[January 25] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2022.01.25

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Jan 25 (Tuesday) are here!
In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ New Class Solaris

Solaris, the champion of the arena who effortlessly wields Jordun, which holds Ynix's flames,
has joined the adventure.

She fearlessly enters the fray, incapacitating the enemy with the blade of Jordun,
This is why she is known as the Slayer who possesses the Holy Flame.

- The new Class Solaris is an awakened class upon creation.
- Solaris can begin acquiring skills after playing through "Remembering Power: Solaris", which can be done after completing the main quest "The Boss, Red Nose".
- With the addition of the new class Solaris, the maximum number of character creation slots has been expanded by one.
- Solaris has 4 attack skills upon creation, and you can acquire new skills as you level up.

■ Solaris Skills

Ynix's Flame (Passive)
- [Ynix’s Flame] enables her to burn enemies that get too close to her.


Cleansing Flame
- With this skill, Solaris rotates her body and hurls the Jordun towards her enemies
▷ Enhancement Info: Burn, AP Increase, HP Recovery
▷ Branch Info: Inscribe: Labreve, Inscribe: Serrett


Lava Surge
- Solaris makes use of Jordun’s flame to create powerful lava and cause severe damage to the enemy.
▷ Enhancement Info: Burn, Super Armor
▷ Branch Info: Inscribe: Ahib, Inscribe: Aal


Dragon's Maw
It amplifies the flames contained within the Jordun and releases it to burn all enemies in front of her.
▷ Enhancement Info: DP Increase, Decrease Attack Speed
▷ Branch Info: Inscribe: Ahib, Inscribe: Labreve


Dragon's Rage
This skill uses the power of Jordun to strike enemies into the ground.
▷ Enhancement Info: Increase Range, AP Increase
▷ Branch Info: Inscribe: Ahib, Inscribe: Serrett


Thermal Rush
Solaris will rush forward and push enemies with the Jordun.
▷ Enhancement Info: DP Increase, Reduce MP Cost


Lava Explosion
This skill creates a lava explosion at the enemy’s location, dealing immense damage.
▷ Enhancement Info: Decrease Move Speed, Reduce Cooldown, Burning Lava


Primal Wrath
This skill makes full use of the power of Jordun’s flames by slamming it into the ground and scorching enemies.
▷ Enhancement Info: DP Decrease, Bleed, Reduce Cooldown
▷ Branch Info: Inscribe: Labreve, Inscribe: Aal


Infernal Purge
Solaris leaps at the enemy and slams them into the ground with the Jordun.
▷ Enhancement Info: DP Increase
▷ Branch Info: Inscribe: Aal, Inscribe: Serrett


With this skill, Solaris thrusts the Jordun into the opponent, then throws them down.
▷ Enhancement Info: DP Decrease, Reduce Crit Chance, Reduce Cooldown


Call of the Dragon
This skill greatly increases Solaris’ speed with the power of divine flames, allowing her to close in on the enemy and attack them instantly.
▷ Enhancement Info: Burn, Decrease Move Speed, Increase Move Speed


Omua's Blessing
For a short time, receive the power of Omua through the dragon's blood.
▷ Enhancement Info: Increase Critical Hit Damage, Increase Black Spirit's Skill Damage



■ Chaos Rift

- The second Chaos Rift will appear in Pila Ku Execution Room.
- You can enter Pila Ku Execution Room passing through Pila Ku Torture Chamber.
- The existing Chaos Rift will become Chaos Rift 1 and will be kept in Titium Gorge.
※ You can only enter Chaos Rift 2 when your CP is 29,000, the required CP for Chaos Rift 2.
- In Chaos Rift 2, you can obtain loot with a significantly higher drop rate than in Chaos Rift 1, and you can also obtain additional Root of Sorcery.
- Hot Time item/server effects do not apply in the Chaos Rift 1 or 2.
- "To Chaos Rift", a weekly task related to the Chaos Rift, has been added.
※ This task can be done after midnight on Jan 26


- Undefeated Shield
- You have to use Undefeated Shield in order to enter Chaos Rift 2.
- Undefeated Shield will last for a total of 30 minutes.
- Undefeated Shield can be crafted with [Harmony Scroll] x1 and [Guardian's Orb] x1 in the Craft menu.
- Up to 10 [Guardian's Orb] can be purchased per week with Silver from the Chaos Rift Watcher located in Titium Gorge Entrance and Pila Ku Execution Room Entrance. The weekly purchase limit will increase to 20 after the maintenance on Feb 8.
※ The remaining use time for the [Harmony Scroll] used as a material will transfer over to [Undefeated Shield]. Once the use period expires, it can be sold to a shop.



■ Battlefield of the Sun: New Map Rotation

Developer's Comments:
We will now introduce Battlefield of the Sun: Sandstorm Assault!

Sandstorm Assault is a linear battlefield with hills to be traversed and mounts (Cannon and Hwacha) added to enhance battlefield strategies.
New battle situations will unfold, such as climbing a hill to rapidly approach the enemy or fighting over control of the new mounts.

In addition, by maintaining the rule of defeating the Supreme Commander, who appears by killing the Commander and obtaining contribution, this creates another strategic variable while preserving the main fun of Battlefield of the Sun.

Battlefield of the Sun will alternate with "Sandstorm Assault" and "Crimson Wind" every two weeks.
We will look forward to seeing how you do in this newly transformed Battlefield of the Sun.

- Battlefield of the Sun: Sandstorm Assault will be added.
- After the maintenance on Jan 25 (Tue), "Battlefield of the Sun: Crimson Wind" and "Battlefield of the Sun: Sandstorm Assault" will begin a 2 week rotation.

■ Sandstorm Assault
- Sandstorm Assault is a linear battlefield, with a hill that can be traversed on the side of the battlefield.
- The hill can be accessed via a path on each faction's side.
- Sandstorm Assault has the same Commander and Supreme Commander in each faction, just as in Crimson Wind.
- The enemy faction's Supreme Commander appears in the center of the battlefield when your faction achieves 3,500 Contribution points.
※ Win the battle by defeating the enemy faction's Supreme Commander.
※ If the Supreme Commander is not defeated in 15 minutes after the battle has started, the faction with higher total contribution points wins.

■ Sealed Faction's Sword

- There's a sealed faction weapon in the middle of the battlefield and it will appear upon being destroyed.

Faction Faction's Sword
Calpheon Seric's Sword
Valencia Nesser's Sword

- The faction sword will always appear in a fixed location and it has the same effect as the Commander's sword of Crimson Wind.


■ Cannon and Hwacha

- Cannons that can be used by each faction are placed on the hill of Sandstorm Assault.
ㆍ There are 3 Cannons placed in each faction.
ㆍ Adventurers who have the faction sword cannot mount Cannons or Hwachas.
- There's a Neutral Hwacha located in the middle of the hill.
- You can damage all targets, including adventurers, using Cannons and Hwachas.
- When equipping an alchemy stone that increases the damage of Cannons and Hwachas, that effect will apply.
- If you are hit when mounting a Cannon, the Cannon will receive damage.
- If you are hit when mounting a Hwacha, the adventurer will receive damage.


■ Respawn Point

- Sandstorm Assault has a main node and an additional node in every faction.
ㆍ The main node of the enemy faction cannot be conquered, but the additional node can be conquered by interacting.
ㆍ The conquered additional node can be selected by adventurers from your faction as respawn points.
ㆍThe adventurer that conquered the node can recover all HP.

■ HP Potion
- An HP Potion that can be used in Battlefield of the Sun has been added.
- An HP potion with unlimited uses in the battlefield is provided as default when entering.
- This HP Potion can only be used in Battlefield of the Sun.
- The HP Potion can be used manually or be automatically used when HP is below a set amount. It recovers 500 HP when used.
※ HP Potion Cooldown is 3 seconds.




■ Blade Master
▷ Crescendo
- This skill's attack range has increased compared to before.
- [Crescendo]'s PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 451% x3 > 676.54% x3
Lv 10 : 586.3% x3 > 879.5% x3

▷ Quick-Draw
- It has been changed so that additional attack cannot be used during Auto-Combat.
- [Quick-Draw]'s PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 408.1% x2 > 489.72% x2
Lv 10: 530.5% x2 > 636.63% x2

▷ Retaliation
- It has been changed so that the additional attack will not be used during Auto-Combat.

■ Nova
▷ Command: Frost Shield
- [Command: Frost Shield]'s PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1 : 333% > 561%
Lv 10: 429% > 729.3%

- [Flow: Frostbite March] casting time has been reduced.
- [Flow: Frostbite March] attack speed has increased.

▷ Command: Knight's Charge
- [Command: Knight's Charge] range has increased compared to before.
- [Command: Knight's Charge]'s PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 300% x2 > 450% x2
Lv 10: 390% x2 > 585% x2

▷ Command: Rising Ice Thorns
- Skill's range has increased.

▷ Winter's Wrath
- Last hit's attack speed has increased.

■ Huntress
▷ Spinning Shot
- [Spinning Shot]'s PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 540% x3 > 648% x3
Lv 10: 756% x3 > 907.2% x3

■ Lupa
▷ Gravity Bolt
- [Gravity Bolt]'s PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 198% Max 12 hits > 288% Max 12 hits
Lv 10: 264% Max 12 hits > 384% Max 12 hits

▷ Hot Spot
- [Hot Spot]'s PvE damage has been adjusted.

Lv 1: 346.5% Max 7 hits > 409.5% Max 7 hits
Lv 10: 450.45% Max 7 hits > 532.35% Max 7 hits

▷ Divine Roar
- [Divine Roar]'s PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 391.6% Max 6 hits > 462.8% Max 6 hits
Lv 10: 509.08% Max 6 hits > 601.64% Max 6 hits

▷ Beck and Call
- [Beck and Call]'s PvE damage has been adjusted.
Lv 1: 511.5% x3 > 664.95% x3
Lv 10: 664.95% x3 > 864.43% x3

■ Others
- Fixed the visual effects and sound effects when hitting with [Rattle]'s [Flow: Helmet Smash] for Berserker.
- Fixed an issue where, in Path of Glory, when Kunoichi uses [Touch of Death], [Flow: Shadow Clone], the effects of the skill would occur around the currently logged in character.
- Kunoichi and Sura's stealth detection distance has decreased.
- Archmage [Tornado] icon has changed to blue.


Developer's Comments:
Do you remember 2021 Heidel Ball?
In this encounter with our adventurers, we made a promise that we will release newly added outfits with Black Pearls.
To keep this promise, some pearl outifs released after the Heidel Ball were released so that they can be purchased with Black Pearls.
We could see all the positive feedback from adventurers.

Accordingly, from the scheduled maintenance on Jan 25, Black Desert Mobile is planning to release all of the pearl outfits, except for the professional ones, to be purchased with Black Pearls.
※ Outfits released before Jan 25 will maintain the current currency with which they could be purchased, so as to be fair to adventurers who had previously purchased them.

■ Outfit
- It has been changed so that now New Outfits can be purchased with Black Pearls.
※ It applies to the outfits releasing after the maintenance on Jan 25.
※ Professional Outfits are still to be purchased with Pearls.

■ Craft
- An option has been added so that Primal grade can be set in the Auto-Craft pop-up within the Craft tab of the Holy Vial of Light menu.

■ Great Desert
- It has been changed so that, when on mounts such as an elephant or camel, getting hit by a debuff will force the character to fall off the mount.



■ Requirements to open contents
- Some Black Spirit menus have been improved so that they can be used immediately without extra quest requirements.
ㆍEnhancement: Available even without completing Enhancment tutorial or [Imp Hideout] quest.
ㆍDark Energy: Available even without completing Dark Energy tutorial or [The One With Many Secrets] quest.
ㆍEquip Crystal/Fuse: Available even without completing Equip Crystal/Fuse tutorial or [Missing Child] quest.

■ Atumach
- A chat window has been added to allow conversations when on Standby for Atumach Skirmish

■ System
- Improvements have been made so that when you tap the Preset replace button when you are ready in Atumach Skirmish and Ramoness Arena, a message indicating that it cannot be changed is displayed.
- Added an Auto-Combat option button when revived in the Ramoness Arena death screen.


■ UI
- Simplified information area and expanded area to display loot details in the pop-up window.



■ Item
- The issue that chaos gear could be registered in Extractor has been fixed.
- Fixed the issue that "World Boss Crystal Chest" cannot be obtained when World Boss Kzarka is defeated.
※ For adventurers who were not able to receive rewards due to this issue, some new rewards will be sent to your mail.

■ System
- Fixed the issue of not returning to its original postion when moving more than a certain distance when grabbed during Auto-Combat.
- Fixed the issue of merciless Desert Fogan Gatekeeper of the Great Desert Black Sun not being set to maximum damage.

■ UI
- Skin color being weirdly displayed when equipping Kibelius outfit with Sage class has been fixed.
- It has been fixed so that Season 6 Badge of Glory is displayed in Menu > Emblem > Emblem Enhancement > How to Acquire.
- Fixed the button not working when viewing Family skills in detail in Path of Glory.


■ Starting Events
Fortune Cookie Making Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 25- until Feb 7 (Mon), 23:59
· Event Exchange Period: After maintenance on Jan 25- until Feb 14 (Mon), 23:59
Cookie Flour Exchange! Daily Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 25- until Feb 7 (Mon), 23:59
Cookie Flour Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 25- until Feb 7 (Mon), 23:59
Solaris Level Up Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 25- until Feb 14 (Mon), 23:59

■ Ending Events
· Bagel Box Making Event
Event Exchange Period: Until Jan 24 (Mon), 23:59
· Family Growth Support Event
· Puzzle Event
· New Year Lucky Shop Ticket Exchange
Event Exchange Period: Jan 31 (Mon), 23:59
· Tus' Nest! Path of Glory Season 6!


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

■ New Items
- Level Up
· Solaris Level Up

- Limited Step-up
· Emblem Step-up I
· Emblem Step-up II


- Special Package
· Solaris Launch Pack
· Chaos World Boss Pack
· Lucky Pets Pack


- New Armor Outfit (Black Pearl)
· Karlstein (Solaris)
· Ynixtra (Solaris)
· Kibelius I (Solaris)
· Kibelius II (Solaris)
· Dreaming Star (Witch)
· Corvicanus (Archer)
· Lucien Blanc (Maehwa)
· Autumn Leaf (Tamer)
· Kerasaur (Giant)
· Kairos (Warrior)
· Dahlia Nocturna (Sorceress)

- New Weapon Outfit (Black Pearl)
· Karlstein (Solaris)
· Ynixtra (Solaris)
· Kibelius (Solaris)
· Kairos (Warrior, Berserker)
· Kerasaur (Giant, Destroyer)
· Autumn Leaf (Tamer, Lupa)
· Lucient Blanc (Maehwa, Primrose)
· Corvicanus (Archer, Fletcher)

- New Armor Outfit (Pearl)
· Shudad (Solaris)
· Treant Camouflage (Solaris)
· Desert Camouflage (Solaris)
· Summer Azure (Solaris)
· Splat Fisher's Clothes (Solaris)
· Venecil Dress (Solaris)

- New Weapon Outfit (Pearl)
· Shudad (Solaris)
· Treant Camouflage (Solaris)
· Desert Camouflage (Solaris)