[Dec 13 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2022.12.13

Update Notice


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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Dec 13 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.



Featured Updates



Maegu, linked to otherworldly entities, wields her magic with elegant movements to allure her foes and turn the battlefield bloody in a matter of seconds.

She wields her Foxspirit Charm for powerful blows against her foes at range with wide-area attacks. Her Binyeo Knife can land critical strikes at melee range.

Also, she calls forth otherworldly fox spirits during her attacks to break down enemy lines, making them impossible to escape.

- Maegu's event quest "A Story From Far Away" will be available.
- The new class "Maegu" will already be ascended upon creation.
- Maegu has 4 active skills upon creation, and you can learn more skills through leveling up.
- You can obtain the title "Beguiling Gaze" upon reaching Lv 10 with Maegu.

Maegu Skills

Foxspirit Charm Mastery

- Basic Attack
The basic moves and techniques required to master the use of the Foxspirit Charm.



Fox Orb

- Passive Skill
Absorb the essence of enemies with your fox orb to strengthen yourself and weaken foes.



Charm: Moonstruck

- Requirement: Lv 1
Throw and detonate multiple charms.
- Recover HP
- Increase AP
- Super Armor
- Inscribe: Ahib  
- Inscribe: Serrett 



Charm: Sunflash

- Requirement: Lv 1
Use the Wayfold technique to instantly approach and attach an exploding charm.
- Burn 
- Increase DP 
- Inscribe: Aal 
- Inscribe: Labreve 



Spirit: Echoing Souls

- Requirement: Lv 1
Harness your spiritual energy into powerful, continuous bursts.
- Increase AP
- Decrease Move Speed 
- Inscribe: Labreve 
- Inscribe: Serrett 



Spirit: Petal Storm

- Requirement: Lv 1
Manifest your spiritual energy as a raging tornado of deadly petals.
- Burn 
- Decrease Move Speed 
- Flow: Wayfold
- Inscribe: Aal 
- Inscribe: Ahib 



Charm: Earthbound

- Requirement: Lv 10
Bind the enemy with your spiritual energy.
- Decrease Attack Speed 
- Decrease Move Speed 
- Inscribe: Ahib 
- Inscribe: Labreve 



Delusive Dash

- Requirement: Lv 20
Elude enemy attacks while counterattacking.
- Increase Move Speed 
- Bleed 
- Reduce Cooldown 



Charm: Skypounce

- Requirement: Lv 30
Throw your charm, then instantly dash towards it.
- Increase DP 
- Reduce Cooldown 



Severing Swipe

- Requirement: Lv 40
Slash your foes with a blade veiled in spiritual energy.
- Bleed 
- Decrease AP 



Charm: Sigil Shot

- Requirement: Lv 50
Consecutively launch charms at lightning speed while dashing forward.
- Decrease DP 
- Extra Charge
- Inscribe: Serrett 
- Inscribe: Aal 



Spirit: Foxflames

- Requirement: Lv 60
Burn your charm to summon a whirlwind of flames.
- Burn 
- Increase Range



Beguiling Aura

- Requirement: Lv 70
Strengthen yourself by focusing your spiritual energy.
- Increase Crit Damage
- Increase Black Spirit Skill Damage

 - Added the new fairy grades "Iridescent" and "Resplendent" Laila.

Grade Max Trait Points
Iridescent Laila 400 
Resplendent Laila 500 

ㆍIncreased the max Trait Resonance to 16.
ㆍYour fairy must have attained "Caring," "Carefree," or "Trusty" personalities in order to blossom from Radiant to Iridescent.

- Added higher tiers to each fairy personality type.

New Personality Type
Gracious Friendly
Optimistic Lively
Sensible Aloof

ㆍAfter attaining one of these personalities, you can freely dye your fairy's hair and wings.
- Added new fairy personality "Regal."

- After attaining the Regal personality, your fairy can freely switch between Laila and Baby fairy.
ㆍThis feature will remain unlocked even if your fairy blossoms into a different personality.
- Improved Fairy Playtime durations so you can choose between 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 1 hour.

ㆍDoubled the Curiosity rewards upon Great Success.
- Changed certain quests that require "Meditate" as an objective, due to its duration being extended to 1 hour.
- Added the item "Sweet Honey" that increases success rate by 50% when used for blossoming into "Iridescent" and "Resplendent" grades.
ㆍSweet Honey can be obtained from Level 6 Fairy Gifts with a certain chance.
- Improved the Personality Color Preview feature in [Pearl Shop - Appearance & Pets - Fairy Outfits] to display currently equipped Outfits and Ornaments.

Developer Commentary:

The Hidden Banquet Hall is one of the benefits reserved for guilds occupying the castle.
Rewards from the banquet hall are exquisitely tempting, but reclaiming it from the owning guild is no easy task.

We prepared this update with the hopes of allowing more guilds other than the few castle-owning guilds to experience the Hidden Banquet Hall, while also reinforcing the competitive aspect.

We started with adjusting Violent monsters in the Hidden Banquet Hall. While they were reliable sources of Spoils of Battle, they were also the cause of a reward disparity between players.

We believe it would be better if we increase the average rewards rather than force Adventurers into spending 2 hours every day to gain more rewards.

To equally benefit all members of the occupying guild, We removed Violent enemies from the Hidden Banquet Hall and increased average rewards while reducing gameplay time.

In addition to these improvements, we've added the "Hidden Outer Castle," a monster zone for guilds occupying a castle.

A guild occupying a castle will be able to open the Hidden Outer Castle from the Reclaim menu and the guild occupying another castle can enter the opened Hidden Outer Castle together. The guilds within the same space should choose whether to focus on hunting or to have intense battles against one another.

Also, the Hidden Banquet Hall for the guild that occupies a certain Tier 3 Node will be added. You can open this Banquet Hall from the Reclaim menu. The Nodes that you can open will rotate weekly. You must hold a victory after battle in order to occupy the new Node.

We hope these changes brought to castles and Nodes will be an opportunity for our Adventurers to experience more intense battles and improved rewards.


Hidden Banquet Hall

- The guild occupying a certain castle or Tier 3 Node can enter the Hidden Banquet Hall from the Reclaim menu once every day.
ㆍThe guild master can reclaim via [Guild Fortress - Guild Expedition building - Reclaim].

Guilds Occupying a Castle

- Removed Violent enemies from the Hidden Banquet Hall and increased average rewards.
- You can obtain many more rewards from siege Banquet Hall than a Tier 3 Node Banquet Hall.
- Adjusted the time available for using the Hidden Banquet Hall for the guild occupying the castle from 2 hours to 30 minutes.
- Changed certain items obtainable from the Hidden Banquet Hall.
ㆍYou can obtain [Chaos Crystal], [Caphras Secret Book], and more.
※ Check in-game for more details on the obtainable items.

Hidden Outer Castle

- Added the "Hidden Outer Castle," a competitive monster zone in which all guilds occupying a castle can enter and battle.
- The Hidden Outer Castle will be available for 2 hours after the guild master reclaims the Hidden Outer Castle via [Guild Fortress - Guild Expedition building - Reclaim] once within the period in which the castle is occupied.
ㆍThe "castle occupying period" starts after the Siege War on Saturday ends to the next Siege War bidding.
ㆍThe Hidden Banquet Hall can be reclaimed once from the next day the castle is occupied (Sunday) to the next Siege War bidding (Friday before 23:59).
ㆍAdventurers of guilds in possession of a different castle can also participate.
ㆍIn the monster zone, you'll be able to attack Adventurers from other guilds.

- The guild that can open the Hidden Outer Castle will change every other week.
- Ex) If the guild occupying Calpheon Castle this week opens the new Banquet Hall, the guild occupying Valencia Castle will be able to open the Banquet Hall the following week.
ㆍThe guild that occupies Calpheon Castle on the first week (Sat) can reclaim the Hidden Outer Castle once from the first week (Sun) to the second week (Fri) until 23:59.
ㆍThe Hidden Outer Castle cannot be reclaimed on the Saturday of the Siege War.
ㆍThe guild that occupies Valencia Castle on the second week (Sat) can reclaim the Hidden Outer Castle once from the second week (Sun) to the third week (Fri) until 23:59.
ㆍIf a guild is able to open the new Banquet Hall but doesn't, the authority to open will still transfer over to the guild occupying the other Castle the following week.
ㆍDrop rates have been increased by 50%, and Hot Time effects will no longer apply. (Updated)

Guilds Occupying a Tier 3 Node

- You can check out the Nodes expected to be designated for the Banquet Hall from the Node War menu.
- The guild master can open the Hidden Banquet Hall and will be granted entry for 1 hour every day via [Guild Fortress - Guild Expedition building - Reclaim].
- The Tier 3 Node that can open The Hidden Banquet Hall will change every week. Once Node War ends, you can check whether your guild's occupied Node is the specific Node that can open The Hidden Banquet Hall the following week.




Universal Weapons for All Classes

- Added universal Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons.
- The universal weapons will be suitable for your current class.
ㆍEnchantments, equipped crystals, and enhancement stats will remain the same.
ㆍEx) The Kzarka Main Weapon for Archmage will be displayed as Kzarka Staff, and once you transfer over the weapon to your Huntress within your Family, Kzarka Longbow will be displayed.
- Changed the class-specific weapons that you obtain from previous rewards and chests to universal Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons.
- For universal Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons, the names and icons suitable for your current class will be displayed.
- Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons in your possession will not be changed and the [Universal Weapon Transformation Coupon] that you can use to exchange them for universal weapons will be added.
ㆍ Weapon Transformation Coupons were changed to Exchange Coupon Selection Chests and sent to your in-game mailbox.
- You can choose and obtain one of the following from Exchange Coupon Selection Chests: [Weapon Transformation Coupon], [Universal Weapon Transformation Coupon], [Mystical Outfit Exchange Coupon], [Skill Extraction Coupon] x12, or [Appearance Coupon: 7 Days] x5.
ㆍWeapon Transformation Coupons given out from events will not be converted.
- Added exchange methods that allow you to use class-specific Main Weapon and Sub-Weapon Transformation Coupons to exchange for universal Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons.
- You can also register universal Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons to your Collection.
- Removed the class-specific crafting recipes for Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons and changed them to crafting recipes for universal Main Weapons and Sub-Weapons.
- Improved classes that are not awakened/ascended to be able to equip awakened universal weapons.
- Changed to no longer be able to select class-specific weapons and purchase them from Shakatu's Shop.
※ After the Dec 13 (Tue) update, newly created characters can only equip [universal weapons].

Node / Siege War

- Changed bidding to be available for the same tier of the Node in possession.
ㆍThe Node previously in possession will be liberated upon successful bidding, which also applies for high-tier bidding.

Elite Guild Raid

- Adjusted the timing for when attack damage is applied from Urugon's breath.
- Changed Urugon and Loure Ravi to return to its initial spawn point when there are no targets to attack.


- Added a menu that allows you to replay tutorials that you've already seen.
ㆍYou can replay tutorials guided only through images and text.
ㆍTutorials guided through images and text only will continuously be updated.
- Improved interactive tutorials to now be guided through images and text only.
ㆍTutorials: Visiting Your Camp, Repeatable Quests, Black Spirit Mode, Gear Resonance, Shakatu's Shop, Path of Glory: Entry
- Added "Relic" and "Alchemy Stone" tutorials.
- Changed the "Gear Awakening" tutorial to play when unlocking Blacksmith content.


- Greatly reduced the cost for awakening "Ultimate Liverto," "Ultimate Kite," "Ultimate Grunil," Mystical Gear and "JIN Liverto," "JIN Kite," and "JIN Grunil" Mystical Gear.


- Improved the visual presentation of the widget UI that displays "Kills" and "Deaths" in PvP content such as guild wars, Outlaw Zones, and more.
- Improved the content of mail to be viewable when tapping icons, mail titles, and contents from your in-game mailbox.
- Changed to display "Deleted mail" instead of "Deleted history" when deleting claim history.
- Fixed an issue where the heads of certain classes would wobble from certain angles during customization.
- Improved to apply the current enhancement information to the preview on the Skill screen.
- Improved the visual and sound effects for the boss attack combo UI in levels 15 and 20 of Trials of Ator.
- Changed so that you will be able to know the purchase reset schedule from the Pearl Shop.
- Improved the visual effects for awakening relic to be skippable.


- Changed the app icon in time for the new class Maegu update.
- Added a "Standby" button to the loading screen for Ancient Ruins and Field of Valor when changing to public room.
- Changed to move to town after 10 seconds when there are enemy Adventurers nearby in Black Sun.
- Increased the overall enhancement resonance stats for Gear with an enhancement level of +40 or below.
ㆍNo changes were made for Gear with an enhancement level above +40.
- Added a skill lock feature to equal duel content.

Prior Notice

Great Desert
- A new Great Desert difficulty "Shahzad" will be updated on the scheduled maintenance on Dec 27 (Tue).
- There will be a regional expansion for Imur and Torme difficulties and a new monster zone will be added.
ㆍThe time you have to adventure the Great Desert will reset, so we suggest that you use your current time.
ㆍThe Purified Water in your possession will not be removed.
ㆍThe number of entries to Temples will not reset.
Great Desert Temple
- The Shahzad difficulty for Temples will be updated on the scheduled maintenance on Jan 3 (Tue).
ㆍOnly the Imur and Torme difficulties will be available for Temples from after the scheduled maintenance on Dec 27 (Tue) to Dec 31 (Sat).
ㆍEntry to all difficulties of Temples will be limited from Jan 1 (Sun) to the scheduled maintenance on Jan 3 (Tue). All difficulty levels including Shahzad will be available after the scheduled maintenance.




- Improved to automatically exit during auto-play for Constellations, Boss Rushes, Alyaelli's Rift, Cursed Pirate Island, and other content if you don't have enough currency for entry.
- Fixed an issue where the target Adventurer would sometimes move to an abnormal location after using certain grapple skills.

Bug Fixes


Elite Guild Raid

- Fixed an issue where Urugon and Loure Ravi would abnormally move to the outer parts of the castle wall.


- Fixed an issue where some guilds wouldn't be displayed on "Guild Suggestions."
- Fixed an issue where your character's movements would appear awkward to other Adventurers when mounted on an Elephant.


- Changed the skill auto-combat lock to reset after changing classes.
- Fixed an issue where the description for the Memory Imprint would be inaccurate on Path to Power - Enhancement.
- Fixed an issue where you could abnormally occupy Respawn Points under certain circumstances in the Battlefield of the Sun.
- Fixed an issue where you could obtain the versions of Black Crystal: Weapon and Black Crystal: Armor items before they were improved from the Temple of Ohm.



Starting Events

Fairy's Special Support!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 13 (Tue), 2022 - Dec 19 (Mon), 23:59
Otherworldly Residue
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 13 (Tue), 2022 - Dec 19 (Mon), 23:59
Maegu Level Up Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 13 (Tue), 2022 - Jan 9 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Maegu Release Premium Login
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 13 (Tue), 2022 - Jan 9 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Maegu's Treasure Chest
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 13 (Tue), 2022 - Jan 9 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
In Search of the Sisters
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 13 (Tue), 2022 - Jan 9 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Boss Rush Support
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 13 (Tue), 2022 - Jan 9 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Rookie Adventurer Ranking!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 13 (Tue), 2022 - Jan 9 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Weapon Transformation Coupon Exchange
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 13 (Tue), 2022 - until further notice


Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Items

- Lucky Shop
· Alchemist's Lucky Shop
· Alchemist's Lucky Shop Probabilities [Here]

- Special Packs
· Moon Crystal Pack
· Pass Variety Pack
· Fashion Statement Pack
· Maegu's Limited Treasure Chest

- Limited Step-up Shop
· Black Pearl Step-Up I
· Black Pearl Step-Up II
· Black Pearl Step-Up III

- Selection Chests > Add-ons Shop
· Path of Glory S10 Entry Pass

- Misc. > Etc.
· 10-Time Alchemist's Lucky Shop Ticket
· Daybloom x10

- Misc. > Class Change
· Class Change Pack I
· Class Change Pack II
· Universal Weapon Transformation Coupon

- Character Slot Expansion Coupon

- New Class Maegu Armor Outfits
· Moonlit Silver (Black Pearls)
· Desert Camouflage (Pearls)
· Treant Camouflage (Pearls)
· Shudad (Pearls)
· Karlstein (Black Pearls)
· Summer Azure (Pearls)
· Venia Riding Attire (Pearls)
· Splat Fisher's Clothes (Pearls)
· Venecil Dress (Pearls)

- New Class Maegu Weapon Outfits
· Moonlit Silver Weapon (Black Pearls)
· Desert Camouflage Weapon (Pearls)
· Treant Camouflage Weapon (Pearls)
· Shudad Weapon (Pearls)
· Karlstein Weapon (Black Pearls)