[Mar 26 Patch Notes] (Updated)
UPDATES 2024.03.26

Patch Notes


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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Mar 26 (Tue) are here!
Adventurers, please see the newly applied patch notes and enjoy an even more exciting adventure.

※ All screenshots in the text were taken from the test server and there may be differences from the actual update content.
If there are any discrepancies between the content of the patch notes and what is applied in the game, please let us know through the support center.




Featured Updates - Restricted Zone

Developer Commentary:

Recently, the merchants who come and go on the trade routes connected to Valencia City have been troubled due to the unprecedented enemy attacks or destruction of their goods for reasons unknown. And the mysterious verdant fog, source unknown, has been adding to the troubles as it slowly encroaches upon Valencia.

News of the troubles have reached the royal family of Valencia. King Shahzad Nesser of Valencia, sensing the seriousness of the matter, has placed a restriction on the zone. He has also announced that he'll find an Adventurer with special qualifications for a thorough investigation on this matter.

What would make one qualify in the eyes of the king? Also, who shall be the one to venture into the danger-ridden Restricted Zone and complete the mission?

- Added the new Story - "Fogworn City."
ㆍ Complete the East Valencia main quest "Aal's Spring" to unlock the story.
ㆍ Upon completion of the story, you will acquire Knowledge that increases stats.

- Once you complete the Story - "Fogworn City" and meet the CP requirement, the hidden quest "Royal Order" will appear.
ㆍ After the CP ranking is tallied every day at midnight, the quest will arrive for adventurers who reached a CP placing them in the top 1,000 across all servers on that day.
ㆍ The "Royal Order" quest can be accepted and completed once per week.

- Once you've completed the "Royal Order" quest, you will receive a [Royal Written Order].
ㆍ If you tap the "Visit" button from the [Royal Written Order], you will move to the King of Valencia NPC, Shahzad Nesser.

- You can accept the quest "Special Investigators" by talking to Shahzad Nesser after completing the quest "Royal Order."

- Upon completing the quest "Special Investigators," you will obtain a [Restricted Zone Pass].
ㆍ The [Restricted Zone Pass] must be used within 24 hours upon obtaining it, and can be sold to vendors once it expires.
ㆍ If you have a [Restricted Zone Pass], you can enter the restricted area the next day, even if your CP places you under the top 1,000 in the all-server ranking, as long as the item has not expired.

- Added new zones "Restricted Zone Entrance" and "Restricted Zone" to East Valencia.

- Talk to Al Ahrmin at the Restricted Zone Entrance and use a [Restricted Zone Pass] to enter the Restricted Zone.

- Using a [Restricted Zone Pass] grants you 60 minutes for entry.
ㆍ Like the Chaos Rift, entry time will be spent even if you leave the zone. However, time will not decrease when logged out.
ㆍ Hot Time and Server Hot Time buffs are not applied in the Restricted Zone.

- Three types of monsters appear depending on the character's location in the Restricted Zone.

Monster Type CP Spawn Location
Oozing Normal Outer Restricted Zone
Fogfallen High Inner Restricted Zone
Darkgloom Very High Deep Within the Restricted Zone

- "Murderous" monsters will spawn for a specific number of each type of monster defeated.
ㆍ You can obtain special rewards at a set chance when you defeat a "Murderous" monster.

Monster Type Number That Must Be Defeated to Spawn "Murderous" Monster
Oozing 500
Fogfallen 170
Darkgloom 70

- In the Restricted Zone, you can obtain [Shadow Whispers] from Spoils of Battle and by defeating "Murderous" monsters.
ㆍ [Shadow Whispers] can be registered on the Market and more "How to Obtain" options will be added through a future Guild Rush update.

- Added a new item [Fogbound Crystal].
ㆍ You can obtain Fogbound Crystals by defeating "Murderous" monsters in the Restricted Zone or craft them using crafting recipes.
ㆍ Luminescent Crystal x100, Shadow Whispers x1, and Ah'krad x1 are used as materials.
ㆍ Fogbound Crystals are used as Rune enhancement material.



Featured Updates - Black Spirit Rune

- Increased the max enhancement level to +20 for Black Spirit Runes.
Rune Enhancement Level Rune Enhancement Material
+10, +15 Unenhanced Primal Rune
+11 - 14, +16 - 20 Fogbound Crystal

- Added rune enhancement total for Resonance.
- Resonance is divided into 16 levels.
ㆍ AP and DP will increase based on the enhancement total.

Resonance Level Rune Enhancement Total Stats
1st 10 AP +5, DP +5
2nd 20 AP +11, DP +11
3rd 30 AP +17, DP +17
4th 40 AP +24, DP +24
5th 50 AP +31, DP +31
6th 60 AP +39, DP +39
7th 70 AP +47, DP +47
8th 80 AP +56, DP +56
9th 90 AP +65, DP +65
10th 100 AP +75, DP +75
11th 110 AP +85, DP +85
12th 120 AP +96, DP +96
13th 130 AP +108, DP +108
14th 140 AP +121, DP +121
15th 150 AP +135, DP +135
16th 160 AP +150, DP +150

- The restoration materials for Black Spirit Rune Enhancement from +11 to +20 are as follows.
Rune Type Restoration Material
Elion Rune 1.5 billion Silver or Edana's Coin x30,000
Hadum Rune Restoration Scroll x2,500



Content Revamp

Developer Commentary:

With this update, the Path of Glory Family content and World Boss content in which you gather forces with other Adventurers were revamped.

First, we've adjusted Path of Glory Rift difficulty levels. We've removed the earlier difficulties and added more challenging difficulties later on due to the overall increase in Family CP since the addition of season characters.

Also, we've added Eternal Emblems as a reward for Path of Glory. Emblems are the main reward for Path of Glory as they increase Family CP. We've added Eternal Emblems so that it can be a new objective to accomplish for the increase in Family CP as there are other Family content including Constellation.

Previously, the reward multiplier was determined after completing all the waves in Path of Glory, but with this update, we've removed the system for how the reward multiplier was determined and made improvements so that you are now guaranteed around double the previous rewards.

Next, we've revamped World Boss rewards. You could obtain a variety of rewards based on the rank determined by damage dealt to the World Bosses you defeated on schedule with Adventurers on the same server.

With the overall increase in CP for our Adventurers, we've improved the rewards to be more useful ones and made the rewards more unique for each boss to provide our Adventurers a clearer objective in obtaining these rewards.

We hope that the revamped Path of Glory and World Boss content will make your adventure even more enjoyable.



- Revamped Path of Glory difficulties.
ㆍ The total number of rifts remains the same at 25.

Rift Difficulty Level Required Family CP
Rift 24 310,000
Rift 25 330,000

- You can obtain Emblems at a set chance upon completing all Rifts.

Rift Difficulty Level Obtainable Emblems
Rift 1 - 10 Emblem of Brilliance/Radiance/Glory
Rift 11 - 20 Chaos Emblem Schematic, Emblem of Brilliance/Radiance/Glory
Rift 21 - 25 Eternal Emblem Schematic, Chaos Emblem Schematic, Emblem of Brilliance/Radiance/Glory

- You will double the rewards obtained pre-revamp upon completing a rift.
ㆍ Removed the reward multipliers determined upon completion of the last wave of Rifts 10 and above.
- All Alchemy Stone related items will be excluded from the list of rewards for all difficulties.

- Added crafting recipes for Eternal Emblems.
ㆍ There are two types of Eternal Emblem crafting recipes, both of which guarantees results.
ㆍ The enhancement level and Gemstones of the Chaos Emblem used as the material will be transferred.

Crafting Recipe Required Materials
Recipe 1 Chaos Emblem, Voidsent Eye x25, Chaos Jewel x5, Ah'krad x15
Recipe 2 Chaos Emblem, Eternal Emblem Schematic

- You can craft a [Chaos Emblem] using a [Chaos Emblem Schematic] and [Primal Emblem] as materials.

Crafting Recipe Required Materials
Current Recipe Primal Emblem, Chaos Jewel x1 (Chance) 
Primal Emblem, Faded Glory x7 (Guaranteed)
Additional Recipe Primal Emblem, Chaos Emblem Schematic (Guaranteed)

- The enhancement level and Gemstones of the Primal Emblem used as the material will be transferred.

- Increased the level for Gemstones to 150.
- The unlock requirements for each Gemstone vary depending on the Emblem grade, as outlined below.


Emblem Grade Equippable Gemstone Enhancement Level
Gemstone of Valor Gemstone of Equanimity Gemstone of Ferocity
Eternal Emblem 4 11 21
Chaos Emblem 8 16 27
Emblem of Glory 10 20 30

- You can obtain an [Eternal Emblem Schematic] or a [Chaos Emblem Schematic] at a set chance upon completing Tus' Nest.

- When absorbing dark energy from the Black Spirit, you can obtain items as follows for each Emblem Schematic.
ㆍ The quantity of items obtained when absorbing the Emblem Schematic is identical to when you absorb Emblems that can be equipped.

Emblem Type Items Obtained
Eternal Emblem Schematic Badge of Glory x14,000, Tus' Breath x125
Chaos Emblem Schematic Badge of Glory x8,000

- Badge of Glory and Tus' Breath are registrable on the Market.

※ The following measures have been taken for the entry counts and entry pass items you had before the update maintenance:
- All basic/extra entries have been reset.
ㆍ We have sent you the "(Old) Path of Glory S10 Entry Pass" equivalent to the number of entries you had.
- Changed the Path of Glory S10 Entry Passes in possession to [(Old) Path of Glory S10 Entry Pass].
ㆍ The "Path of Glory S10 Entry Pass" included in the chest has been changed to "(Old) Path of Glory S10 Entry Pass."
- When using the "(Old) Path of Glory S10 Entry Pass," you will receive a reward with a x1.5 multiplier based on the completion reward of the pre-revision Rift 25, Wave 5.
※ On Mar 26 (Tue), we sent a "Path of Glory S10 Entry Pass" to the mailbox of adventurers who did not receive the available entries for Path of Glory. You can collect the mail until 00:00 on Apr 10 (Wed).

- Changed Season 10 Tus" Nest Map Pieces in possession to [(Old) Season 10 Tus" Nest Map Piece].
- When using "(Old) Season 10 Tus' Nest Map Piece," you will obtain a reward equivalent to 1/20 of the previous Tus' Nest rewards.
ㆍ The chance of obtaining an Abyssal or Primal grade Emblem when using the item is the same as 1/20 of the original rate.
ㆍ When using the item, Everfrost Energy will not fill up.

- Revamped the rewards obtained from defeating World Bosses.
ㆍ The quantity of items obtained varies depending on the rank of the damage inflicted.

ㆍ Excluded certain items obtained at a set chance upon defeating Muraka's Specter.

Boss Type Guaranteed Rewards Rewards Obtained at a Chance
Chaos Muraka - Dimensional Fragment
- Dark Sculpture
- Chaos Crystal
- Pristine Black Crystal
- Tangled Time
- Chaos Core
- Spellbound Glyph
- Obtain one of the following items at a set chance:
ㆍ Ancient Inscribed Glyph
ㆍ Caphras Secret Book Page
ㆍ Lapis Lazuli
ㆍ Dark Coin
ㆍ Elion Abyssal Weapon Chest (excluding Specter)
ㆍ Elion Abyssal Defense Gear Chest (excluding Specter)
ㆍ [Abyssal] Condensed Dark Energy Chest (excluding Specter)
Tukar Laytenn - Edana's Coin
- [Abyssal] Condensed Dark Energy Chest
- Refined Black Crystal Pouch
- Thunder God's Fragment
- Chaos Element
- Luminescent Crystal
- Thunder God's Shoes
- Thunder God's Power Core
- [Mystical-Primal] Hadum Rune Chest
- [Rare-Epic] Hadum Rune Chest

- Obtain one of the following items at a set chance:
ㆍ Primal Elion Rune Chest
ㆍ Abyssal Elion Rune Chest
ㆍ Mystical Elion Rune Chest
ㆍ Epic Elion Rune Chest
ㆍ Unique Elion Rune Chest
ㆍ [Mystical-Primal] Elion Rune Chest
ㆍ [Rare-Epic] Elion Rune Chest
Ahib's Griffon - Ah'krad
- [Abyssal] Relic Chest
- Root of Sorcery
- Griffon's Feather
- Twisted Time
- Obsidian Crystal
- Mysterious Ah'krad Crystal
- Dark Coin
- Dark Lord's Mane
Katzvariak - Twisted Time
- Katzvariak's Scales
- Ah'krad
- Root of Sorcery
- Dark Coin
- Charm of Succession
- Sealed Charm of Succession
- Unknown Memory (Helmet)


Developer Commentary:

Invincibility, one of the most powerful guard types in Black Desert Mobile, was added to enhance survival in dangerous situations.

However, the skills from which invincibility were applied vary for each class, and in some cases, Invincibility not only boosted the survival rate, but often led to situations where the opponent felt powerless.

Thus, while Invincibility afforded survivability, it led to excessive overall performance. We have continued to iterate and work through various ways to improve upon this way of gaining the upper hand in combat.

In response, a new guard type called ""Damage Reduction"" has been added through the recent update, and is based on new standards for how Invincibility skills will be handled for all classes.

While Invincibility has been maintained through techniques that make a character completely disappear from sight or evasion, for skills that apply effects such as Super Armor, damage reduction, and cannot be grabbed,
we've made changes so that the character can maintain survivability while still taking some damage.

- Changed the total damage reduction stats from 75% to 90% while "Damage Reduction" is applied.
- Changed Invincibility skills to apply Damage Reduction, Super Armor, and cannot be grabbed excluding skills where the character completely disappears from sight or applies Invincibility during grab or Evasion.
- Changed "Forward Guard," "Rear Super Armor," and "Cannot be grabbed" to "Super Armor," "Damage Reduction," and "Cannot be grabbed" for Succession Skills.

Developer Commentary:

While updating the invincibility skills of all classes based on a new standard, we thought other changes also were necessary in cases where Invincibility would be applied through passive effects for some classes.

However, to maintain the original utility of these skills to keep a character out of harm's way, changes have been made to apply the effects of Damage Reduction and Super Armor.

Along with this, we've also made balance adjustments to Choryeong, as it's one of the more challenging classes to face as she excels at dealing damage from a distance, and combined with her high-damage skills it creates a powerful synergy.

We've reduced the damage of certain skills that felt excessively high, while simultaneously decreasing the number of times you can use movement skills, requiring more caution against enemies approaching from a distance.


- Changed "Invincibility" to "Damage Reduction" and "Super Armor."
- Changed "Super Armor" and "Damage Reduction" to be maintained for 1.5 sec after skill use.


Flower's Remaining Scent
- Changed "Invinciblity" of the skill enhancement "Strong Scent" to "Damage Reduction," "Super Armor," and "Cannot be grabbed."



Foxspirit Conduit
- Changed "Invincibility" for "Will of the Fox" to "Damage Reduction" and "Super Armor."




Seocheon Field
- Decreased skill charges from 3 to 2. Decreased charges from 4 to 3 with the skill enhancement applied.

- Adjusted PvP damage.

Lv 1: 566.20% → 509.58%
Lv 10: 736.06% → 662.45%


Perilous Waltz
- Changed skill combos to not be available.



Soul Shower
- Adjusted PvP damage.

Lv 1: 179.56% → 161.60%
Lv 10: 233.43% → 210.08%



Blooming Death
- Adjusted PvP damage.


Lv 1 : 218.23% → 185.50%

Lv 10 : 283.70% → 241.15%



Sari Flower
- Adjusted PvP damage.

850% → 450%




Perilous Waltz (Succession Skill)
- Changed skill combos to not be available.




Frenzied Bishop
- Improved Shield Blitz to be used after the skill enhancement "Frozen Root" is triggered when using the skill during auto-combat.



Aerial Burst
- Improved to combo more quickly into other skills.



Gravity Anchor
- Improved to move a minimum distance even if not immediately depending on the network environment when using the skill enhanced with "Flow: Ultra Pull."




Developer Commentary:

Treasures are rare items that are discovered only when you find the exact answer to the hidden meaning behind the hints that you have to unravel like a riddle.

Most Treasures have been found thanks to the riddle-solving abilities of many of our Adventurers, but there is one Treasure that remains undiscovered all across the world. That Treasure is the Merchant’s Ring.

With this update, we wanted to announce that one of the hints required to obtain Blue Audria, one of the materials for crafting Merchant’s Ring, has been changed.

The previous hint “bluish resolve” referred to one of the Chaos entry materials, 100 Guardian’s Orbs.

This hint may not seem so fascinating now as it has been revealed, but it also was a hint that was difficult to find answers to during normal gameplay.

We have an update regarding Chaos Rifts scheduled for two weeks from now, and with that in mind, we’ve changed the hint for Blue Audria to another item as Guardian’s Orbs will no longer be available in Black Desert Mobile.

Blue Audria is a Treasure material for which many of our Adventurers shared information on in various ways and have attempted to obtain. The new hint “unfathomable blue” for Blue Audria indicates an item that has been in-game even in August of 2022 when Merchant’s Ring was updated and may be an item brought up by our Adventurers. Other requirements for obtaining the Merchant’s Ring remains the same.

We hope that this new hint takes you a step closer to the creation of a “magnate.” 

▲ Changed item description for Blue Audria

- Changed the acquisition requirement and hint text for the Treasure material [Blue Audria].

- Added Young Blue Dragon for Pet Memories.


- Changed to obtain items immediately upon completing content such as Boss Rush, Constellation, Great Desert Temples, and more.
- Changed content including Boss Rush and Constellation to be accessible with at least 20 empty inventory slots.


- Changed to be able to apply tier 2 to 3 Blessing of Light with a certain amount of Holy Vials of Light in Tier 1 Blessing of Light.
ㆍ If "Auto-Use Holy Vials of Light" is turned on, the Holy Vials of Light will be used automatically and the tier of Blessing of Light will be adjusted.
- Changed to display the currently applied stats instead of the max in Tier 1 Blessing of Light.
- Changed to display "No Holy Vial of Light Cost" for the icon when set to Tier 1 Blessing of Light.

- Changed the quest completion reward for the quests "The Desert's Many Faces" and "Valencia and Calpheon" from the Story - "Crimson Winds of the Desert" to [Epic-Abyssal] Elion Rune Chest.


- Improved the character to not return to the starting point for auto-combat when target locking special bosses including Great Desert's Apocros, Guild Rush bosses, and more.
- Improved to confirm the Family name even when tapping Enter or Tab after entering the Family name from the Redeem Coupon page on the Official Forum.
- Improved to display a notification when you are unable to use the Conqueror's Scroll.
- Added the max amount purchasable for items on the Market.
- Cherry blossoms have arrived with spring in Black Desert Mobile.
· You can see cherry blossom decorations around places in Black Desert Mobile until the maintenance on Apr 9 (Tue).



- Added a confirmation window to display regarding crafting more of Eternal Accessories and Dawnveil Gear already in possession.
- Added a confirmation window to display for crafting a Charm of Succession of a lower grade or the identical grade of the Charm of Succession in possession.

Error Fixes

- [Eclipse] Fixed an issue where the Star's Breath effect was not applied when using "Remise."
- [Buccaneer] Fixed an issue where the extra hit effect of Captain's Will would apply to the flow skill of Trickshot.
- [Buccaneer] Fixed an issue where "Captain's Will" would apply to all hits when using "Double Tap."
ㆍ It only applies to the 1st hit.
- [Primrose] Fixed an issue where "Glacial Wall" would combo into "Frost Flower" even with auto-use turned off.
- [Huntress] Fixed an issue where the Super Armor effect was applied when using the Succession Skill "Gale Harvest" in the Arena.
- [Void Knight/Phantasma] Fixed an issue where the Rosa Cassius outfit was displayed abnormally in certain situations while wearing it.
- [Drakania] Fixed an issue where the Super Armor icon was displayed on the Succession Skill "Aerial Burst."
- [Huntress] Fixed an issue where the Blessing of the Wind passive skill effect was not applied to the Arrow Covering the Sky of the Descending Current skill.
- Fixed an issue where the character was stuck in certain terrain in the Land of the Morning Light.
- [Lotus] Fixed an issue where the use of the skill "Chaos" would automatically trigger "Midnight Requiem" on the 2nd hit in certain situations.

- Fixed an issue where Black Spirit's Escape could be used in PvP content such as the Battlefield of the Sun, Atumach, and the Normal Arena.
- Fixed an issue where the tap area of some hyperlinks differed from the displayed area.
- Fixed an issue where the character would fall off your horse when using the Broken Altar in the Night of Vengeful Souls.
- Fixed an issue where vibrations would occur in other scenarios when "Settings - Game - Vibrates when hit by other adventurer" was turned on.
- Fixed an issue where some visual effects would not play after entering Sleep Mode and moving to another area.
- Fixed an issue where, at times, the game would end when entering another area while auto-pathing in an iOS environment.
- Fixed an issue where an auto-path point would set in a certain area obscured by fog in the southern map of the Night of Vengeful Souls.
- Alleviated an issue where, at times, you couldn't move on to the next chamber in Murrowak Labyrinth.


- Fixed an issue where the icon display would not change during the additional attack of some skills.
- Fixed an issue where the craftable quantity of the "Murrowak Pathfinder" item would display abnormally.
- Fixed an issue where the pickup availability gauge stats for pets would appear abnormal.


Early Notice

- The season ends with the update maintenance on Apr 2 (Tue).
- Your season character will transition to a normal character, and you cannot further proceed with the Season Pass.
- The Season Pass is available for purchase until Mar 31 (Sun), 23:59 and you cannot receive rewards for Season Pass quests you have not completed once the season ends.
- The following measures will be taken if you haven't completed the season.
ㆍ Tuvala Weapon/Armor, Accessories, Relics, Totems, Alchemy Stones, Scrolls, Chests, and all season-related items will be deleted.
ㆍ All completed, in progress, not completed Season Pass quests will be deleted.
- The following measures will be taken for the Tuvala Gear in possession.

Tuvala Gear Awakened Enhancement at End of Season Received Gear at End of Season
Tuvala Weapon/Armor  Awakened Enhancement +14 or below +0 Chaos Weapon/Armor
Awakened Enhancement +15 +1 Chaos Weapon/Armor
Awakened Enhancement +16 +2 Chaos Weapon/Armor
Awakened Enhancement +17 +3 Chaos Weapon/Armor
Awakened Enhancement +18 +4 Chaos Weapon/Armor
Awakened Enhancement +19 +5 Chaos Weapon/Armor
Awakened Enhancement +20 +6 Chaos Weapon/Armor
Tuvala Accessory Awakened Enhancement +6 or below +0 Chaos Accessory
Awakened Enhancement +7 +1 Chaos Accessory
Awakened Enhancement +8 +2 Chaos Accessory
Awakened Enhancement +9 +3 Chaos Accessory
Awakened Enhancement +10 +4 Chaos Accessory
Tuvala Totem No Enhancement +0 Primal Rift Totem
+6 Abyssal Totem
Enhancement +1 +1 Primal Rift Totem
+6 Abyssal Totem
Enhancement +2 +2 Primal Rift Totem
+6 Abyssal Totem
Enhancement +3 +3 Primal Rift Totem
+6 Abyssal Totem
Enhancement +4 +4 Primal Rift Totem
+6 Abyssal Totem
Enhancement +5 +5 Primal Rift Totem
+6 Abyssal Totem
Enhancement +6 +7 Primal Rift Totem
+6 Abyssal Totem
Enhancement +7 +9 Primal Rift Totem
+6 Abyssal Totem
Enhancement +8 +11 Primal Rift Totem
+6 Abyssal Totem
Enhancement +9 +13 Primal Rift Totem
+6 Abyssal Totem
Enhancement +10 +15 Primal Rift Totem
+6 Abyssal Totem
Tuvala Relic Enhancement +4 or below +0 Primal Relic
Enhancement +5 +1 Primal Relic
Enhancement +6 +2 Primal Relic
Enhancement +7 +3 Primal Relic
Enhancement +8 +4 Primal Relic
Enhancement +9 +5 Primal Relic
Enhancement +10 +6 Primal Relic
Tuvala Alchemy Stone Before it is Awakened +0 Primal Alchemy Stone
Awakened Enhancement +3 or below
Awakened Enhancement +4 +1 Primal Alchemy Stone
Awakened Enhancement +5 +2 Primal Alchemy Stone
Awakened Enhancement +6 +3 Primal Alchemy Stone
Awakened Enhancement +7 +4 Primal Alchemy Stone
Awakened Enhancement +8 +5 Primal Alchemy Stone
Awakened Enhancement +9 +6 Primal Alchemy Stone
Awakened Enhancement +10 +7 Primal Alchemy Stone

- Only one of The highest level in possession/equipped will be compensated and all items will be sent to The in-game mailbox.
- If you have all Tuvala Gear required to complete the season after completing the Season Pass, the season will be completed and the Dazzling Completion Certificate will also be sent to your in-game mailbox.
ㆍ You can exchange a Dazzling Completion Certificate for one of the completion rewards from Igor Bartali in Velia.




Starting Events

Path of Glory Challenge!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 26 (Tue), 2024 - Until further notice
Season Character Growth Support!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 26 (Tue), 2024 - Apr 1 (Mon), 2024, 23:59
Guild Party Up!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 26 (Tue), 2024 - Apr 7 (Sun), 2024, 23:59
Make Enhancement Support Chests!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 26 (Tue), 2024 - Apr 8 (Mon), 2024, 23:59
April Monthly Login
· Event Period: After maintenance on Apr 1 (Mon), 2024 - Apr 30 (Tue), 2024, 23:59


Ended Events

· Collect Puppy Paw Print!
· Spring Knowledge Boost Support!
· Ramoness Skirmish Participation Event
· Blue Dragon Garmoth is Here!
· Letanas Release Daily Missions
· Daily Mission Pass!
· March Monthly Login (Until Mar 31, 23:59)




Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


New Products

- Special Pack > Special Package
· Complete Lucky Shop Pack [2+2]
· Glory Lucky Shop Pack I
· Glory Lucky Shop Pack II
· Glory Selection Chest [2+1]
※ These items can be purchased until Apr 29 (Mon), 2024, 23:59.


- Lucky Shop > Glory Lucky Shop
· Glory Lucky Shop

- New Outfits

Outfit Class Price
Valoren Kunoichi 960 Black Pearls