Chaos Rift Ⅱ Announcement

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Greetings, Adventurers!

This is Black Desert Mobile Team.

The Chaos Rift II update is scheduled on the upcoming maintenance on Jan 25th.
Check below for more details.

※ Check Patch Notes for more details.
※ It is subject to change during maintenance.


Chaos, a strange place where time is tangled and darkness and light coexist.
The Chaos Rift, in its most intense clash, appears in a second form.
Chaos Rift Ⅱ is a place enveloped in an even stronger power, and in order to enter it, you will need to prepare a special item crafted with Harmony Scrolls imbued with a mysterious power and a Guardian's Orb.

- A second Chaos Rift appears in the Pila Ku Execution Room, one of the areas where Hadum and Elion have a severe clash.
※ The existing Chaos Rift will become Chaos RiftⅠand will still be in Titium Gorge.
- In order to enter Chaos Rift Ⅱ, you must use an Undefeated Shield to be protected from the rift.
- Undefeated Shield can be crafted by using Harmony Scroll and a Guardian's Orb as materials. Guardian's Orbs can be purchased from the Chaos Rift Watcher with Silver.
※ With the upcoming maintenance on Jan 25, you can purchase up to Guardian's Orb x10 per week, and the weekly purchase limit will increase to 20 with the maintenance scheduled on Feb 8.


※ During a purchase limit period from Jan 23 (Sun), 23:55 (Server Time) until the update on Jan 25, you will be unable to purchase Harmony Scrolls.
※ If you try to purchase an item after purchase restrictions have been applied, a pop-up will be displayed.
※ From Jan 23 (Sun) 23:55 (Server Time) to Feb 8, you will also be unable to purchase Harmony Scrolls from the Pearl Shop.
※ There are no restrictions on how many Harmony Scrolls you can use at a time.
ㆍApplies to: Silver purchase from Chaos Rift Watcher, Pearl Shop items. 
This is in order to prevent a situation in which players cannot make use of the Chaos Rift Ⅱ content after the Jan 25 maintenance due to purchasing and using Harmony Scrolls before the maintenance, as they refresh weekly. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.



We thank you for your continued interest and support for Black Desert Mobile.
Black Desert Mobile Team

Thank you.