Changed so that attack speed increases during "Aal's Power".
- Skill's PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 525% Max 3 Hits → 630% Max 3 Hits
Lv 10: 682.5% Max 3 Hits → 819% Max 3 Hits


▷ Aal's Power
- Added "Increased Damage against all bosses by 10%.


■ Fixed Errors
- Fixed the issue of doing a basic attack when [Invoker]'s Auto-Combat is not activated.
- Fixed the issue of Rune of Ice not disabling upon using [Ignite] when [Archmage]'s Rune of Ice is activated.
- Fixed the issue of [Willow Slash]'s [Flow: Side-to-Side] not making a combo after using [Reeling Thrust]'s [Flow: Revenge Loop] when using [Willow Slash] upon holding [Crimson Lily]'s Move button.
- Fixed the issue of [Spear Bolt] being used multiple times sometimes when using [Spear Bolt] in the same spot after using [Legatus]'s [Lightning Crash].





■ Item
- Added info in the description box that [Character Class Change Coupon] can only be used with Awakened or Ascended characters.

■ UI
- Added so that a system message displays when registering a Main Weapon/Sub-Weapon Base on the Market.
- Improved Main Weapon/Sub-Weapon Base Craft description.
- Changed so that [Thunder God's Shoes] can be traded on the Market.
- Added animation effect when being on Standby with other Adventurers in Public Party Rooms for Ancient Ruins and others.


■ Background

- A Cherry Blossom theme has been applied to some Towns.


■ Black Sun
Improved so that a notification pops up in the server when obtaining [Black Rock Shrine Summon Scroll] by defeating Laytenn.

■ UI
- Improved so that it takes you directly to "Bonus Effects & Resonance" by tapping on the question mark button on the bottom left side of Resonance info box.


■ UI
- Fixed the issue of the Auto-Combat widget overlapping with some UI when entering Normal Arena's Watch Mode during Auto-Combat.

■ System
- Fixed the issue in which move speed increase does not apply when moving with the arrow keys after using [Crow Merchants' Elixir].
- Fixed the issue in which Fire Shot was being fired towards the direction of a set target instead of where the character was facing when Fire shot was used in Temple of Desterio of Great Desert.
- Fixed the issue in which the Cannon was being fired in a weird direction in the World Boss Khan stage.


■ Starting Events
Alustin's Research Journal Exchange
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 29 - Until Apr 4 (Mon), 23:59
· Event Exchange Period: After maintenance on Mar 29 - Until Apr 11 (Mon), 23:59
Ah'krad Missions Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 29 - Until Apr 11 (Mon), 23:59
Pick the Lucky Rope!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 29 - Until Apr 4 (Mon), 23:59
Alustin's Research Journal Missions Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 29 - Until Apr 4 (Mon), 23:59

■ Ending Events
· Enhancement! Bingo Event
· Traces of Lightning Daily Missions
· Legatus Premium Login Event


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- Special Package
· Limited Accessory Support Pack
· Kamasylvia Accessory Pack
· Ah'krad Support Chest
· Chaos Enchantment Support Pack
· Ancient World Boss Pack