[Jan 16 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2024.01.16

Patch Notes


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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Jan 16 (Tue) are here!
Adventurers, please see the newly applied patch notes and enjoy an even more exciting adventure.

※ All screenshots in the main text were taken on the test server and may differ from the actual update content.
If there are any discrepancies between the patch notes and the applied content in the game, please contact the support center.




Featured Updates - Market

Developer Commentary:

We briefly discussed details on the Market during the last Calpheon Ball. With the addition of a variety of content over time came new items as well. While some Adventurers see success in finding these new items, others find them difficult to obtain.

With this in mind, we've added items to be registrable on the Market, adding them to the market cycle and assigning them a value in Silver.

The first batch of items, Chaos Crystals and Ah'krads, were added to the Market on January 2nd.

After the update, we carefully monitored the traded amount, Market prices, usage frequency, and current quantity in possession of the added items, and in this update, we added four new items that we expect to be actively traded.

In addition, we've increased the maximum registration quantity for some items to match the quantity needed for actual use.

We will continue to monitor the situation, reduce any inconveniences that may occur, and make improvements so that trade is as active as possible.

- Added Dimensional Fragment, Tear of the Goddess, Luminescent Crystal, and Awakening / Ascension Skillbook Chest to be registrable on the Market.
ㆍ You can also register the above items you already own on the Market.
- Increased the maximum quantity registrable on the Market for certain items.

Item Before After
Chaos Jewel 1 10
Ah'krad 1 10
Root of Sorcery 100 1,000
Meals 100 1,000
Belucci Ruby 1 10
Premium Hardened Leather 1 10
Unidentified Shaman's Orb 1 10
Voidsent Eye 1 10
Embers of Hongik 1 10
Flame of Hongik 1 10





■ Common
- Added three new hairstyles.

■ Male (1 new hairstyle)


■ Female (2 new hairstyles)


Developer Commentary:

Scholar, characterized by her ability to control gravity, is a class with a unique combat style in which she appears from unpredictable directions that throws her enemies in a state of confusion.

Scholar has shown her strength in PvE. However, she lacked performance in PvP battlefields with relatively slow skill cast speed and combos.

With this update, we've improved the attack speed of her main skills and added combos for faster attacks to better fit her concept as the maven of gravity.

Additionally, we have added Super Armor to "Gravity Anchor" for stability, and increased the air time of Gravity Press to enhance its usability.

We have made these changes to allow for more strategic combat, whether it be evading enemies for another attack opportunity or using powerful attacks through her Gravity Cores.

- Changed Attraction to not be used automatically on a Gravity Core that is behind her while a mission is in progress.

Gravity Anchor

- Increased attack speed.
- Super Armor during the skill.
ㆍ Not applied in Arena.



Gravity Press

- Increased attack speed and time midair.
- Improved to combo into "Partial Black Hole" and "Gravity Field."



Core Control

- Added "Attack Speed +10% for 5 sec when moving using actuated Gravity Core."



Hammer Throw

- Added the skill enhancement "Core Actuation."
- Improved to combo into "Home Run."



One Small Step

- Improved to combo into "Spatial Rend" and "Home Run."



Spatial Rend

- Improved to combo into "Home Run" and "Gravity Field."



Developer Commentary:

We made overall improvements to certain classes who lacked in PvE performance through the last balance change update.

Upon reviewing the overall data afterwards, we found that the classes Igneous and Wizard were showing superior performance in certain monster zones compared to other classes.

As a result, we have adjusted the number of hits and PvE damage of some skills that dealt excessive damage.



Aqua Jail Explosion
- Changed max hits from 10 to 9.
- Changed max hits for Arne: Aqua Jail Explosion from 5 to 4.
- Changed cooldown from 5 sec to 8 sec.
- Adjusted PvE and PvP damage.



Lv 1: 750% → 675%

Lv 10: 975% → 877.5%



Lv 1: 412.5% → 453.75%

Lv 10: 536.25% → 589.87%



- Changed max hits from 7 to 6.
- Changed cooldown from 6 sec to 7 sec.
- Increased attack speed.
- Adjusted PvP damage.



Lv 1 : 790% → 750.5%

Lv 10 : 1027% → 975.65%



Lv 1: 395% → 501.65%

Lv 10: 531.5% → 652.14%



- Removed "Knockdown" applied on the last hit.



Parting Waves
- Changed cooldown from 6 sec to 7 sec.




Lightning Storm
- Decreased attack speed.



Thunderbolt Strike
- Adjusted PvE damage.

Lv 1: 700% → 630%
Lv 10: 910% → 819%



- Changed the duration of the damage effect applied where the earthquake occurs from 4 sec to 3 sec.
- Adjusted PvP damage.

Lv 1: 576% → 767.8%
Lv 10: 748.8% → 998.1%




Developer Commentary:

After the season character update, we have seen many new and returning Adventurers come to Black Desert Mobile. While completing the season provides your character with around 30,000 CP, potential areas of concern arised in regards how smooth character progression feels after the fact.

This will be addressed in today's update by increasing the stats of Chaos-grade and higher accessories.

Completing the season will earn you a full set of +4 Chaos accessories. Moving forward, this will allow Adventuers who have newly cleared a season to start with a higher CP, who can in turn access a greater amount of content.

However, if this were the only increase to be made, this would diminish increases and overall scope of later upgrades. Obtaining Chaos accessories that are similar to Awakened Chaos accessories or Eternal accessories could inversely affect this feeling of growth.

Thus, in order to preserve the current stat gaps between Chaos and Eternal grades, we are providing equal levels of growth across non-Awakened and Awakened Chaos grades, and non-Awakened and Awakened Eternal grades. This will provide a more smooth and stable experience for new and returning Adventurers, while preserving the growth felt by standard Adventurers.

We will continue to work towards providing a stable and smooth gameplay experience for our Adventurers.

- Increased stats for Chaos and Eternal Accessories.
ㆍ Stat increases have been unified across non-Awakened and Awakened Chaos grades, and non-Awakened and Awakened Eternal grades.
ㆍ These stats have been increased by a fixed amount.

Type AP/DP Increase Amount
Ring 64
Necklace 73
Earring 53
Belt 61
Bracelet 64



- Alleviated an issue where, at times, verification for the linked Facebook account would fail on an iPad or a MacBook that did not have the Facebook app installed.



- Improved the Discoverer's Reward to be obtainable even if there is no Best Reward winner in the Black Rock Shrine.

- Slightly increased the attack range of Cannons and Hwachas in Battlefield of the Sun: Sandstorm Assault.

- Reset Trials of Ator: Elite entries.
ㆍ You can obtain the clear rewards for each difficulty cleared for trials already completed after the Trials of Ator: Elite entries reset.
ㆍ The rank for the highest difficulty cleared previously will be kept.


- Improved time in Black Spirit Mode to accrue even during Atumach Skirmish, Ramoness Watch Mode, Terrmian Water Gun Event and Snowball Fight, and other event type content.


- Changed the design of Normal Combat EXP and Advanced Combat EXP buff icons on the buff list.
- Changed to display "Point" instead of "Kill" when acquiring points from defeating other Adventurers.
- Changed the outline of the Diné icon that displays in the Great Desert to be golden.
- Added a window that checks if you want to continue branch enhancement when you don't have enough restoration materials.

Error Fixes

- Fixed an issue where, at times, the skill cooldown wouldn't reset when entering Arena content during auto-combat.
- Fixed an issue where the skill damage increase wouldn't apply against certain monsters in the following content:
ㆍ Reclaim Fort Shultz, Twisted Nightmare, Asula event, The Forgotten Labyrinth of the Ancients
- Fixed an issue where the character of the enemy faction wouldn't appear knocked down when unable to take action in Ramoness Arena.
- [Legatus] Fixed an issue where the actual attack range and the indicated attack range of the summon would differ for the skill "Lightning Sentinel."

- Fixed an issue where you could teleport to the Mirumok Ruins in Northeast Kamasylvia without going through the Altar of Memory.
- Fixed an issue where the screen would flicker upon use of a skill that teleports in seamless regions such as the Great Desert, Everfrost, and other regions.
- Fixed an issue where the character would disappear when attempting to space leap during the Eilton Town Defense party.
- Fixed an issue where you could move abnormally in some areas of Everfrost.
- Fixed an issue where the icon for the HP Potion slot would display abnormally under certain circumstances.
- Fixed an issue where the "Parky" modifier wouldn't display on top of certain monsters' heads in Frost Highlands.




Early Notice

Battlefield of the Sun

Developer Commentary:

We apologize for the delay in the update of the Battlefield of the Sun: Forgotten Ruins, which was scheduled for today.

The current Battlefield of the Sun starts with two factions and meets the opposing faction in the middle of the map for combat. However, there was little chance to turn the tide, and some players would forfeit the battle midway.

Therefore, we planned to update the Battlefield of the Sun: Forgotten Ruins to improve this system with a different type of battlefield.

As much as we wanted to bring it to you as soon as possible after introducing it at the Calpheon Ball, we decided it would be better to provide a more complete version by making improvements based on the issues we found during the internal testing process. We are very sorry to the many adventurers who have been waiting, but we must inevitably inform you of a delay in this update.

Also, as an extension of the update plan, we had a lingering concern regarding how short battle can feel between individual opponents.

When the battle starts, you need some time to judge or predict the situation, and reading the flow of the battle according to the play style of you and your opponent is one of the fun elements that adventurers who enjoy PVP look forward to.

If the battle ends too quickly, it's not only hard to feel like you're fighting or sparring, but you can also feel powerless even before you start, should you begin battle at a disadvantage.

Of course, there will be some advantages and disadvantages depending on the difference in CP, but even with all things being equal, combat time felt short and could use improvement.

In order to find a way to extend the duration of combat while maintaining the advantage of CP differences, we are keeping all possibilities on the table and actively working to find a better direction for improvement.

In order to provide our adventurers with more fun and exciting battles and adventures, we are working hard to present the update for the Battlefield of the Sun: Forgotten Ruins as soon as possible, alongside improving combat duration and other refinements.


- Chaos Rift IX, with a CP requirement of 58,000, will come with the update maintenance on Jan 23 (Tue).
- Please note the above information for access to Chaos Rift content.



Starting Events

Hammer of Fortune!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 16 (Tue), 2024 - Jan 29 (Mon), 2024, 23:59
Hammer of Fortune Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 16 (Tue), 2024 - Jan 29 (Mon), 2024, 23:59
Bounty Missions! Holy Vial Tier UP
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 16 (Tue), 2024 - Jan 30 (Tue), 2024, 23:59
Daily Mission Pass
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jan 16 (Tue), 2024 - Jan 29 (Mon), 2024, 23:59

Ended Events

· Collect Dragon Coins
· Reclaim the Dragon's Power
· New Year's Bingo Event
· Raid the Asula Bandits
· Relay Missions
· Scholar Premium Login



Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


New Products

- Special Pack > Special Package

· 2024 Black Spirit's Gift
· 2024 Pack of Glory [2+1]
※ These items can be purchased until Jan 29 (Mon), 2024, 23:59.

- Step-Up Shop
· New Year's Step-Up I
· New Year's Step-Up II
· New Year's Step-Up III
※ These items can be purchased until Jan 29 (Mon), 2024, 23:59.

- New Outfits

Outfit Class Price
Selaine Ranger 960 Black Pearls
Selaine Corsair 960 Black Pearls