[Aug 30 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2022.08.30

Update Notice

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Aug 30 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


Featured Updates

Developer's Comment

Buccaneer, the captain of the Slippery Scallywags, sets sail!

With her unique weapon "Patraca," Buccaneer slashes down enemies who challenge her inside her mist, and shoots enemies from afar with harpoons.

Her trusty Slippery Scallywags support her by launching a giant anchor from their boat to neutralize enemies in a wide area, and by bringing their cannons to the battlefield.

If you dare wish to claim the bounty on this master of the mist, be warned. The Slippery Scallywags always have their beloved Cap'n's back!

- The new class Buccaneer is Awakened upon creation.
- Buccaneer starts with 4 active skills, and can acquire more by leveling up.
- The story "Remembering Power: Respectable Captain" is available after reaching level 60 and completing Balenos main quest "The Boss, Red Nose."
ㆍYou can obtain the title "Commanding the Seas" by completing this story quest.

Buccaneer Skills

Patraca Mastery

Basic Attack
The basic moves and techniques required to master the use of the Patraca.

Scallywags Assemble!

Passive Skill
Bring together the Slippery Scallywags for battle.



Level Requirement: 1
Use your mastery of the basics to cleave through foes.
- Enhancement/Branch
· Increase AP
· Increase Crit Chance
· Inscribe: Aal
· Inscribe: Serrett


Single Tap

Level Requirement: 1
Launch an infused harpoon to eliminate enemies at range.
- Enhancement/Branch
· Decrease DP
· Bleed
· Super Armor
· Inscribe: Aal
· Inscribe: Labreve



Level Requirement: 1
Pierce through enemies with your Patraca, then fire the harpoon.
- Enhancement/Branch
· Decrease AP
· Reduce Cooldown
· Inscribe: Serrett
· Inscribe: Ahib


Cap'n's Orders: Fire Away!

Level Requirement: 1
Command the Slippery Scallywags to launch the entire anchor at enemies.
- Enhancement/Branch
· Increase AP
· Decrease Move Speed
· Aye Cap'n!
· Inscribe: Ahib
· Inscribe: Labreve


Smooth Sailin'

Level Requirement: 10
Slip by unsuspecting foes before firing the harpoon.
- Enhancement/Branch
- Bleed
· Decrease Move Speed
· Extra Charge
· Increase DP



Level Requirement: 20
Utilize the Patraca's recoil to launch yourself backwards as you fire a shot at foes.
- Enhancement/Branch
· Decrease Attack Speed
· Reduce Cooldown
· Flow: Support Fire


Double Tap

Level Requirement: 30
Load and fire two harpoons in quick succession.
- Enhancement/Branch
· Flow: Triple Tap
· Recover HP
· Bleed
· Inscribe: Serrett
· Inscribe: Labreve



Level Requirement: 40
Hone your focus before firing a harpoon with deadly accuracy.
- Enhancement/Branch
· Decrease AP
· Decrease Move Speed
· Flow: Oceansplitter
· Inscribe: Ahib
· Inscribe: Aal


Captain's Will

Level Requirement: 50
Ready yourself with a renewed focus.
- Enhancement/Branch
· Increase DP
· Reduce Cooldown
· Flow: Slipstream



Level Requirement: 60
Launch an exploding orb to a wide area in front of you.
- Enhancement/Branch
· Decrease Attack Speed
· Increase Range
· Burn


Bon Voyage

Level Requirement: 70
Draw out the power of the mist to strengthen yourself.
- Enhancement/Branch
· Increase Crit Damage
· Increase Black Spirit Skill Damage


With the appearance of Buccaneer and her Slippery Scallywags, the fight for control over the Great Ocean has escalated between Papus and Otters. They are planning to settle the conflict in Battlefield of the Sun, and they are asking for the help of Adventurers!
Partake in battle as Team Papu or Team Otter in the near future!




Developer's Comment

Raven was designed to be able to freely approach the enemy for an attack then quickly retreat with her exceptional mobility.

However, her current gameplay tends to focus more on maintaining distance from the enemy to dodge and attack with her highly effective ranged skills.

With this update, we improved the effectiveness of her melee and mid-range skills to encourage her intended playstyle as a skirmisher. "Flow: Wrathful Invasion" was added to "Wrath of Chaos" to improve damage and mobility, and "Flow: Frenzied Slash" was added to "Unholy Smite" to improve combo potential.


Wrath of Chaos

Increased PvE and PvP damage.
Lv 1: 880% x 2 → 930% x 2
Lv 10: 1144% x 2 → 1209% x 2
Lv 1: 739.2% x 2 → 781.2% x 2
Lv 10: 960.96% x 2 → 1015.56% x 2
- Added "Flow: Wrathful Invasion."
“Flow: Wrathful Invasion”
- Gain 1 crow upon using other skills (up to 4)
- Wrath of Chaos damage +12.5% per crow
- Use the skill with 4 crows to teleport strike and create Crowzone
- Crowzone is created at target destination
- 25% x5 damage of "Wrath of Chaos"
- 5% x5 PvP damage of "Wrath of Chaos"

Unholy Smite

- Added "Flow: Frenzied Slash."
Flow: Frenzied Slash
- Same damage as "'Unholy Smite"
- Max 6 hits
- Super Armor during the skill (Not applied in Arena)
- Knockback on 1st hit
- Knockdown on last hit
- Gain a Shard of Darkness on last hit

Doom Vortex

- Changed how the damage of "Void Zone" is written.
(25% x5 damage of Doom Vortex, 5% x5 PvP damage of Doom Vortex)


Developer's Comment

Gladiator excels at counterplay after blocking enemy attacks with his shield. While his shield is effective in small-scale battles, it is never enough to withstand the onslaught of attacks in large-scale PvP.

Because of this defensive limit, there are times when he must opt for aggressive plays in front of enemy lines.

In this update, we improved Gladiator's offensive capabilities in melee by polishing the fluidity of his combos and increasing the duration of "Take Down."


Charging Thrust

- Improved so that "Shield Charge" and "Spinning Slash" can be used during the running animation.

Spinning Slash

- Improved the skill effects to match the actual attack range.
- Improved the combo fluidity of "Spinning Slash" when used after "Shield Charge."

Ground Smash

- Increased the effect of the skill enhancement, "Recover HP." (350 → 400)

Scars of Dusk

- Increased combo speed.
- Added "Use 80 MP for damage +35%"
- Improved the skill effects to match the actual attack range.
- Added "Cannot be grabbed during the skill."

Take Down

- Improved the sync time between target hit and target grab.

- Improved forward Evasion so that "Spinning Slash," "Ground Smash," or "Scars of Dusk" can be used at any time during Evasion.




- Removed invincibility when interacting with Altar of Memory.

Prior Notice - Gear Crafting

Developer's Comment

We believe that it would've been difficult for new and returning Adventurers to gather the materials needed to craft Chaos gear along their progression.

To minimize the inconveniences that may come from Chaos gear crafting, we decided to improve the positive experience of gear crafting by lowering the material costs.

- The Dimensional Fragments needed to craft [Chaos] gear from [Primal] gear will reduce from 600 to 200 after the scheduled maintenance on Sep 13.
- You can obtain additional Black Stones and Black Crystals when absorbing [Primal] gear.




- Added a "Use All" button to the item UI for Normal/Advanced Combat Buff items and Fortune Scrolls.

- Improved the Dark Energy UI so that the number of Memory Shards given when absorbing Memories will be displayed instead of "???."


- Changed the exchangeable item list in event banners to sort according to availability.

Bug fixes and other changes



- Fixed an issue where "War Horn: Dim Tree Spirit" was obtainable from certain Spoils of Battle in East Valencia.
- Fixed an issue where item links would sometimes not work.


- Fixed an issue where the Merchant Guild Delivery notification was being displayed even when the requirements for Merchant Guild Delivery were not met.
- Fixed an issue where the stats could not be scrolled down in the preview screen for Alchemy Stone Enhancement.




Starting Events

New/Returning Adventurer Login
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 30 (Tue), 2022 - TBA
Rookie Adventurer Ranking!
· Event Period: Sep 1 (Thu), 2022, 00:00 - Sep 26 (Mon), 23:59
New Adventurer Level Up Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 30 (Tue), 2022 - TBA
Monthly Login
· Event Period: Sep 1 (Thu), 2022, 00:00 - Sep 30 (Fri), 23:59
Scallywags' Daily Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 30 (Tue), 2022 - Sep 19 (Mon), 23:59
Slippery Scallywags' Daily Support
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 30 (Tue), 2022 - Sep 12 (Mon), 23:59
Slippery Scallywags' Food Delivery
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 30 (Tue), 2022 - Sep 12 (Mon), 23:59
Bounty Missions! Holy Vial Tier Up
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 30 (Tue), 2022 - Sep 12 (Mon), 23:59

Ending Events
· Collect Wanted Posters!
· Hit or Miss! Hammer of Fortune
· Hammer of Fortune Login Event
· August Weekly Login

Events Ending Soon
· Log-in Event for New/Returning Adventurers
※ This event will end on Oct 14 (Fri), 2022, 23:59.

Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Items

- Special Pack
· Buccaneer Welcome Pack
· Crio's Treasure Chest
· Cap'n's Treasure Chest
· Offin's Lucky Chest

- Armor Outfit: Buccaneer (New Class)
· Desperada (Black Pearl)

- Weapon Outfit: Buccaneer (New Class)
· Desperada (Black Pearl)
· Kibelius (Black Pearl)
· Shudad (Pearl)
· Karlstein (Black Pearl)
· Treant Camouflage (Pearl)
· Desert Camouflage (Pearl)
· Nereid (Black Pearl)

- Weapon Outfit: Corsair
· Desperada (Black Pearl)