Inactive Family Name Change Announcement

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Greetings, Adventurers!
This is the Black Desert Mobile Team.

We wanted to tell you in advance that on the scheduled maintenance on Feb 8, the Family names of inactive Families will be reset.
※ What is a Family name reset? It means that previously used Family names will change to a random name.
※ What is an inactive Family? This refers to Families that have not logged in to the game for more than a year.
If you don't want your Family name to reset,  
log in to the game before the maintenance on Feb 8, 2022.


■ Family Names subject to reset

- According to 8. Long-Term Inactive Account Policy, this refers to adventurers who have not accessed their account for at least 365 days by the scheduled maintenance on Feb 8, 2022.
※ We plan to give Family Name Change Coupon x1 to adventurers whose Family name has reset.
※ The given item will be stored for 3 years from the given date.

■ Family Name Reset Schedule
- The day of scheduled maintenance on Feb 8
※ If the maintenance date changes, we will inform you through another notice.

※ Please Note
- If you log in to the game after the scheduled maintenance on Feb 8 with an account whose Family name has reset, you can still use existing Family/character information and items, except for the Family name.
- If you log in to the game before the scheduled maintenance on Feb 8, you will be excluded from the "Family Names subject to reset."
- After the Family name reset process is in progress, the original family name cannot be restored.
- An adventurer may immediately apply to change their Family name to a Family name that had been reset without waiting for the 30-day grace period.
(A Family name that has been changed or withdrawn can be reused after 30 days, just as before.)
- In order to prevent sniping a specific Family name, reset Family names will not be announced separately.
- The friend search function is a function to search for friends logged in to the server. If the Family exists on another server, it cannot be searched.



We will be looking forward to your continued interest in Black Desert Mobile.
Black Desert Mobile Team

Thank you.