[Aug 9 Patch Notes] (Updated)
UPDATES 2022.08.09

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Aug 9 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


Featured Updates

Developer's Comment

We've added a new battle, "Calpheon Defense" to the Battlefield of the Sun.

"Calpheon Defense" is a Siege War-style content that simulates one of the battles that occurred when Calpheon invaded Valencia in the past, though it wasn't officially recorded into history. It can be more lightly enjoyed than an actual Siege War.

Calpheon quickly retreated, unable to overcome the indomitable defense of Valencia. Then, shortly after, Valencia walked out of the castle gates and successfully drove Calpheon off to another castle, leaving Calpheon to do what it could to fend off Valencia's counterattacks.

Adventurers can now participate in a stage that reflects this historic battle and experience Siege War as a member of either Team Calpheon or Team Valencia.

Only a small number of bidding guilds were able to enjoy Siege War, and many Adventurers were unable to participate in a Siege War because of this. In "Calpheon Defense," you'll team up with other Adventurers and be part of the fight!

We've tried to minimize certain factors that can dull the experience, such as the length of standard Siege Wars, while trying to maximize the fun factor. With these changes, you'll be able to enjoy the full experience in less time.

We hope you enjoy the fun of Siege War as you more strategically lead battles using Cannons and Tactical Elephants that you're familiar with in other battlefields.

- "Battlefield of the Sun: Calpheon Defense" was added.
- The maps will rotate for "Battlefield of the Sun: Calpheon Defense."
ㆍThe new map for Calpheon Defense will be available from Aug 15 (Mon) - Aug 21 (Sun).
ㆍBattlefield will now change every week instead of every two weeks in turn.
ㆍBetween Aug 15 (Mon) - Aug 21 (Sun), there will be an event that gives you back the entry fees for Calpheon Defense. We look forward to your participation.
- The currency required to enter the Battlefield of the Sun remains the same.


- The attackers, Team Valencia, must destroy the Holy Artifact within 10 minutes to win.
- The defenders, Team Calpheon, must protect the Holy Artifact for 10 minutes to win.
- Each team starts with 4 Cannons.
ㆍFiring cannons will not only deal damage to enemy Adventurers but all targeted objects as well. (Outer Gate, Gate Sentry, Holy Artifact, Guard Tower, enemy Cannons, enemy Tactical Elephants) 
- 4 additional cannons will be deployed for Team Valencia after a certain time into the match.
- Cannons that hit the Outer Gate will deal fixed damage based on max HP.
- The additional damage for Cannons from alchemy stones will also apply.
- The CP of the canoneer does not affect the Cannon's damage.

- After a certain time into the match, 1 Tactical Elephant will be deployed for Team Valencia on both the left and right advance routes, and a total of 4 Tactical Elephants will be placed.
- Elephant damage bonuses from alchemy stones do not apply to Tactical Elephants.
- Tactical Elephants will collide with and attack any enemies in front of them every 3 seconds.
- Tactical Elephants will drop bombs that will explode in about 1.5 seconds upon tapping the Tactical Bomb button.
ㆍBomb explosions will deal AoE damage and inflict stun to nearby enemies, similar to Cannon attacks.
- You will not take damage when mounted on a Tactical Elephant. When the Tactical Elephant is defeated, you will automatically dismount.
- You cannot capture a Respawn Point while mounted on a Tactical Elephant.

- There are Outer Gates on both of the advance routes to the left and right of the Holy Artifact.
- If you are a defender, you can freely enter and exit the routes on both sides of the Outer Gate.
- If you are an attacker, you cannot move past the Outer Gate until you destroy it.
- On the outer side of the Outer Gate, there are 2 Gate Sentries that deal a great amount of damage to Adventurers.

 - There are Respawn Points that can be captured within the Outer Gate, one on each side (left and right).
- Team Valencia will initially participate in the battle from one of the Respawn Points at random, and will be able to select the Respawn Point when reviving.

Elite Guild Raid

Developer's Comment

We'd like to introduce our new guild content, the Elite Guild Raid. "Guild" may remind you of PvP content such as Node Wars and Siege Wars. We aimed for creating content where guild members can form stronger bonds with the same goal in mind from within their guild, without thinking about competition between guilds.

Elite Guild Raid is content in which guild members create a party to defeat bosses. It has more depth to it compared to Guild Rush.

You can enter a higher level each time you defeat the bosses, and one of the guild's weekly entries will be consumed immediately upon entering, even if you fail to defeat the bosses. A successful offense will require you to think carefully while carrying out proper cooperation, communication, and strategy planning with other guild members.

In this update, the boss "Urugon" spawns together with "Loure Ravi," who could also be called Urugon's soulmate. They display greater power when they're together, with one going into a frenzy should the other fall. Carry out immaculate strategies with your guild members to split their strength, counterattack, avoid frenzy, and efficiently defeat the boss!

- The Elite Guild Raid, co-op content where 8 to 10 guild members can participate, was added.
ㆍYou can access it via Guild - Content - Elite Guild Raid menu.
ㆍYou can enter in a party, and only Guild Masters and Guild Officers can create a party.
ㆍThe Party creator can invite guild members and enter.
- Guild members who've joined the guild that week cannot participate, similar to Node Wars and Siege Wars.
- Elite Guild Raid can be entered once per week.
ㆍGuilds will have two extra entries for two weeks after maintenance on Aug 9 (Tue), in celebration of the newly added content.
ㆍYou can re-enter the Elite Guild Raid if there's remaining time. However, the weekly entry will be consumed if time runs out, regardless of whether it is cleared.
- You have 10 minutes to clear each stage for the Elite Guild Raid.
- Urugon will spawn in the Elite Guild Raid. There are a total of 20 levels.
- Guilds that have cleared the highest level so far will be listed on the Elite Guild Raid rankings in time order.
- Upon clearing an Elite Guild Raid, you can obtain Guild Funds, Guild EXP, and Guild Quest Points proportionate to the number of participants.
- To enter the next level after clearing Elite Guild Raid, you must first exit the party and create a new room.

- The guild can acquire one of the four guild passive skills below as a reward for initially completing each level.
ㆍThe acquired skills will only apply to guild members.

Tier Skill Effect
Node/Siege: Invigorate Lv 1 Max HP +1000 in Node/Siege War
Atumach: Invigorate Lv 1 Max HP +1000 in Atumach
Black Sun: Invigorate Lv 1 Max HP +1000 in Black Sun
Nightmare: Invigorate Lv 1 Max HP +1000 in Twisted Nightmare
Node/Siege: Invigorate Lv 2 Max HP +2000 in Node/Siege War
Atumach: Invigorate Lv 2 Max HP +2000 in Atumach
Black Sun: Invigorate Lv 2 Max HP +2000 in Black Sun
Nightmare: Invigorate Lv 2 Max HP +2000 in Twisted Nightmare
Node/Siege: Invigorate Lv 3 Max HP +3000 in Node/Siege War
10  Atumach: Invigorate Lv 3 Max HP +3000 in Atumach
11  Black Sun: Invigorate Lv 3 Max HP +3000 in Black Sun
12  Nightmare: Invigorate Lv 3 Max HP +3000 in Twisted Nightmare
13  Node/Siege: Invigorate Lv 4 Max HP +4000 in Node/Siege War
14  Atumach: Invigorate Lv 4 Max HP +4000 in Atumach
15  Black Sun: Invigorate Lv 4 Max HP +4000 in Black Sun
16  Nightmare: Invigorate Lv 4 Max HP +4000 in Twisted Nightmare
17  Node/Siege: Invigorate Lv 5 Max HP +5000 in Node/Siege War
18  Atumach: Invigorate Lv 5 Max HP +5000 in Atumach
19  Black Sun: Invigorate Lv 5 Max HP +5000 in Black Sun
20  Nightmare: Invigorate Lv 5 Max HP +5000 in Twisted Nightmare

- The Adventurer who've contributed the most in clearing a level can obtain [Glorious Raid Reward] depending on the rewards of the stage.
ㆍUpon using the [Glorious Raid Reward], you can send [Glorious Elite Raid's Bundle] via Guild Gifts to all guild members.
ㆍYou can obtain [Ah'krad] and [Tangled Time] from [Glorious Elite Raid's Bundle].
ㆍAll party members who've participated can obtain [Dimensional Fragment] x100 as a reward upon completion.


Developer's Comment

Lotus, Blade Master, Sura, and Destroyer are classes with quick and precise movement skills. You can either move to a desired location to wait for an attack, or choose to counterattack or evade, depending on how your enemies act.

However, despite having substantial opportunity to attack in large-scale PvP content, their overall damage would still be lackluster, as it is difficult to perform as many combos as Adventurers may have wanted to. We improved the ease of skill combos and the cast speed of certain core skills so that these opportunities can be better utilized.

Blood Moon

- Increased attack speed.
- Improved to combo more quickly into Blooming Divide.
- Increased PvP damage.
Lv 1: 313.95%, Max 7 hits → 345.34%, Max 7 hits
Lv 10: 376.74%, Max 7 hits → 414.41%, Max 7 hits
- Changed "Flow: Focus" to "Flow: Finesse".

“Flow: Finesse”
- Same damage as Blood Moon
- Max 7 hits
- Super Armor during the skill
- Cannot be grabbed when in stealth
- Knockback on hit

Flash Step

- Increased PvP damage.
Lv 1: 393.75%, Max 6 hits → 432.3%, Max 6 hits
Lv 10: 511.87%, Max 6 hits → 562.1%, Max 6 hits
“Flow: Secret Sword”
- Improved so that you can use Evasion during the skill.
- Increased travel distance of 1st hit.


- Improved to combo into "Flow: Vibrant Petals" after Evasion.
- Increased the range of the first hit of "Flow: Vibrant Petals."
- Increased attack speed of the last hit of "Flow: Vibrant Petals."
- Increased PvP damage.
Lv 1: 273.7%, Max 5 hits → 301.07%, Max 5 hits
Lv 10: 355.81%, Max 5 hits → 391.39%, Max 5 hits

Blooming Divide

- Increased PvP damage.
Lv 1: 315.46% x5 → 378% x 5 
Lv 10: 425.88% x5 → 510% x 5


- Decreased the time you can perform additional attacks after "Flow: Fluttering Petals."

Flower's Remaining Scent

- Changed "All skill damage +10% for 3 sec when attacked" to "All skill damage +15% for 5 sec when attacked."
"Flow: Strong Scent"
- Improved the "Flower's Remaining Scent" effect to not be nullified upon using "Flash Step."


- Improved "Super Armor during additional attack" to be applied in Arena .
- Increased cast speed.

Rising Storm

- Increased cast speed.


- Improved to combo more quickly into Squall after "Rising Storm" or "Flow: Blue Cloud."
- Increased PvP damage.
Lv 1: 335.85%, Max 4 hits → 402%, Max 4 hits
Lv 10 : 436.61%, Max 4 hits → 523.2%, Max 4 hits

Charged Shot

- Improved to combo into other skills more quickly.

Resonant Blade

- Removed the "Crit Damage decrease" effect.


- Increased attack speed and range.
- Changed "Knock-up on last hit" to "Knockdown on last hit."
“Flow: Explostrike”
- Increased attack speed and range.
- Added skill descriptions. (Daze on 1st hit, Knockdown on last hit)

Fire Bomb

- Decreased MP cost to 10. (20 → 10).

Funeral Blast

- Improved to combo into "Flame Buster" after "Funeral Blast."


- Added "Flow: Additional Fuel."
“Flow: Additional Fuel”
- Use 60 MP for additional movement

Tectonic Rift

- Added "Super Armor during the skill" (Not applied in Arena).
- Added "Flow: Table Flip."
“Flow: Table Flip”
- Attack while moving and increase range upon activation
- Same damage as Tectonic Rift
- Max 3 hits


Shadow Cloak

- Improved to combo into "Afterimage" after teleport strike.

Asura's Wrath

- Increased cast speed.

Desire to Kill

- Improved "First skill damage +50% when in stealth" to not be spent on "Shadow Cloak" teleport strike.

Developer's Comment

It was difficult for Titan to deal a decent amount of damage through combos after a grab.

In this update, we improved "Raging Thunder" and "Fearsome Tyrant" so that they can be chained after a grab, and increased the total damage.
Moreover, we adjusted and added debuffs to his core skills so that combos can be maintained more easily.

The distance of "Falling Rock" during Beast Form has been increased to improve his ability to engage the enemy. Also, "Raging Thunder" and "Beastly Wind Slash" now have stronger effects during Beast Form.

We hope that with this update, Titan will be able to show off his beastly characteristics in both small-scale and large-scale PvP content.

Falling Rock

- Increased distance during Beast Form.
- Improved so that the skill can combo into "Raging Thunder."
- Adjusted the damage of "Flow: Instill Fear" from 400% to 500%.


- Added "Knockback on hit."
- Changed "Knockback on hit" of the additional attack to "Knockdown on hit."

Raging Thunder

- Increased attack speed when used in a combo.
- Changed "Knockback on last hit" to "Knockdown on last hit."
- Increased move speed and attack range during Beast Form.


- Improved so that the skill can combo into "Raging Thunder" and "Fearsome Tyrant" after the last hit.
- Improved so that the skill can be cast while moving after the first hit lands.

Fearsome Tyrant

- Increased max hits by 1. (Max 5 hits → Max 6 hits)
- Improved so that grab skills can be cast while using "Fearsome Tyrant."

Beastly Wind Slash

- Improved so that the skill can combo into "Raging Thunder" during Beast Form.

Lava Piercer

- Adjusted the damage of "Flow: Instill Fear" from 400% to 500%.

Giant's Roar

- Increased "Skill damage +10% for 30 sec on skill use" effect to +20%.


- Decreased the additional skill damage from "Unshackled" applied to "Eagle Drop" and "Lights Out" by 10%. (130% → 120%)
- Increased Monster Damage on skill use by 5%. (10% → 15%)

Bug Fixes

- [Drakania] Fixed an issue where the character would sometimes be unable to lock onto an enemy after using Evasion.
- [Shai] Fixed an issue where Aal-inscribed "Flow: I'm Performing Here!" of "Yoo-Hoo!" would summon a bear even if the MP requirement was not met.
- [Shai] Fixed an issue where "Flow: Here We Go!" of "Shoo!" was applying "Decrease AP" on hit instead of "Decrease DP" when Musical Genius is active.
- [Lancer] Fixed an issue where "Increase DP" of "Divine Guard" was not being applied.
- [Gladiator] Fixed an issue where "Heavy Strike" would not apply "Increase AP" if a branch was inscribed.
- [Gladiator] Fixed an issue where "Knockdown on last hit" was omitted from the description of "Spinning Slash."
- [Yacha] Fixed an issue where the time it took to reach max running speed was abnormal after using Evasion.
- [Void Knight, Phantasma] Fixed an issue where some parts of the Vediras outfit would appear transparent in certain customization menus.
- [Huntress] Fixed an issue where the apron part of the Audria outfit would render incorrectly.
- [Void Knight] Fixed an issue where the main hand would render incorrectly if a weapon outfit was equipped.
- [Corsair, Kunoichi] Fixed an issue where certain dye parts of the Marine Romance outfit would render incorrectly.




- Added new treasure [Foretta's Blessed Potion].
- Foretta's Blessed Potion recovers 700 HP upon use, and can be used infinitely.
※ Materials: Hadum's Lantern, Kamasylve's Delicate Leaf, Atanis' Tranquility
- Materials previously registered to Ornette's Blessed Potion will be transferred automatically to Foretta's Blessed Potion.
  ㆍ Adventurers who already registered Hadum's Lantern, Kamasylve's Delicate Leaf, and Atanis' Tranquility to Ornette's Blessed Potion prior to the update can immediately craft Foretta's Blessed Potion in the Treasure menu.

- Adjusted the crafting recipe of [Ornette's Blessed Potion].
※ Previous Materials: Hadum's Lantern, Kamasylve's Delicate Leaf, Atanis' Tranquility, Cipher of Light, Ancient Seed
※ Updated Materials: Foretta's Blessed Potion, Cipher of Light, Ancient Seed
- Foretta's Blessed Potion can only be registered after Cipher of Light and Ancient Seed have been registered.
ㆍAdventurers who already acquired Ornette's Blessed Potion prior to the update will be able to use the item without any changes.
- If Ornette's Blessed Potion (15 Days) is present in your inventory, Foretta's Blessed Potion will not appear in the potion widget at the bottom of the screen.
- Foretta's Blessed Potion will appear as usual once Ornette's Blessed Potion (15 Days) expires.


- Extended weekend open times for Ramoness to 24 hours.


- Improved Member Protection so that a timer will be shown if protection cannot be applied.
- Changed so that guild members who defeat enemy guild members in war will not be able to leave the guild for 24 hours.

Black Sun

- Changed Black Sun Points to deduct upon death even if Adventurers are defeated by factors other than PvP.


- Added acquisition info to the descriptions of [Blazing Chaos Crystal] and [War Horn: Cadry Gatekeeper].
- Added certain items to the list of items available for recovery/repurchase.
※ Applies to: Giath's Helmet, Red Nose's Armor, Bheg's Gloves, Muskan's Shoes, Absolute Giath's Helmet, Absolute Red Nose's Armor, Absolute Bheg's Gloves, Absolute Muskan's Shoes, Chaos Earrings, Jade Earrings, Luthragon Earrings, Empty Crystal, Refined Empty Crystal


- Added an icon in the Side Story menu that indicates if a story is in progress.


- Improved the chances of obtaining the knowledge of "Desert Fogan Gatekeeper" in Great Desert.
- Added a Black Spirit Guide about auto-accepting party content when available for Adventurers with Black Spirit Level 200 or below.


- The objectives of certain quests will be adjusted with the update maintenance on Aug 16.
- Changed the objective of Chaos Alchemy Stone quest "Even Greater Power."
ㆍ"Bounty Missions x15" → "Special Boss Rush x15"
- Changed the objective of Chaos Alchemy Stone quest "The Brightest Light."
ㆍ"Purchase from Patrigio x150" → "Path of Glory Rift 8 or above"




- Improved Great Desert sub-quest items (Letter Buried in Sand, etc) so that they can be used consecutively after each quest if they are present in the inventory.


- Improved the description of Ah'krad to specify usage.
- Improved overall resolution to provide better gameplay environment.
- Improved the graphics settings on certain devices so that it can be set to the highest settings.

Bug fixes and other changes



- Fixed an issue where it appeared as if no stats were being applied when equipping/unequipping Lightstones.
- Fixed an issue where other Adventurers would sometimes appear to engage in battle while mounted.
- Fixed an issue where Jack-o'-Lanterns would spawn in certain out-of-bounds areas in Dias Farmlands.


- Fixed an issue where Outlaw Zone could not be activated in towns.
- Fixed an issue where AMD FSR 1.0 would not apply after restarting the game.



Starting Events

August Login Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 9, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 15 (Mon), 23:59
Calpheon Kitty Login Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 9, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 15 (Mon), 23:59
Lucky Roulette Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 9, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 15 (Mon), 23:59
Elite Guild Raid: Urugon Challenge Events
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 9, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 15 (Mon), 23:59

Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Items

- Emblems n' Stones Lucky Shop
- Tap [here] to check the rates for Emblems n' Stones Lucky Shop.

- Lucky Shop Pack
· Weekly Limited Lucky Pack
· Emblem & Lucky Shop Pack
· Alchemy Stone & Lucky Shop Pack