[Dec 27 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2022.12.27

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Dec 27 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.



Featured Updates


Developer Commentary:

Sometimes the Great Desert, the hallmark of Valencia, takes after the names of kings.

Great Desert: Imur and Torme are two such names taken after Valencian kings. Not all kings would leave such a lasting impression, however. Given the Great Desert's importance to Valencia, branding a location after a king is reserved only for the most distinguished and revered among them.

King Imur was recognized for utilizing his military strength to create the splendor that Valencia exhudes today, while King Torme fostered the nation's strength through academic advancements, such as astrology and astronomy, and through Black Crystal resources, along with the wealth these endeavors provided.

After the death of Torme, his eldest son Shahzad became the new heir. His name earned its place in the desert after he reconciled with the Aakmans by righting past grievances, while also establishing cordial relations with nearby nations.

- Added "Great Desert: Shahzad," the new higher difficulty.
ㆍWith the addition of a new Great Desert difficulty, all Adventurers have been given 1 hour of Desert exploration time.
- You must complete the new story "Great Desert Glory" to be granted access to "Great Desert: Shahzad."

- You can unlock the new story "Great Desert Glory" once you complete the Great Desert story "Aal's Test" and complete the hidden quests after obtaining an [Aakman-Marked Core Piece] from Hystria Sentinels in "Great Desert: Torme."
- If you've lost the [Aakman-Marked Core Piece], you can re-obtain it from Hystria Sentinels in Great Desert: Torme. However, you must have completed up to the "Out of Order" quest from the story.
- You can acquire a new title and Knowledge when you complete the story "Great Desert Glory."
- With the addition of a new difficulty, Great Desert: Imur and Torme have also been expanded.
ㆍThe new expanded areas are Outlaw Zones, where PvP is enabled.
- Added new Broken Altars so that you can travel the expanded Great Desert more conveniently.
ㆍYou can get rid of the fog of war in the new Great Desert areas by activating Broken Altars.
ㆍTo use Broken Altars, you must first go near a Broken Altar and activate it.
ㆍYou can acquire Knowledge of new regions when you approach the Broken Altars in the expanded areas of the Great Desert.

Developer Commentary:

Morco works under the Crow Merchants Guild, who are in possession of a wide variety of items and information.

Morco has been playing an important role in the Crow Merchants Guild as the Wandering Merchant in Merchantry.

By resolving secret requests from the royal family of Valencia, he earned the sole right to sell Luminescent Crystals, which are rare gems found in the Great Desert.

- The Wandering Merchant's shop will be accessible after you complete the story "Great Desert Glory."
ㆍAdded "Wandering Merchant" to the Open Requirement list.

- You can use Edana's Coins to purchase items from the shop.
- The Wandering Merchant will appear once a week in the Shahzad difficulty, and will be available for a certain period of time once it appears.
ㆍThe remaining time for the Wandering Merchant is displayed on the upper-right of the shop.
ㆍThe Wandering Merchant will appear between Monday at 00:00 - Friday at 23:59.
ㆍEven if the Wandering Merchant is not found, he will disappear after a certain time since his appearance.
- The Wandering Merchant appears in random locations that will change each time he appears.
ㆍThe locations will not be marked on the Great Desert World Map.
- Every week, the Adventurer to first discover the Wandering Merchant can obtain [Morco's Gift Chest] and acquire the title "Morco My Beloved."
- When the Wandering Merchant is discovered, the World Map icon will change to indicate the Wandering Merchant's appearance.
ㆍThis applies once you complete the new Great Desert story, "Great Desert Glory."
ㆍYou can check the time remaining until Morco disappears on the World Map.
ㆍWhen Morco's shop closes, the previous World Map icon and its visual effects will return.
- The shop will automatically close when the time has come for Morco to depart, even while you're in the shop.
- The Wandering Merchant is be inaccessible while the Black Sun is up in the sky.


Developer Commentary:

Traversing the Great Desert of Valencia is not an easy task, even for merchant guilds. Even so, there are reasons why people still continue to traverse the Great Desert. It can save you a lot of time, and if you're lucky, you might come across valuable items.

Legends say that the Evonatt Merchants pioneered the trade routes in the Great Desert and carried tons of valuable items. But one day, they vanished into thin air within the vast lands of the Great Desert.

"It must have been Kutum!"
"The Gahaz Bandits must have attacked them!"
"The merchants must have fled with the items!"
"A curse must have fallen upon them from the treasures they sold..."

Rumors circulated endlessly, and just as the rumors finally started to fade away, word came about that Evonatt Chests were buried in the sands of the Great Desert Outlaw Zones.

Traverse the desert and discover the legendary Evonatt Chests in the Outlaw Zones, Adventurers.
If you find the chests, the treasures of the Evonatt Merchants will be yours.


Evonatt Chests can be rarely found in all difficulties of the Great Desert Outlaw Zones.
- You need 10 Stamina and 30 seconds of interaction to open an Evonatt Chest.
- Interaction will be canceled when inflicted with a debuff such as Daze.

- Remove the chains wrapped around the Evonatt Chest by interacting with it to obtain a variety of items and the [Evonatt Chest], an appraisal item.
- When you get Evonatt Chests appraised, you can obtain Edana's Coins and Elion Runes.
- You can additionally obtain [Luminescent Crystal] from Torme and Shahzad Evonatt Chests.


- Added an "Enhance Rune" option to the Black Spirit's Influence UI.
- Abyssal to Primal Elion/Hadum Runes can be enhanced.
- Combined the "Equip Runes" and "Fuse Runes" options from the Black Spirit's Influence UI and added an "Enhance Rune" option.
- You can enhance Elion/Hadum Runes with 100 Luminescent Crystals and a certain amount of Silver per attempt.
- Only a Primal Rune is required for attempting enhancement from +5 to +6, with a 100% Success Rate.

- The types of currency required to restore failed Rune enhancements are as follows:
ㆍElion Rune: Silver or Edana's Coin
ㆍHadum Rune: Restoration Scroll
ㆍThe enhancement level will reset upon canceling restoration.
- Abyssal Runes can be enhanced up to +5, and Primal Runes can be enhanced up to +10.
- Different enhancement stats will be applied based on Rune slots, and stats will grow stronger with higher enhancement level.

Elion Runes
Rune of War PvP Damage Dealt
Rune of Volition PvP Damage Reduction
Rune of Branches Branch Damage Reduction
Rune of Companionship Pet Special Skill Level

Hadum Runes
Rune of Force AP
Rune of Protection DP
Rune of Energy AP Against Monsters
Rune of Experience Holy Vial Cost Reduction

- You can obtain [Luminescent Crystal] required to enhance Runes from the following content:
ㆍTorme difficulty Outlaw Zone Evonatt Chests
ㆍTorme difficulty Outlaw Zone enemies and Black Rock Altar Offering
ㆍShahzad difficulty enemies and Black Rock Altar Offering
ㆍShahzad difficulty Outlaw Zone Evonatt Chests
ㆍPurchase from the Wandering Merchant
ㆍDefeat monsters in Field of Valor levels 6 and 7.
  The "Holy Vial Cost Reduction" effect of [Rune of Experience] is only applied when defeating enemies in Hadum and Chaos zones.

- You can transfer enhancement levels of the Runes in your possession over to the Runes of the same type.
ㆍ5,000,000 Silver cost for Abyssal → Primal transfer
ㆍ1,000,000 Silver cost for Abyssal → Abyssal transfer
- Transfer requirement for branch Runes are as follows:
ㆍIf they are of different branches, Runes can be transferred regardless of stat difference.
ㆍIf they are of the same branch, the branch damage of the base Rune must be higher than the transfer material.

Base Rune Transfer Material Result
[Abyssal] Rune of Aal 7.2% +4 [Abyssal] Rune of Serrett 7.6% +4 [Abyssal] Rune of Aal 7.2%
[Primal] Rune of Aal 8.8% +5 [Abyssal] Rune of Ahib 7.5% +5 [Primal] Rune of Aal 8.8%
[Primal] Rune of Aal 8.4% +10 [Primal] Rune of Ahib 8.8% +10 [Primal] Rune of Aal 8.4%

ㆍBranch Runes can be transferred to Runes of different branches even with lower stats.
ㆍThe base Rune must not have any enhancement levels.

- Improved the readability of the Rune stat total UI.
- Improved Rune Resonance stats to be viewable not only from the "Equip Rune" menu but also from the Resonance info window.

- One additional Kureba will spawn additionally when Kureba's spawn gauge is at 1 or more. You'll loot [Earth Crystal] from defeating them.
- Improved to have 5 Kurebas immediately spawn once the Kureba spawn gauge is full even with time remaining.
- Improved the visual effects to display the actual number of Kurebas that'll spawn.
- Improved to auto-navigate to the location of the Kurebas and auto-combat after 3 seconds when they spawn.
- Earth Crystals were sent to the in-game mailbox of Adventurers who've already completed Temple of Ohm before the update maintenance, based on the number of completions.

Developer Commentary:

The magnificent golden-maned Diné leaves verdant grass in her wake with her earthen powers, so she is often referred to as "Diné of the Earth."

Diné is the only horse that can run in the Great Desert.

She is a child of the Dream Horse Krogdalo, thus she and Doom are blood sisters. Diné's power is a stark contrast to Doom's everlasting flames.

Legends say that the reason Diné can run on desert sands is only because of Doom.
Find out more about Diné and Doom's story in the next update!.

- Added Diné, a new Dream Horse of legends.
- Diné can only be mounted in the desert, and she does not have level up.

- Diné has access to the following exclusive skills:
ㆍEarth's Bolt: Diné rushes across the desert at lightning speed.
ㆍEarth's Blessing: Immunity to Desert's Grasp for 30 min, PvP damage taken -5%
ㆍQuantum Jump: Available in Great Desert. This effect does not share a cooldown with Tier 8 Horses and Dream Horse Doom.
- You can excavate in Great Desert while mounted on Diné.
- Diné's Quantum Jump is unavailable during Black Sun.
- Diné cannot be ridden in normal fields, and cannot be attached to a Merchantry wagon.
- As she is a Desert Mount, you cannot own multiple copies of Diné.

- Diné can be awakened at the Stable after clearing Story - Legendary Dream Horse.
- You can choose between Doom and Diné in the Dream Horse Awakening menu.
- You need a Tier 8 Horse at level 10 to awaken Diné, and you need Earth Crystal x1 and Krogdalo's Spirit Stone x200 on each attempt.
ㆍYou can obtain Earth Crystal x1 by defeating Kureba in Temple of Ohm of all levels.
ㆍAdventurers who have completed Temple of Ohm before the update will be given Earth Crystal x1 by in-game mail.
ㆍThey can also drop from enemies in Great Desert: Shahzad.
- Dream Horse Energy stacks are not shared between Doom and Diné.
- If you fail to awaken Diné, all materials except for the Tier 8 Horse will be spent and Diné's Energy will grow stronger.


Developer Commentary:

"Field of Valor: Desert" was designed back when the Great Desert was not separated into Imur and Torme difficulties, to support Adventurers of low CP to be able to obtain loot from high-level monsters and complete their collections.

But more often than not you would find yourself in Field of Valor with Adventurers' Apparitions instead of actual players, due to there being multiple zones of the same recommended CP to choose from.

We originally intended Field of Valor to be experienced in parties, and the state of this content is outdated as
Great Desert difficulty is currently divided into Imur and Torme.

For these reasons, we've reworked Field of Valor: Desert so you only need to choose the difficulty, allowing you a higher chance of joining a party with other Adventurers.

Also, we added new zones with Centauri and Cadry enemies along with the addition of Great Desert: Shahzad, so high-CP Adventurers can benefit from Field of Valor as well.

- Reworked Field of Valor: Desert.
- Changed the entry menu so you can only choose the difficulty and not the zones.
- Added new difficulties.

Level Zone Recommended CP
Gahaz Altar 10,000 
Desert Naga Shrine 17,500 
Desert Fogan Sanctuary 25,000 
Aakman Border 32,500 
Hystria Ruins 40,000 
Taphtar Plain 45,000 
Cadry Canyon 50,000 





- Added "Main Quest Express Pass" items.
ㆍAdventurers who are above certain CP and have not yet cleared Calpheon main quests can claim these items from the "Speed Up the Main Questline" event screen.
ㆍThe quest will be completed immediately upon use. Rewards will be sent to your inventory.
- Added Universal Skillbooks that any class can use.
ㆍUniversal Skillbooks can be obtained from all Novice, Expert, and Master Skillbook Chests acquired from main quests, Patrigio's Shop, and other content.
ㆍIf you have class-specific Skillbooks and Universal Skillbooks in your inventory, class-specific Skillbooks will be spent first.

Co-op Rush

- The recommended CP of Co-op Rush: Offin has been fixed to 35,000, which was previously dynamic according to the server CP rankings.

World Boss

- Improved the Immortal Knights, who appear in certain World Boss stages, to use "Reflect Damage" and "Detect Weakness."
ㆍApplies to: Enraged Red Nose, Enraged Giath, Enraged Bheg, Enraged Muskan, Hadum: Kzarka, Hadum: Red Nose
ㆍThis effect is already active in Kzarka, Karanda, and Nouver fights.
- The Immortal Knights will reflect every attack from the World Boss after they appear, forcing the boss to damage itself.
- When the World Boss' HP drops below 10%, the Immortal Knights will detect its weakness and drop its defense significantly, allowing for a swift finish.

Twisted Nightmare

- Optimized game performance in Twisted Nightmare content.


- Added a main quest progress indicator to the upper-right side of the main screen.


- Improved the LT increase per level for characters under level 50.
※ Before: From 150 LT at Lv 35 ~ 700 LT at Lv 49
※After: From 250 LT at Lv 10 ~ 1,000 LT at Lv 49
- Changed the Black Spirit Rune tutorial to be more straightforward, and added it to the Tutorial list.
- Added guides and tutorials for when there isn't enough space in the Camp.
- Increased the HP of Great Desert Field Boss: Laytenn.

Prior Notice

Great Desert Temple
- The Shahzad difficulty for Temples will be updated on the scheduled maintenance on Jan 3 (Tue).
ㆍOnly the Imur and Torme difficulties will be available for Temples from after the scheduled maintenance on Dec 27 (Tue) to Dec 31 (Sat).
ㆍEntry to all difficulties of Temples will be limited from Jan 1 (Sun) to the scheduled maintenance on Jan 3 (Tue). All difficulty levels including Shahzad will be available after the scheduled maintenance.

Combat Plus

- With the scheduled update on Jan 3 (Tue), an effect that reduces the Holy Vial of Light cost by 20% in Hadum/Chaos Zones will be added to Combat Plus. This change is thanks to the suggestions of our Adventurers during the Calpheon Ball.
ㆍThe above effect will also apply to Combat Plus items purchased before the update.
ㆍHoly Vial Cost Reduction will not apply to content outside of defeating enemies in Hadum/Chaos Zones, such as Hadum World Boss entry costs and Primal Lightstone crafting.
ㆍPlease keep the above changes in mind when spending your Holy Vials of Light.

Unknown Memory

- The crafting limit for Unknown Memory (Main Weapon) will be adjusted from 1 per week to 3 per week with the scheduled update maintenance on Jan 17 (Tue).
- If you craft an Unknown Memory (Main Weapon) before the maintenance on Jan 17 (Tue), you will be able to craft two more after the maintenance.
ㆍPlease keep the aboves changes in mind when using the Market.





- Improved the Fairy Activity UI to display the duration per activity.
- Improved server announcements to display when an Adventurer obtains [Primal] Unknown Memory.
- Improved the "Hadum Boss Rush" button at the Boss Rush screen to display content requirements when tapped.

Bug Fixes



- Fixed an issue where other Adventurers would sometimes appear to teleport back to their original location after teleporting.


- Fixed an issue where it was possible to leave during battle in the Hidden Outer Castle.
- Changed Hot Time start/end notifications to not display within competitive content.


- Fixed an issue where the amount of Hadum's Tokens in your inventory would sometimes appear incorrectly at Genoveva's Shop.
- Fixed an issue where opening the Ancient Ruins menu after closing the Co-op Rush menu would set the multiplier to x1.
- Fixed an issue where the order of certain titles given from completing the Anicent Ruins was incorrect.
- Fixed an issue where the placement of certain UIs on wide devices would appear unnatural.



Starting Events

Hidden Treasures of the Desert
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 27 (Tue), 2022 - Jan 9 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Growth Support Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 27 (Tue), 2022 - until further notice
New Adventurer Level Up Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 27 (Tue), 2022 - until further notice
Speed Up the Main Questline
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 27 (Tue), 2022 - until further notice
Terrmian Cliff Altar of Wishes
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 27 (Tue), 2022 - Jan 2 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Aim for a Dream Horse!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 27 (Tue), 2022 - Jan 2 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Terrmian Cliff Special Shop
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 27 (Tue), 2022 - Jan 2 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Wishing Marble Votes for the New Year
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 27 (Tue), 2022 - Jan 2 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
· Voting Reward Reception: After maintenance on Dec 27 (Tue), 2022 - Jan 3 (Tue), 2023, 23:59
Wishing Marble Daily Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 27 (Tue), 2022 - Jan 2 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Pearl Item Event Week 2
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 27 (Tue), 2022 - Jan 2 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
January Special Login
· Event Period: Jan 1 (Sun), 2023, 00:00 - Jan 31 (Tue), 2023, 23:59


Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Items

- 5 Day Deal for New/Return Users
· 1,600 Pearls + 2,400 Black Pearls Bundle

- Special Pack > Recommended Item
· Primal Rune of Darkness Trial Pack I
· Primal Rune of Darkness Trial Pack II
· Goodbye 2022 Pack
※ Available until: Jan 2 (Mon), 2023, 23:59

· New Year Arrival Pack
※ Available until: Dec 31 (Sat), 2022, 23:59

· 2023 Countdown Pack
※ Available until: Dec 31 (Sat), 2022, 23:59

· 2023 Year of the Rabbit Pack
· Hadum Adventure Pack

- Monthly Support Pack
· Monthly Diné Challenge Pack

- Social & Mileage
· Edana's Coin x3,000