[May 31 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2022.05.31

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on May 31 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Chaos Tower of Trials

There are many adventurers that have reached the peak of Hadum Tower of Trials.

Awaiting these adventurers on the highest floor was the sight of a new Tower of Trials away in the distance, known as the realm of Chaos.

A strong Chaos energy is emitting from the newly discovered Tower of Trials, the same energy that covered Valencia and Kamasylvia.

More powerful enemies and rewards are waiting for you compared to the previous Tower of Trials, similar to when Chaos Zone was newly discovered.

Guided by this powerful energy, adventurers are to gather the strength of their Families to prepare for the challenges that lie in their path.

Rumors say that new quests have been added as if the tower is attracting more challengers.
Any adventurers who are ready to challenge this tower and its powerful energy should make sure to check it out.

- Chaos Tower of Trials has been newly added.
- You can obtain better rewards in Chaos Tower of Trials than in Hadum Tower of Trials.
- In Chaos Tower of Trials, you can send up to 5 characters within the Family, as with Elion/Hadum Tower of Trials.
ㆍWhen you select a different class and send it to the Tower of Trials, additional CP will be applied in the same way.
- Chaos Tower of Trials can be entered after completing Floor 60 of Hadum Tower of Trials and obtaining "Maestro of Trials" title.
ㆍEven if you have already completed Floor 60 of Hadum Tower of Trials, you will have to complete Floor 60 of Hadum Tower of Trials again in order to obtain the "Maestro of Trials" title.
ㆍYou can still obtain the "Maestro of Trials" title even if you have dispatched your characters to Hadum Tower of Trials before maintenance and have completed it after maintenance.
※ All Adventurers will be given a Tower of Trials Entry Pass by mail in case you have already used up your daily entry for Tower of Trials before the update.
■ Daily Missions / Blood Kin Quests
- "Complete Chaos Tower of Trials" mission has been added to Daily Missions list.
ㆍThis mission can be activated after completing Floor 60 of Hadum Tower of Trials after the update.
ㆍ"Maestro of Trials" title will be obtained automatically after completing Floor 60 in Hadum Tower of Trials.
ㆍDaily mission rewards and entries won't change.
- "Complete Chaos Tower of Trials" has been added to Blood Kin Quests.
ㆍThis quest will only be available for Adventurers who can enter Chaos Tower of Trials.
ㆍChanged so that "Complete Elion Tower of Trials" won't appear as a Blood Kin Quest for Adventurers that can enter Chaos Tower of Trials.


■ Hadum Tower of Trials

- Time to complete every floor in Hadum Tower of Trials has decreased.
ㆍWill take the same amount of time to reach Elion Tower of Trials Floor 60.

■ Tower of Trials
- Changed the design of info description box that shows Tower of Trials progress.

■ Merv's Palette

- Merv's Palette, which can dye outfits and ornaments by choosing RGB values, has been added.
- You can dye without any restrictions for a certain period upon using Merv's Palette.
- When Merv's Palette expires, the dye from Merv's Palette will be hidden and the outfit will revert to colors from standard palettes.
ㆍThe selected dye will display again once Merv's Palette is reactivated.
ㆍStandard palettes cannot be used while Merv's Palette is active.
- Merv's Palette's RGB function can be previewed even without subscription.
- Added ON/OFF function to see Merv's Palette colors in Outfit info tab.
ㆍYou can check the applied dye color used in Merv's Palette when turning the function above to ON.

- You can save colors of your choice to your Custom Palette, or apply the dye by entering RGB values.
- Added Hide function for Helmet, Weapon, and Ornaments in the Dye menu.
- Added Hide UI button in the Dye menu.


■ Grandmaster

- Renamed Basic Attacks from "Pummel" to "Gauntlet Mastery".

■ Raven
- Fixed an issue where the character could sometimes be knocked down when using [Phantom Crash] while moving after Evasion.
- Fixed an issue where the character could sometimes be knocked down when using [Phantom Crash] multiple times in succession while moving.

■ UI

- Added a Quickslot Mode called 8-Key which displays all 8 skills equipped at once.
ㆍPrevious modes such as Standard A, B, and Combat Mode can still be used.
ㆍQuickslot Mode can be changed in Settings - Convenience - Quickslot.
ㆍChanged the buttons for "Change Skill" and "Attack" when using a controller.

Button Key
Change Skill R1 to L1 
Attack L1 to R1 

- The maximum UI Size will be set to 90 while using 8-key Mode.
ㆍMaximum UI Size can be set to 100 while using Standard A, B / Combat Mode.

■ Item
- It has been adjusted so that Chaos Cores can be obtained in West Valencia and North Valencia as well.
- An "Acquisition" button has been added to some items where the "How to Obtain" list can now be seen.
※ Applies to: Dimensional Fragment / Unidentified Shaman's Orb / Cron Stone / First Element / Ancient Relic Remnant Fragment / Ancient Relic Remnant / Spirit Tulip / Tangled Time
- Some of the descriptions have been changed or removed in some items in which "Acquisition" button has been added.
- Added a hyperlink function in the descriptions of Chaos Rift entry materials.
※ Applies to: Harmony Scroll / Guardian's Orb
- Changed so that fish obtained from the Great Ocean can be delivered regardless of ship level.

■ Market

- Changed so that only the most recent registered item can be purchased when purchasing items with minimum price within the Market.
- Bid function in Market has been removed.

■ UI

- Changed so that craftable items that require silver will display the amount of silver needed in the craft button.
- Changed so that the UI for certain craft descriptions will be shown separately below the item icon.

■ System

- Changed the quest name "Gauntlet's Trial" to "Echo Spirit's Trial" within Yacha's class story "Rough Spirit," and changed so that Yacha's Specter will appear in the quest.
- Adjusted so that CP ranks for Adventurers lower than Soldier will not show in the chat.
- Changed so that parties cannot be joined when your Inventory is full or heavy.
- Removed "Craft Primal Relic" button from Ancient Relic Altar, and added "Craft Relic" button.
- Added Primal Relic crafting in the Craft menu.

■ Event

- 3 Events currently being held for new/returning players are scheduled to end on Jun 6 (Mon), 23:59.
※ Applies to: "Orwen's Missions for New & Returning Adventurers", "Daily Missions for New & Returning Adventurers", "New and Returning Adventurer's Relay Mission!"
※ Please make sure to receive rewards for completed missions before the end of the event.


■ Web
- Improved so that contacting CS while playing the game will not logout the player or end the game.

■ System
- Improved the Immortal Knights buff so that it can be obtained every 30 sec during World Boss and Guild Rush.
- Improved so that the multiplier will be adjusted so as to not exceed the maximum Constellation Knowledge level during Constellation Exploration.
- Improved the Craft menu so that materials won't be automatically selected when there are multiple options.

- Improved so that some items can be locked or moved to Storage and Horse Inventory for your convenience.


■ UI
- Fixed an issue where the timers for certain buff skills of basic classes that have not undergone Awakening/Ascension were different from the actual duration.
- Fixed an issue where certain outfits would render incorrectly when [Dark Knight] Kibelius I or II was equipped.
- Fixed an issue where the arm part of [Tamer] Bloody Dress outfit was appearing in different colors.
- Fixed an issue where icons of Workers working in the Camp would sometimes disappear.
- Fixed an issue where items with expiration dates were not being sorted properly.
- Fixed an issue where Atumach leaderboards would not sort by score if the screen was scrolled continuously in the "See Guild Member Score" list.
- Fixed an issue where the button for Difficulty 50 would remain inactive in the result screen for Difficulty 49 Constellations, even with sufficient resources.
- Fixed an issue where the Hadum's Realm Pop-up would sometimes display when changing to a different character within the Family while field hunting in Hadum.

■ Character
- Fixed an issue where characters would sometimes appear dark when changing graphics settings in certain situations.
- Fixed an issue where characters would remain grabbed even after the opponent who caused the grab had died.

■ System
- Fixed an issue where the Ping function would be disabled when tapping on the widget on the top of the screen after defeating the Watcher in Atumach Battlefield.
- Fixed an issue where entering Chaos Rifts would sometimes fail along with a warning message indicating insufficient CP.
- Fixed an issue where Summons could exit their designated locations during the standby phase of Node War and Siege War.
- Fixed an issue where Node War results could unnaturally apply in certain situations.
- Fixed an issue where Aal's Judgment was displaying incorrect HP values within the Armory if the guild possessed a castle or a node.


■ Starting Events
Snag that 1%! Boss Stamp Chest Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on May 31 (Tue) - Jun 6 (Mon), 23:59
Ganin Arth's Special Support Kit
· Event Period: After maintenance on May 31 (Tue) - Jun 6 (Mon), 23:59
2022 BRC Season 1 Spectator Participation Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on May 31 (Tue) - Jun 6 (Mon), 23:59
Great Desert Temple Clear Missions
· Event Period: Jun 1 (Wed), 00:00 - Jun 30 (Thu), 23:59
Level Up Event!
· Event Period: After maintenance on May 31 (Tue) - Jul 25 (Mon), 23:59
Special Login Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on May 31 (Tue) - Jun 13 (Tue), 23:59
Merv's Palette Giveaway!
· Event Period: After maintenance on May 31 (Tue) - Jun 6 (Mon), 23:59

■ Ending Events

· DAEBAK! May Ornette's Blessed Potion
· DAEBAK! May Daily Dice Missions!
· Yacha's Daily Training
· DAEBAK! May Mailbox Exchange Event
· DAEBAK! May Black Spirit's Suggestion Event
· DAEBAK! May GM Special Surprise Mission!

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.
■ New Items
- [DAEBAK] Clearout Shop
- Recommended Items
· [DAEBAK] Scroll Chest
· [DAEBAK] Shadow Knot Chest

· [DAEBAK] Boss Rush Conquer Chest
· [DAEBAK] Tablet Chest
· [DAEBAK] Holy Vial of Light Chest
· [DAEBAK] Relic Chest
· [DAEBAK] Restoration Chest
· [DAEBAK] Awakening Chest
· [DAEBAK] Totem Chest
· [DAEBAK] Gold Coin Chest
· [DAEBAK] Path of Glory Chest
· [DAEBAK] Complete Rune Chest
· [DAEBAK] Alyaelli Chest
· [DAEBAK] Lucky Shop Chest

- Merv's Palette (14 Days)