[March 8] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2022.03.08

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Mar 8 (Tuesday) are here!
In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Field of Valor

Developer's Comments:

Field of Valor: Desert is content in which you defeat Great Desert Monsters for a certain time consuming Purified Water.
For instance, you can enter Level 1: Gahaz Altar and Level 2: Desert Naga Shrine.

However, this lead to incidents where certain Great Desert Quest areas would not match an Adventurer's CP.
An adventurer with low CP could not enter a given area since the required CP was too high. Conversely, an adventurer with high CP could also be made to enter a low-level area.

Therefore, we have improved it so that you can enter the desired area for each difficulty level, and you will be able to see monsters you want on a difficulty level that matches your CP.

Unlike the Great Desert, which is mainly played manually, Field of Valor is content meant for convenience that focuses on Auto-Battles. However, if the weight of an obtained item exceeds the inventory weight limit, combat efficiency will be reduced and it won't be possible to appraise items.

There was also an inconvenience constantly checking inventory weight, even during Auto-Play. To improve this, we have adjusted the weight of the loot obtained from the Field of Valor: Great Desert to 0.

Lastly, we have removed the weekly participation limit that has been applied so you can use the Field of Valor more freely.

- It has been improved so that you can select the area of your choice per level in Field of Valor: Desert.
ㆍYou can change the area of your choice by tapping on the "Change area" button at the right upper side of Field of Valor screen.
- The 6-time weekly participation limit has been removed so that Field of Valor: Desert can be used more freely.
- The loot weight from items obtained from Field of Valor: Desert to be appraised will be adjusted to 0.
- When the public room status is maintained for 30 seconds, as before, Adventurer's Apparitions will join.
- Remaining time in the Desert can be consumed at 5 times the amount so that Multiplier +5 can be applied.
- Level 6 and 7 have been newly added.
- Obtain better rewards when defeating monsters in a higher level of Field of Valor.
- Required CP per level are the same for all areas in accordance with the following:

Required Level Required CP
1 10,000
2 15,000
3 20,000
4 25,000
5 30,000
6 35,000
7 40,000


■ Party System Renewal

- The system for joining parties with other adventurers has been improved with Ancient Ruins and Field of Valor.


[Create Room]
- When creating a room, the room is created as a private room and it can be changed to a public one only once.
- For private rooms, all party members have to be ready in order to start the battle, as before.


[Quick Join]
- When doing Quick Join, if there's a public room, you'll enter the public room. If there's no public room, a public room will be created and it cannot be changed to private.
- When all party members are gathered, an entry invitation will pop up so that the battle can start when all members agree to this entry invitation.
- In the case of a stage in which an apparition of a public room joins, if some adventurers refuse to enter, the adventurer who refused to enter will leave the party and an apparition will join instead and begin the battle.
- In the case of a stage in which an apparition of a public room does not join, if some adventurers refuse to enter, the adventurer who refused will leave the party and the party will enter the standby state again.
- The kick function in public rooms is not available.


■ Guild War Rules Improvement
- Guild War rules have been improved.
- Changed so that a war ends when one guild's score reaches 200,000 points.
- Changed so that different scores can be obtained according to the rank of the defeated adventurer's CP.

CP Rank Score
Legend 2,000
Emperor 1,900
Monarch 1,800
Conqueror 1,600
Hero 1,400
General 700
Duke 350
Count 200
Viscount 100
Baron 70
Knight 40
Mercenary 35
Warrior 25
Elite 20
Soldier 15
Lower 10

- Changed the minimum score required for surrender (total of the two guilds' war points) to 10,000 points.
- Changed the minimum score required for withdrawal (total of the two guilds' war points) to 100,000 points.


■ Market

- Deleted "Main Weapon", "Sub-Weapon", "Armor" tabs from the Market.
ㆍAll items' registration date registered in the mentioned tabs before maintenance have expired.
- "Gear" tab, which includes Main Weapon, Sub-Weapon, Helmet, Armor, Gloves, and Shoes, has been added.
- All Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons that can be equipped cannot be registered on the Market.
- Accesories that have been enhanced to +1 and Accessories below Epic-grade cannot be registered on the Market.
- Gear at Mystical-grade and below can no longer be registered on the Market.
- Enhancement tab has been deleted and all items within this tab such as [Memory Fragment], [Poor - Good Black Stone] except for [Grand Black Stone], can no longer be registered on the Market.
- [Consumables] tab name has changed to [Etc.].

- [Consumables - Other Consumables] category name has changed to [Consumables].
- [My Items - Register Item] within Pearl Shop category has been deleted.


■ Craft

- "Main Weapon Base" and "Sub-Weapon Base" craftable items have been added to the craft menu.
ㆍUse Main Weapon, and Sub-Weapon that can be equipped as materials to craft "Main Weapon Base" and "Sub-Weapon Base".
ㆍ"Main Weapon Base" and "Sub-Weapon Base" can be registered on the Market.
- When using "Main Weapon Base" and "Sub-Weapon Base", you can obtain Main Weapon and Sub-Weapon of the character you are logged in as.
- Enhanced or awakened gear cannot be used as craftable items.
- Improved so that memory imprints can be removed along with crystals and enchantment when crafting.
- Accessory Selection Chest craftable items from Magic to Epic grade have been added.
ㆍMagical Essence can be used as materials to craft and obtain an accessory of the same grade from the chest upon use.
- Primal Accessory craftable items, in which Breath of Life and Breath of Creation were used as materials, have been deleted.


■ Kunoichi

Developer's Comments:

Stealth is very important for Kunoichi, an assassin who makes sudden attacks with shadow techniques.
It is no exaggeration to say that the key to an assassin is to approach the enemy with caution, without getting detected, and avoid danger.

Stealth is an effect that has a sufficient advantage in that you can approach by hiding from the enemy.
With the addition of a "Super Armor" effect, it can be used almost risk-free.
This is a factor that pushes Kunoichi's performance a bit too high.

We have adjusted the performance of [Stealth] while maintaining the class characteristics
So that an assassin that doesn't care much about caution doesn't forget her duty.

The damage Kunoichi deals when she gets close to the enemy is also quite high.
In the previous update, the damage dealt to the enemy was higher than intended, so we've adjusted it once.
Nevertheless, it is still very strong.

As an assassin, Kunoichi should be able to deliver a lethal attack upon sudden attacks, but
Even if it fails, if the risk is low, it can be difficult for the opponent to find a chance to counterattack.

We have adjusted the damage increase effect of [Art of the Ninja] and increased the cooldown time of some skills,
so that you have to take a bigger risk to get a bigger reward.

Now, Kunoichi can properly show the tension of being cautious and steadfast for both herself and her opponent.

▷ Rain of Steel

- [Enhancement: Reduce MP Cost] has reduced 20 MP. (50 → 30)


▷ Touch of Death

- Cooldown has increased 2 sec. (4 sec → 6 sec)
- Fixed the issue of [Flow: Shadow Clone]'s clone location to be summoned in the same place.


▷ Suplex
- Skill's cooldown has increased 2 sec. (15 sec → 17 sec)


▷ Smokescreen
- Changed so that Stealth is not disabled even after being hit for 0.5 sec after Stealth. (2 sec → 0.5 sec)


▷ Art of the Ninja
- Skill's damage increase has decreased.
"Seal Level 1 skill damage increase 10% -> 5%
Seal Level 2 skill damage increase 15% -> 7%
Seal Level 3 skill damage increase 20% -> 10%


■ Destroyer

Developer's Comments:

Destroyer added an invincible effect to [Hellraiser] in the last update.
There was an update to improve his basic combat abilities by strengthening the passive skill [Overheat].

However, by taking advantage of the invincible effects of [Fire Bomb] and [Hellraiser],
With the improved [Overheat] effect, he overwhelmed the battlefield by dealing immense damage at both close and long-range.

Our internal data shows that he is being chosen by many high-CP adventurers.
They are displaying impressive performances in large-scale battlefields.

Because of this, we have increased the cooldown of [Fire Bomb] and the damage of some skills has been adjusted.
These adjustments to his stability and damage will allow you to fight your opponents in a balanced battle.

▷ Fire Bomb
- Skill's cooldown has increased 2 sec. (4 sec → 6 sec)


▷ Flame Buster
- Cannon projectile damage has decreased during overheat.
"Fire additional cannon upon use
Applied 50% skill damage (100% -> 50%)"
- Projectile explosion range has been adjusted to match the visual effects.


▷ Funeral Blast
- Cannon projectile damage has decreased during overheat.
"Fire additional cannon upon use
Applied 50% skill damage (100% -> 50%)"
- Projectile explosion range has been adjusted to match the visual effects.


■ Sura

▷ Shadow Cloak
- Changed so that Stealth is not disabled even after being hit for 0.5 sec after Stealth. (2 sec → 0.5 sec)


▷ Shadow Strike
- Cooldown time has increased 2 sec. (15 sec -> 17 sec)


■ Others
- Black Spirit's Rage attack range for Invoker has increased.
- Fixed the issue in which damage didn't apply when Lupa mounts Heilang during Auto-Combat.

- Fixed the issue of an Epic Weapon displaying in the Gear Exchange screen for Nova/Eclipse.
- Fixed the issue in which, for the Eclipse class, the direction of [Royal Fencing: Lunge] doesn't switch as desired when frame drops occur due to low device performance.
- Changed so that when a target is locked, then unlocked after applying stealth, it will be back to locked.


■ Arena
- Watch Mode has been added to Normal Arena.
ㆍA total of 48 Watchers can watch 1vs1 Arena with various perspectives by using the Watch Mode function.

■ Item
- Changed the items you can get when feeding Mystical Accessory, which can be crafted into Abyssal Accessory, to the Black Spirit.
ㆍObtain Lapis Lazuli and Caphras Book Page with a 1/15 chance of Abyssal Accessory.
ㆍChanged so that 1/15 Abyssal Accessory quantity of Magical Essence can be obtained.
※ Applies to: Mark of the Shadow, Regal Ring, Ogre Ring, Regal Necklace, Witch's Earrings, Regal Earrings, Tree Spirit's Belt, Regal Belt, Giant's Ring, Regal Bracelet
- Changed so that rewards can be obtained when using Shakatu's Golden Key and Shakatu's Mystical Key.
- Added Go button within Black Rock Shrine Summon Scroll's tooltip.
ㆍWhen tapping on Go button, you will be automatically moved to "Rock that Awakens the Shrine" of "Hidden Shrine Site" within the Great Desert.
- Craftable items for Lapis Lazuli have been added.


■ World Boss
- Minimum rewards for World Bosses Tukar Laytenn and Chaos Muraka have improved.
ㆍThe minimum reward that can be obtained if damage is dealt after the boss appears has been raised to level 2.
ㆍThe rewards obtained through the spoils each boss will drop are the same as before.

■ Zones
- Chaos Rift Ⅰ Titium Gorge Required CP has been adjusted to 18,000.

■ Missions
- Changed so that [Enigmatic Epic Cannon Chest] and [Enigmatic Epic Iron Bow Frame Chest] can be obtained as rewards for "[Weekly] Margoria Phantom Ship" of Great Ocean Exploration Log.

■ UI
- Changed some of the button locations of Emotes, Auto-Gathering, Auto-Combat, Combat Preset at the bottom of the screen.
- Changed the enhancement skill icon that displays in skills so it matches the effect.
- Added a button in which you can check and claim Daily Packages in Double Daily Pearls > Buy Pearls > Pearl Shop.
- Added a pop-up window so that you can be aware when trying to register gear with a higher grade than the gear you have equipped.
- Added a confirmation pop-up window so that when trying to remove a combined totem in Primal Totem, you must type "Delete" within the pop up window.
- Changed Knowledge display form within the [Knowledge - Ecology - Great Desert] tab.

■ System
- Added a new fuction in which you cancel training during Pet Training.
ㆍSilver used won't be restored upon skill training.
- Some of the Elite Bosses and Bosses' damage have been decreased.
- A new function has been added so that friends and guild members can be invited, excluding name search, when adding Blood Kin.


■ Great Desert Camera Viewpoint

Developer's Comments:

The Great Desert is a very large map.
As you venture out, you'll discover several oases, temples and distinctive terrain.

All distant places and objects are displayed on screen so you can enjoy exploring
without getting lost in the vast desert and find your desired location.

Several adventurers have sent comments about improving the camera viewpoint of the Great Desert.
When tested internally with no camera zoom in,
There was a concern that the draw distance could significantly overheat the device.

However, it is clear that there is a need for improvement in the areas where the camera zoom in may be inconvenient when approaching some terrain features.

So, in order to relieve this inconvenience that adventurers face, while also mitigate your device overheating,
We have improved the camera zoom-in not being applied when the character is covered by some terrain.

We hope that these inconveniences experienced by adventurers will be alleviated in content such as hunting monsters, Black Rock Altar Offering, and entering temples in Great Desert.

- Improved so that the camera viewpoint does not zoom in automatically when a character is hidden by a tree, temple entrance, or Black Rock Altar in Great Desert.


■ Atumach
- Improved so that Atumach can be entered only when a minimum of 3 party members have joined.
ㆍEven when entering Atumach Skirmish with 3 people, you will be matched with a party of 4 or 5 of another guild.
- Changed so that each guild member can obtain guild rewards individually after completing Atumach Skirmish.
Before: When a party with 5 people has gained 100 points after winning, 20 points for each individual and a total of 100 points for the guild can be obtained, respectively.
Now: When a party with 3 people gains 100 points after winning, 20 points per person and a total of 60 guild points for the guild can be obtained, respectively.


■ Class
- Improved so that Evasion can be used immediately after all debuffs are removed when holding the evasion button after being hit by Stun, Daze, and Knockback.


■ Black Sun
- Changed some rewards that can be obtained according to Black Sun score to ranks.
ㆍChanged Individual/Guild Rank Rewards that can be obtained from next Monday.
ㆍIndividual Rank Reward: Subdivided 11th -100th rank section, and added [Black Rock Shrine Summon Scroll] to the 1st rank reward.
ㆍGuild Rank Reward: Added 11th-20th rank section
- Added [Chaos Crystal] to the reward list that can be obtained by defeating Black Sun Laytenn.


■ Constellation

- Changed so that [Awakening/Ascension Skillbook] can be obtained in the form of a chest within a reward chest after completing Constellation Exploration.
ㆍBefore: Awakening/Ascension Skillbook fit for your class
ㆍChange: Awakening/Ascension Skillbook Chest
※ Some languages will see the name of the Constellation reward chest that you had before will change to "Constellation Reward Chest of Memory" but the items will remain the same.


■ Path of Glory
- Improved so that Weekly Entries and Extra Entries can be used at the same time when entering Path of Glory.
- Requirements for Weekly Task "Guardian of the Gates" have changed.
ㆍBefore: Complete Path of Glory x5 (Doesn't count Extra Entry Pass)
ㆍChange: Complete Path of Glory x5 (Counts Extra Entry Pass)


■ System
- Fixes have been made so that functions to find other adventurers, such as Call Guild and Follow Guild Members, can be applied in some stages.
ㆍIt may not work depending on the number of adventurers in the stage when the adventurer tries to look for other member.
※ Applies to: Black Sun, Kzarka Shrine, Harpy Cliff, Stonebeak Shore, Altar of Agris, Forest of Plunder, North Serendian Plains, Bloody Monastery, Hadum: Kzarka Shrine Entrance, Hadum: Altar of Agris
- Improved so that equipped crystals can be removed or deleted when you transfer Enhancement.


■ Boss Rush
- Fixed the issue in which Boss Rush: Giath and Constellation: Goblin Cluega attacks with fire towards the sky.

■ Arena
- Fixed the issue of the target not getting locked automatically when entering Arena with Eclipse.
- Fixed the issue of not being able to use Ramoness content between Mon 21:00 - 24:00.

■ Weekly Task
- Fixed the issue of not counting Extra Entry Passes in Weekly Task "Guardian of the Gates" (Complete Path of Glory x5) and Alyaelli Quest "Chapter 2: Karanda, Queen of the Harpies".

■ System
- Fixed the issue in which the character couldn't come down to the floor after teleporting into the air in certain situations.
- An invalid connection issue has been fixed on character in Great Desert.
- Fixed the issue of some delay occurring until the end of Siege War when all the siege time has elapsed.

- Fixed an issue where game access was sometimes unstable while downloading the patch.

- Fixed an issue in which King Griffon frequently moves back and forth from the ground to the air in Atumach.


■ UI
- Fixed the issue of getting "Praise Ranks" notification even though there's no rank to praise.
- Fixed the issue of Available Boss Knowledge for Special Boss Rush being overlapped in Rush Board.
- Fixed the issue of Great Desert and Great Ocean Ecology Knowledge displaying in [Knowledge - Hadum Knowledge].
- Fixed the issue of not seeing the "Enter" button sometimes during Quest "The Outlaws of Pila Fe".


■ Starting Events
Accessory Upgrade! Rock, Paper, Scissors
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 8 - until Mar 14 (Mon), 23:59
· Event Exchange Period: After maintenance on Mar 8 - until Mar 21 (Mon), 23:59
Rock, Paper, Scissors Daily Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 8 - until Mar 14 (Mon), 23:59
Candy Day Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 8 - until Mar 14 (Mon), 23:59
Patrigio's Shop Special Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 8 - until maintenance on Mar 15 (Mon)
· Banners Displaying time: After maintenance on Mar 8 - until Mar 14 (Mon), 23:59

■ Ending Events
· Spring Relay Mission Event
· Spring Holy Vial Size Up Event
· Spring Bounty Mission Event
· Prep for the Picnic!
· Prep for the Picnic! Daily Missions
· Spring Totem Login Event


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- Lucky Shop
· Emblem Lucky Shop
· Emblem Lucky Shop Rate [Go]

- Lucky Shop Package
· Weekly Limited Lucky Pack
· Emblem Lucky Shop Pack I
· Emblem Lucky Shop Pack II

- Special Package
· Limited Lucky Pearl Package
· Root of the Sun Pack