[February 7] Patch Notes(Updated)
UPDATES 2022.02.07

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Feb 7 (Mon) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Server Merge

A server merge has been carried out in order to ensure a pleasant adventure through your encounters and interactions with even more adventurers in the world of Black Desert.
Server Merges will take place based on existing channels, and the Family information of existing accounts will be maintained.
In the merged server, you can enjoy content with adventurers on that server for the first time.

・Server Merge List
Servers that were divided into regions will be merged into one.
After the Server Merge, have even more enjoyable and varied adventures in other servers for the first time.

Server Merge Name AMERICA  EUROPE  ASIA 
Server Heidel Balenos Calpheon 
Mediah Velia Serendia
Kaia Delphe Dandelion
- - Hexe

・Server Merge FAQ
Q. What happens with the existing server?  
- All the ways that you have been playing the game on the regional servers can now be done on one server.

Q. What about existing rank information? 
- It will be recalculated based on the merged server. Ranks will be updated accordingly after maintenance.

※ After the Server Merge, we plan to give a Bell of Gratitude to the adventurers who maintain a top 50 position on the entire server so that they can return the praise they have received from adventurers. (Guild Rank excluded)

※ The given Bells of Gratitude can be used until the maintenance on Feb 22 (Tue), and will be deleted from the game after the update, so keep this in mind. It can be received from your mailbox for up to 3 days from the date it was given.

Q. What about the conquered nodes and successful sieges before maintenance?
Conquered state of nodes and sieges will reset.
After the Server Merge, the bid for the Node/Siege War scheduled to be carried out will be canceled, and the bid cost used before the Node/Siege War bidding deadline will be restored.
Refunds will not be given to guilds that had any nodes/sieges before the update.

Q. What happens to the guild that I have joined?
- The guild you have joined will remain the same even after the Server Merge.
After the Server Merge, you can leave the guild you joined and join another one.
If you join another guild after leaving the guild, please be aware that 7 days (168 hours) need to elapse in order to participate in Siege or Node War.

Q. What happens to the Market prices that vary from server to server?
- Market prices will be determined by selecting a random server among the merged servers.
In addition, if you successfully ordered an item on the Market on your server before the server merge,
the item will be sent to your mailbox after the merge, as if you had collected the order.
However, silver will be sent to your mailbox after the merge if you failed the order for an item.
There's a storage period on your mailbox, so make sure to receive it within the deadline.  

Q. What happens to the Pearls/Black Pearls and other currencies if I have created characters in different servers?
- Since the Family of the affiliated server can be selected from the merged server, Pearls/Black Pearls and other currencies among the Family that were owned on each server with the same account will not be merged.
※ Family names will stay the same even after the Server Merge.
※ Inactive Family names will change after the Server Merge.
- Click [here] for more details. 

Q. What about Ranks? 
- All 5 categories will be tallied again after the reset.
- Boss Rushes will be tallied again after the renewal based on the Family that conquered the highest level of difficulty.

Q. What about the Guest accounts?
- Guest accounts can also be played on the merged server through the Family that's on the merged server. 

Q. Will guild funds reset after Server Merge?
A. Guild funds will be returned after the maintenance on Feb 7 for guilds that failed to bid for Siege War/Node War. Also, guild funds that are used for bids will automatically be added to guild funds.

Q. What happens when people have Families on more than one server under the same account after Server Merge?
A. You will be able to select which Family to use everytime you log into the server.

Q. Will we have a higher guild member capacity after the Server Merge?
A. No, guild capacity will not increase.

Q. Are we going to have more slots for our Friend List?
A. No, friend list slots will stay the same.

Q. Will the number of nodes and castles stay the same?
A. Yes, the number of nodes and castles will stay the same.


■ Siege War / Node War
 A Siege/Node Bonus Event will begin to celebrate the Server Merge!
※ The bonus that can be claimed during the event will increase as follows:
ㆍ Lv 1: 36,804,531,600
ㆍ Lv 2: 73,609,063,200
ㆍ Lv 3: 147,218,126,400
ㆍ Lv 4: 331,240,784,400


■ Others (Added on Feb 8)
- Muraka's Specter and Tukar Laytenn's Specter will be deleted after the scheduled maintenance on Feb 7.
- [Chaos Muraka Reward I], [Scroll of Knowledge EXP: Chaos Muraka], [Tukar Laytenn Reward I], and [Scroll of Knowledge EXP: Tukar Laytenn] will be given to all adventurers after the maintenance.
※ The rewards will be sent to your mail on Feb 8.
※ For AMERICA region, you would normally obtain [Tukar Laytenn's Spoils], so only [Chaos Muraka Reward] will be given.

■ Hero of Karkea

Developer's Comments:
Finally, "Hero of Karkea" welcomes adventurers as regular content.
Hero of Karkea is an equalized battlefield, where CP is adjusted when it is above a certain level.
The CP adjustment range is wider and the level of adjustment will be more thorough than when it was through an event.


In addition, so that you can prepare for this battlefield even when it is not open,
The existing Normal Arena battles have changed to a Normal Arena with adjusted CP, as with Hero of Karkea.
This CP adjustment is applied here regardless of the adventurer's CP Rank.


As our development team has turned Hero of Karkea into regular content,
We will do our best to ensure that adventurers are satisfied with the battlefield
by analyzing and testing the balance between classes more carefully,

We are looking forward to see you all show your abilities in this CP-equalized Arena in Hero of Karkea!

- Hero of Karkea has been added as regular content.
- Available after defeating [Boss: Black Mane] in North Calpheon.
- You can enter every Sat, Sun from 13:00 to 02:00 in Arena menu.
※ Cannot enter during Black Sun or Battlefield of the Sun.
- CP adjustment applies to those higher than Soldier Rank when entering Arena.
- All stats, including CP, will be adjusted when higher than Soldier Rank.
- All stats, excluding CP, will be adjusted when lower than Soldier Rank.
- Enhanced skills will be applied when entering Karkea Arena.
※ After entering the battle, you can see enhanced skill presets set on the equipping skills page by tapping the button that appears at the bottom center of the screen.

■ Normal Arena

- Normal Arena has changed to a new Normal Arena with Hero of Karkea rules.
※ CP gets equalized regardless of CP Rank in Karkea Normal Arena.

- It has been changed so that the battle with Adventurer's Apparition is not available when there is no match for more than 30 seconds in Normal Arena,


■ Siege War

Developer's Comments:
At the last CalpheON Ball, we introduced the development direction of Siege War to adventurers.
Looking at future development, you will have a lot to look forward to in regards to the new aspects to be added.
You may also see us reiterate on the existing Siege War.


Our development team is working hard to achieve what we previously mentioned to adventurers one by one.
But preparing for this means placing utmost importance on the basics, above all else,
In this update, we'd like to show you one such thing.

- Gate, Guard Tower, Gate Sentry Durability are downgraded.
- When destroying Outer Gate 1 and Outer Gate 2 in Valencian Siege War, it has been changed so that the attacker's respawn spot is closer to the Outer Gates.

■ Ramoness Arena
- Max HP will increase by 5,000 when entering Ramoness Arena.
- An HP Potion has been added so that it can be used in both Ramoness Arena and Atumach Skirmish.
- The available time has changed so that Ramoness Arena can be entered from Monday to Friday, 19:00 to 02:00. 
※ Cannot enter during Black Sun and Battlefield of the Sun.
※ In order to streamline the content, Ramoness Watch Mode will be separate from match placement and will have the timer removed.
ㆍThis will be updated during March, and detailed information will be provided in future patch notes.
ㆍYou can enter Watch Mode, scheduled to be updated during March, during the Black Sun and Battlefield of the Sun.

- Lagos, Monument of Battle, and Ballista's Max HP have increased.
- Individual match and team match have been added.
ㆍ In the individual match, you enter a team randomly with other adventurers in the same way for entering the Battlefield of the Sun.
ㆍ In team match, enter a guild member, friend, or family name to invite team members to form a team and then try matching.
ㆍ In a team match, teams that consist of individual matches do not meet, and only teams that have applied for a team match can meet and enter.
ㆍ Public Room Settings have been deleted in team match.

■ Ranked Arena
- It has been adjusted so that DP increases and Max HP is increased by 3,000 when entering Ranked Arena.

■ Open Arena

- We have added a training map where you can practice your skills in the Open Arena.
- A "Shadow Specter" has been placed in the training area where you can practice your attacks.

■ Path of Glory Season 7
- Path of Glory Emblem Season 7 will run for about 12 weeks, and the new season will start alongside the maintenance on the second week of February.
- Emblem: The Emblem is an item that affects all characters in the family and can be obtained as a Path of Glory reward.
- Badge of Glory: The Badge of Glory is an item that can be obtained in Path of Glory and is used to enhance your Emblem.
- There are Mystical, Abyssal, and Primal grades for the Season 7 Emblem.
- You can transfer the enhancement of the Emblem used in the last season to the new season Emblem through the Emblem menu.


■ Rift 16
- Rift 16 is a new level of difficulty that has been added to Path of Glory.
- The required CP to enter Rift 16 is 115,000.
■ Season 7 Tus' Den
- Obtain [Season 7] Tus' Nest Map Piece upon completing Path of Glory Season 7.
- [Season 7] Tus' Nest Map Piece will proceed the same as Path of Glory Emblem Season 7.
- Tus' Den can be entered by tapping the upper right tab in the Path of Glory menu.
- You need Tus' Nest Map Piece x20 to enter Tus' Den.
- You have a higher chance to obtain this Season's Abyssal or Primal Emblem when completing Tus' Den.



■ Gladiator

Developer's Comments:
Gladiators have had some trouble gaining their passive skill effects.
As it could only be activated with [Shield Charge], they were forced to have it as a skill.
With the condition to activate the effect being a manual one, overall efficiency was reduced in Auto-Combat.


This passive skill can now also be activated when using [Ground Smash],
The cooldown effect has also been improved to now apply upon skill use.


In addition, attack range of his main skills has been extended, decreasing the burden of needing to be so close to the enemy.


▷ Spinning Slash
- Spinning Slash (Flow: Ultimate Spinning Slash) attack range has increased.
▷ Ground Smash
- Ground Smash attack range has increased.
▷ Deep Thrust
- It has been improved so that [Deep Thrust] is used more quickly after using Heavy Strike, Shield Charge, or Scars of Dusk.
▷ Strong Principle
- it has been improved so that [Strong Principle] is activated when using Shield Charge or Ground Smash.
[Strong Principle]
- It has been improved so that the Cooldown time of "Shield Charge", and "Spinning Slash" is decreased by 0.2 sec and "Charging Thrust" by 0,5 sec when using Shield Block.


Developer's Comments:
Sage and Kunoichi are currently very powerful compared to other classes.
Internal analyses of various PvP content indicates that the
win rates for Kunoichi and Sage are quite high.


Internally, we were aware of this situation and were working on rebalancing the two classes.
However, in the process of adding Sandstorm Assault in Battlefield of the Sun and putting the Black Sun in the Great Desert,
We had to adjust our priorities for certain content.


It was a long process of collecting and analyzing internal data,
So we would like to apologize for the delay in adjusting the balance between Sage and Kunoichi.


Sage went through a balance patch once before, but
he can still overwhelm opponents with high damage from a distance.
We confirmed that his high damage factor greatly synergizes with his passive skills.
In order to balance it with other classes, we decided that modifications were needed in this area.


In addition, Kunoichi boasts a fairly high damage out proportional to Max HP, along with fixed damage effects.
This is enough for her to lead the battle and offset any CP difference to some extent.
This is especially noticeable on small battlefields, so we want to modify her fixed damage and HP-based damage effects.


Our development team is currently working on adding and improving various PvP content.
We are also testing the balance of classes in various PvP content internally.
We are always keeping in mind that the balance of the classes you play in content is the most important.


Within the process of developing various PvP content and releasing them to adventurers,
We'll do our best to carefully review class balance and make adjustments as soon as we can.

■ Kunoichi

- "Severe Bleed: Level 3" passive skill's HP PvP damage has been adjusted from 3% to 2%.

- [Touch of Death]'s [Flow: Shadow Clone] PvP damage has been adjusted from 200% to 180%.

- Fixed the issue of [Flow: Shadow Clone]'s clone location not being shown at the frontline.


■ Sage

▷ Judgment of Ator
- [Judgment of Ator] PVP damage has been adjusted.

Lv 1 : 840% x2 > 756% x2
Lv 10 : 1092% x2 > 982.8% x2

▷ Spatial Shatter
- [Spatial Shatter] PVP damage has been adjusted.

Lv 1: 960% x2 > 864% x2
Lv 10: 1,248% x2 > 1,123.2%

▷ Spatial Collapse
- [Spatial Collpase] PVP damage has been adjusted.

Lv 1: 880% x2 > 792% x2
Lv 10: 1015.3% x2 > 913.77% x2


■ Invoker

▷ Voltaic Burst
- "Knockback on first hit" effect has been changed to "Daze on first hit" and "Knockback on last hit".

▷ Bodyguard
- [Flow: Daze] has been added.
- It has been changed so that "Daze" is applied instead of "Bound" upon using Flow skills.


■ Titan

- Added "Not Applied in Battlefield of the Sun" in Therianthropy passive skill's "HP Increase" effect description.



■ Siege War/Node War
- The number of [Medal of Honor] you can get when winning Siege War and Node War has increased.
- Node Lv 1: 50
- Node Lv 2: 100
- Node Lv 3: 150
- Siege War: 200

■ Black Sun
- The rewards that you can get through Spoils of Battle in Black Sun have increased.
- The rewards that you can get from [Blackened Sunstone] and [Grail of Gloom] items have increased.
- [Blackened Sunstone], [Grail of Gloom] that you have obtained and kept before maintenance will have their names changed to [Memory Filled Blackened Sunstone] and [Memory Filled Grail of Gloom], respectively.
- It has been changed so that [Bell of Aal], Server Hot Time, and Hot Time items are not applied in Black Sun.
- The background for Black Sun has changed from the current night sky to a landscape suitable for Black Sun.

■ Atumach
- We have decreased the number of points obtained according to the amount of damage dealt to King Griffon's HP.
- The number of points obtained according to the amount of damage dealt to the Watcher and Black Leopard has increased.
- Improvements have been made so that the guild's server information is displayed in the Atumach Guild Rank pop-up.
- Fixed an issue where, on some devices, the Atumach Skirmish lobby and the background of the interior of the room are cut off.
- Fixed the issue of the HP UI of a guild member displayed on the right side of the screen not being updated during Atumach Skirmish.

■ Chaos Rift
- The number of Guardian's Orb that Chaos Rift Watcher sells has increased to 20.
※ After Jan 23 (Sun) 23:55 (Server Time), purchase restrictions will have been lifted, allowing you to purchase Harmony Scrolls again (Pearl/Black Pearl).
- Tap [here] for more details. 

■ Quest, Mission
- Medal of Honor rewards from weekly rewards have been adjusted.
※ Applied to: The Path to Victory, Ranked Arena / The Path to Victory, Ramoness Arena / The Return of the Crimson Winds
※ Medal of Honor Quantity changed: Medal of Honor x1 to Medal of Honor x10
※ Before the update, we will provide a number of [Medal of Honor] to adventurers who have already completed the weekly tasks.
- Requirements like Bounty Missions, Achievements, and Titles for the Normal Arena have changed to the new Normal Arena.
- Ramoness Season Challenge, Ramoness Weekly Challenge, Ranked Arena Season rewards and Ranked Arena Challenge rewards have been adjusted.
※ Adventurers who have completed Ramoness Season Challenge Mission can complete the same mission after maintenance and claim rewards.

■ Rift Stone
- Rift Stone Max level has been increased to 500.

■ Relic
- Relic Auto-Enhance function has been added.
※ Available only after Black Spirit Level 150.

■ Item
- [Padix Pirate Island Invitation] and [Phantom Ship Grappling Hook] that could be bought with a Family purchase limit from the Great Ocean Shop are no longer available.
- We have changed Ambergris to a stackable item to offset any inconvenience from them taking up numerous inventory slots.
※ After maintenance, Ambergris items in the Inventory will be deleted, then sent to your mailbox.

■ UI
- Main Relics confirm button has been deleted in Pearl Shop > Special Shop > Relic category.
- Added a widget where you can check the Family names of the last 10 adventurers who defeated you when you died in the area with Elion's Blessing.
※ The widget disappears when moving stages, and the list refreshes when changing characters or logging out.

■ System
- Changed CP sections that can be checked on the CP Breakdown screen so that it calculates not until the previous Count Rank, but until the Duke Rank CP.
- Added a function to restore Max HP when approaching General Goods Vendor in each town.
※ Great Desert Oasis General Goods Vendor is excluded from this function.



■ UI
- It has been changed so that Boss Knowledge effects in World Boss Status Board, Alyaelli's Rift, and the Boss Rush result screen display as an icon.
- It has been improved so that the tutorial appears when having Memory Appraisal items and meeting the requirements for Memory Imprint content.
※ However, even without having an Memory Appraisal item, the tutorial will appear if you enter the Memory Imprint menu.
※ It won't appear to Adventurers that have already completed the Memory Imprint tutorial.
- It has been improved so that the craft count limit is displayed in descending order.

■ Black Sun
- Stage entrance rules have been improved so that it is easier to meet other Adventurers in Black Sun.

■ System
- It has been improved so that some notifications that were shown often are not shown repeatedly.
ㆍThese notifications won't be exposed until you reenter the character selection screen once you have checked them.
※ Applies to: [Merchantry Available], [Path of Glory Available], [Craft Alchemy Stone], [Alchemy Stone Enhancement Available], [Totem Enhancement Available], [Combine Totems], [Relic Enhancement Available], [You can offer Tear of the Goddess], [Exchange Boss Rush Passes], [Cursed Pirate Island Available], [Enhancement Available], [Force Enhancement Available], [Use Ancient Gold Coins]
- The issue of being pushed in a weird direction when resisting something has been fixed.
- The issue of the Commander being in the air in Battlefield of the Sun has been fixed.
- The issue of going backwards during Auto-Path has been fixed.
- The issue of big monsters, such as Tukar Laytenn, being over the character has been fixed.

■ Item
- After the maintenance on Feb 28, the Combat Plus Constellation Multiplier will be increased by 5. (x5 → x10)


■ System
- Fixed an issue where cooldown would apply incorrectly during the server synchronization when resisting an attack or being grab upon skill use.
- Certain notifications being active/inactive abnormally has been fixed.
- The issue of a different Tier being set for Auto Exchange in certain circumstances has been fixed during Pet Auto-Exchange.


■ UI
- The issue of the visual effect appearing when a character is hit disappears when being hit on resistance has been fixed.
- In certain situations, the appearance displayed in the building info UI of the Guild Fortress not being matched with the actual building appearance has been fixed.
- Among the ingredients of [Jumbo HP Potion] in Basic Craft list of the Alchemy Lab, [Breath of Creation] icon not being displayed has been fixed.
- The location of the moon and sun being weirdly displayed in Great Desert has been fixed.
- Grandmaster class customized hairstyle being weirdly displayed when zoomed out has been fixed.


■ Starting Events
Heartsy Day Black Spirit's Adventure!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Feb 7 - until Feb 21 (Mon), 23:59
· Event Exchange Period: After maintenance on Feb 7 - until on Feb 28 (Mon), 23:59
Chocolate Box Selection Mission
· Event Period: After maintenance on Feb 7 - until Feb 21 (Mon), 23:59
Sweet Special Login Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Feb 7 - until Feb 21 (Mon), 23:59
For the Server Merge! Black Pearl Fishing Event!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Feb 7 - until Feb 14 (Mon), 23:59
· Event Exchange Period: After maintenance on Feb 7 - until Feb 21 (Mon), 23:59
For the Server Merge! Special Quiz Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Feb 7 - until Feb 14 (Mon), 23:59
Server Merge Event Siege War / Node War Bonus Increase!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Feb 7 - until Feb 21 (Mon), 23:59
Path of Glory Season 7 Mission!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Feb 7 - until Apr 18 (Mon), 23:59

■ Ending Events
Neruda Shen [Ancient Secret Chest] Event
Five Day Dark Energy Login Event
Server Merge Countdown Special Gift!
Fortune Cookie Making Event
Cookie Flour Exchange! Daily Missions
Cookie Flour Missions


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items
- Merge Shop
- Lucky Shop
· Power-up Lucky Shop
- Power-up Lucky Shop Components Rate [here]
· Power-up Lucky Shop Pack I
· Power-up Lucky Shop Pack II
· Power-up Lucky Shop Pack III

- Special Package
· Special Adventure Support Pack
· Pearls + Emblem Growth I
· Pearls + Emblem Growth II
· 10,000 Black Pearl Limited Bundle