[Jan 23 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2024.01.23

Patch Notes


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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Jan 23 (Tue) are here!
Adventurers, please see the newly applied patch notes and enjoy an even more exciting adventure.

※ All screenshots in the main text were taken on the test server and may differ from the actual update content.
If there are any discrepancies between the patch notes and the applied content in the game, please contact the support center.




Featured Updates - New Kamasylvia Regions

Developer Commentary:

In Yianaros' Field, a garden tended by a spirit, the unexpected present and a sealed past await you.

Princess Catherine sought to restore the Light of Kamasylve and revive the sacred tree. The affairs of the past that she had sealed are beginning to be uncovered one by one.

You will also learn of the sisters of the Queen of Kamasylvia, and Orwen, who was accused of murdering Princess Catherine. Following the traces of the journal, you will gradually face the past that becomes clearer about what happened between them.

Adventurer, can you breathe life back into the land imbued with the song of the forest and spirits by finding the Light of Kamasylve?

- Added new regions to West Kamasylvia.
- Added a new main questline in West Kamasylvia.
ㆍ With the addition of the new regions and main questline, new monsters and Knowledge were added.


- You can enter this region through Looney Cabin, Polly's Forest.
ㆍ You can move through the Altar of Memory.


- Suggested CP: 56,000
ㆍ Holy Vial Cost Reduction: 12.5%



- Suggested CP: 57,000
ㆍ Holy Vial Cost Reduction: 12.5%



- Suggested CP: 58,000
ㆍHoly Vial Cost Reduction: 12.5%

- Suggested CP: 59,000
ㆍ Holy Vial Cost Reduction: 12.5%

- Added a new Chaos Rift IX, the Ash Spirit Forest, to West Kamasylvia.
ㆍ The required CP for entry is 58,000.

- You must use [Divine Shield] to enter Chaos Rift IX.
ㆍ Each [Divine Shield] used will grant you 18 minutes in Chaos Rift IX.

- You can use a [Harmony Scroll] and a [Purifying Orb] to craft a [Divine Shield] from the [Craft - Process] menu.

- You can spend Silver to purchase up to 30 [Purifying Orb] per week from the "Chaos Rift Watcher" located at each Chaos Rift entrance.



Featured Updates - Chaos Glyph

- Added Chaos Glyphs.


- Added [Riftborn Fervor] to the list of items obtainable through Spoils of Battle in Chaos Rift VIII and higher.
ㆍ Riftborn Fervor is used as a material for crafting [Spellbound Glyph] and [Ancient Spellbound Glyph].

- You can craft the Spellbound Glyph and Ancient Spellbound Glyph through [Craft - Materials - Craft Material - Process].

Item Crafted Crafting Material
Spellbound Glyph Inscribed Glyph x10
Riftborn Fervor x1
Chaos Core x30
Ah'krad x3
Ancient Spellbound Glyph Ancient Inscribed Glyph x5
Riftborn Fervor x3
Chaos Core x90
Ah'krad x9

ㆍ You must have an Alchemy Lab installed in your Camp to craft the items.
- All the "Inscribed Glyphs" that you already own and are Spiritbound have been retrospectively applied as tradeable items that can be used as materials for [Spellbound Glyphs] and have been sent to your mailbox.

- [Spellbound Glyph] and [Ancient Spellbound Glyph] can be appraised by Lafi Bedmountain in towns.
ㆍ Each appraisal costs 1,000,000 Silver.
ㆍ You can obtain anywhere between an Epic to Chaos Unknown Glyph at a set chance upon appraisal of a [Spellbound Glyph].
ㆍ You can obtain anywhere between an Abyssal to Chaos Unknown Glyph upon appraisal of an [Ancient Spellbound Glyph].

- [Chaos Unknown Glyph] can be registered on the Market.
- You can obtain a "Chaos Glyph" with guaranteed stats upon use of a [Chaos Unknown Glyph].

Stats Range
AP 94 - 133
DP 48 - 71
PvP Damage Dealt 0.8 - 1.3%


- Added a crafting recipe that allows you to disassemble [Chaos Jewel] into Chaos Cores.
- Changed to obtain [Inscribed Glyph] instead of [Dark Inscribed Glyph] from [War Horn: Dim Tree Spirit] and [War Horn: Cadry Gatekeeper].
- Changed to obtain [Inscribed Glyph] instead of [Dark Inscribed Glyph] as a reward for [Fairy Adventure - Broadening Horizons] and adjusted the quantity obtained.





- Added a pet that can be registered to Pet Memories.
ㆍ Skyward Penguin
ㆍ The purchase limit for [Pet Photo Paper] will increase with the update maintenance on Jan 30 (Tue).


- Added visual effects to display for the "Go" button that guides you to the relevant quest or content from the Season Pass screen to make it more recognizable.
- Changed the alert that appears when you obtain a Primal Unknown Glyph to display in plain text.


Error Fixes

- [Drakania] Fixed an issue where certain parts of the body would display abnormally while wearing the "Winter's Dream" Outfit.
- [Gladiator] Fixed an issue where the transition to the next skill would be unnatural when using the "Shield Charge" skill with the "Flow: Defensive Stance" skill enhancement applied.
- [Blade Master] Fixed an issue where an excessive amount of MP would recover when using "Rest in Peace."
- [Scholar] Fixed an issue where "Partial Black Hole" is used automatically while auto-combat is deactivated after using "Gravity Press" and "Gravity Field."
- [Scholar] Fixed an issue where "Super Armor" would not display on the "Gravity Anchor" skill icon.

- Fixed an issue where the Great Desert map screen appears when activating the Broken Altar that does not reveal the shadow on the Great Desert map.
- Fixed an issue where you cannot move because the character gets stuck in a Black Rock Altar midway during auto-navigation.
- Fixed an issue where you can summon a horse in the Field of Valor.
- Fixed an issue where the character would move to a location with no monsters when auto-navigating while a Great Desert quest is in progress.





Early Notice

- The resale period for certain outfits, such as the Yeoreum Outfit and Halloween Outfits, and more will last until Jan 29 (Mon), 23:59. Please refer to the aforementioned information for purchase.






Starting Events

Puzzle Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 23 (Tue), 2024 - Feb 5 (Mon), 2024, 23:59
Puzzle Piece Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 23 (Tue), 2024 - Feb 5 (Mon), 2024, 23:59
Battle for Fort Shultz
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 23 (Tue), 2024 - Feb 3 (Sat), 2024, 23:59

Ended Events

· Make Winter Snacks!
· Susan's Daily Missions




Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


New Products

- Special Pack > Special Package

· Complete Adventure Pack
· Complete Stone Enhancement Pack [2+1]
· Cursed Sun Pack [2+1]
· 2024 Dawning Chest [2+1]
※ These items can be purchased until Jan 29 (Mon), 2024, 23:59.

- New Outfits

Outfit Class Price
Selaine Mystic 960 Black Pearls
Selaine Lahn 960 Black Pearls