Server Merge Announcement & FAQ

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Greetings, Adventurers!
This is Black Desert Mobile Team.

In order to experience a pleasant adventure through your encounters and interactions with more adventurers in the world of Black Desert, a Server Merge will be carried out on the upcoming maintenance on Feb 8.

Server Merges will take place based on existing channels, and the Family information of existing accounts will be maintained.
In the merged server, you can enjoy various content with adventurers on that server for the first time.
Details regarding the Server Merge can be found below.
Please check the provided information for a better game experience.


・Server Merge Schedule
- After the scheduled maintenance on Feb 8
- Feb 8, 00:00 (KST)
- America: Feb 7, 07:00 (GMT-8)
- Europe: Feb 7, 16:00 (GMT+1)
- Asia: Feb 7, 23:00 (GMT+8)
・Server Merge List
Servers that were divided into regions will be merged into one.
After the Server Merge, have even more enjoyable and varied adventures in other servers for the first time.
※ The Server Merge will see servers merge into one server for each region.
Eg) NA Region = Heidel, Mediah, Kaia Server will merge into AMERICA Server

Server Merge Name




Server Heidel Balenos Calpheon 
Mediah Velia Serendia
Kaia Delphe Dandelion
- - Hexe


・Ending Events List before Server Merge

Event Name

End Date

Fortune Cookie Making Event Feb 7 (Mon), 2022, 23:59
※ Fortune Cookie Exchange is available until Feb 14 (Mon), 23:59.
Cookie Flour Exchange! Daily Missions Feb 7 (Mon), 2022, 23:59
Cookie Flour Missions Feb 7 (Mon), 2022, 23:59

※ It is recommended that you complete these events before the events end so that you can make the best use of them without any issues.


・Server Merge FAQ

Q. What happens with the existing server?  
- All the ways you have played the game on the regional servers can now be done on one server.

Q. What about existing rank information? 
- It will be recalculated based on the merged server. Ranks will be updated accordingly after maintenance.
※After the Server Merge, we plan to give a Bell of Gratitude to the adventurers who maintain a top 50 position on the entire server so that they can return the praise they have received from adventurers. (Guild Rank excluded)
※ The given Bells of Gratitude can be used until the maintenance on Feb 22 (Tue), and will be deleted from the game after the update, so keep this in mind. It can be received from your mailbox for up to 3 days from the given date.

Q. What about the conquered nodes and successful sieges before maintenance?
Conquered state of nodes and sieges will reset.
After the Server Merge, the bid for the Node/Siege War scheduled to be carried out will be canceled, and the bid cost used before the Node/Siege War bidding deadline will be restored.
Refunds will not be given to guilds that had any nodes/sieges before the update.

Q. What happens to the guild that I have joined?
- The guild you have joined will remain the same even after the Server Merge.
After the Server Merge, you can leave the guild you joined and join another one.
If you join another guild after leaving the guild, please be aware that 7 days (168 hours) need to elapse in order to participate in Siege or Node War.

Q. What happens to the Market prices that vary from server to server?
- Market prices will be determined by selecting a random server among the merged servers.
In addition, if you successfully ordered an item on the Market on your server before the server merge,
the item will be sent to your mailbox after the merge, as if you had collected the order.
However, silver will be sent to your mailbox after the merge if you failed to order an item.
There's a storage period on your mailbox, so make sure to receive it within the deadline.  

Q. What happens to the Pearls/Black Pearls and other currencies if I have created characters in different servers?
- Since the Family of the affiliated server can be selected from the merged server, Pearls/Black Pearls and other currencies among the Family that were owned on each server with the same account will not be merged.
※ Family names will stay the same even after the Server Merge.
※ Inactive Family names will change after the Server Merge.
- Click [here] for more details. 

Q. What about the Ranks? 
- All 5 categories will be tallied again after the reset.
- Boss Rushes will be tallied again after the renewal based on the Family that conquered the highest level of difficulty.

Q. What about the Guest accounts?
- Guest accounts can also be played on the merged server through the Family that's on the merged server. 

(Questions listed down below are updated on Jan 28th)


Q. Will guild funds reset after Server Merge?
- Guild funds will be returned after the 2/8 maintenance for guilds that failed to bid for Siege War/Node War. Also, guild funds that are used for bids will automatically be added to guild funds.


Q. What happens when people have Families on more than one server under the same account after Server Merge?
- You will be able to select which family to use everytime you log into the server.


Q. Will we have a higher guild member capacity after the Server Merge?
- No, guild capacity will not increase.


Q. Are we going to have more slots for our Friend List?
- No, friend list slots will stay the same.


Q. Will the number of nodes and castles stay the same?
- Yes, the number of nodes and castles will stay the same.

※ Bell of Aal: Great Desert, Bell of Fortune, and Bell of Recuperation: Hadum items will not be available to use from Feb 6, 00:00 (Server Time) until the maintenance on Feb 8. (Updated on 02/04)



We thank you for your continued interest and support for Black Desert Mobile.
Black Desert Mobile Team

Thank you.