[Mar 28 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2023.03.28

Update Notice


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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Mar 28 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.



Featured Updates


Developer Commentary:

Igneous, the embodiment of nature's strength, has appeared in Black Desert Mobile.

Igneous uses the elemental powers from Marg, the Fire Guardian, and Arne, the Water Guardian, to trap his foes with water and strike them down with blazing flames over their heads. His devastating elemental magic makes him most effective in battles against multiple enemies.

"True power is born when balance is found between rage and reason."

Meet our newest class Igneous, the one who reached the pinnacle of magic.

- The new class Igneous is an Awakening class, and will be awakened upon creation.
- Igneous starts with 4 active skills upon creation, and you can learn additional skills by leveling up.
ㆍReach level 10 with Igneous to earn the title "Godr-Ayed Thea."
- Increased maximum character slots by 1 for the release of the new class.

Godr Sphera Mastery

The basic moves and techniques required to master the use of the Godr Sphera.
Basic Attack




Remain calm and collected amidst an inferno of rage to maintain control of the battlefield.
Passive Skill



Aqua Jail Explosion

Create a barrier of ice-cold water to trap and overwhelm foes.
Lv Requirement: 1 
Skill Enhancements and Branches
- Increase Range
- Decrease Attack Speed
- Inscribe: Serrett
- Inscribe: Labreve




Gather the element of fire in your hand to incinerate your enemies.
Lv Requirement: 1
Skill Enhancements and Branches
- Burn
- Recover HP
- Flow: Blazebeat
- Inscribe: Aal
- Inscribe: Ahib




Unleash your rage onto a wide area with burning flames.
Lv Requirement: 1
Skill Enhancements and Branches
- Blaze Zone
- Burn
- Increase AP
- Inscribe: Ahib
- Inscribe: Labreve



Parting Waves

Bid farewell to your enemies with devastating waves of water.
Lv Requirement: 1
Skill Enhancements and Branches
- Burn
- Recover HP
- Inscribe: Aal
- Inscribe: Ahib



Ride the Waves

Use the elements to become a raging tide and crash into enemies.
Lv Requirement: 10
Skill Enhancements and Branches
- Increase DP
- Reduce Cooldown
- Additional Move



Water Orb

Shoot out an orb of highly condensed water that pierces through your enemies.
Lv Requirement: 20
Skill Enhancements and Branches
- Decrease Attack Speed
- Decrease Move Speed
- Decrease DP
- Inscribe: Serrett
- Inscribe: Ahib



Bolide of Destruction

Summon a powerful fireball and hurl it to the ground. None shall remain where the fireball drops.
Lv Requirement: 30
Skill Enhancements and Branches
- Burn
- Super Armor
- Flow: Bolide of Cataclysm
- Inscribe: Labreve
- Inscribe: Aal



Infernal Grasp

Utilize menacing fire to immobilize your foes and slam them to the ground.
Lv Requirement: 40
Skill Enhancements and Branches
- Decrease Attack Speed
- Decrease DP
- Reduce Cooldown



Water Torrent

Utilize the force of water to create a barrier around you and wipe out foes.
Lv Requirement: 50
Skill Enhancements and Branches
- Decrease Attack Speed
- Increase DP
- Reduce Cooldown



Fiery Tackle

Elementalize your body to retreat backwards.
Lv Requirement: 60
Skill Enhancements and Branches
- Increase Move Speed
- Increase Crit Chance



Controlled Chaos

Control your inner madness. Utilize feral power to your advantage.
Lv Requirement: 70
Skill Enhancements and Branches
- Increase Crit Damage
- Increase Black Spirit Skill Damage




- Improved the "Black Spirit Emergency Escape" skill to not be visible by nearby Adventurers while moving.
- [Zayed] Fixed an issue where the "Show Weapon" checkbox from the inventory or the Outfits tab in the Pearl Shop would not work properly in certain situations.
- [Grandmaster] Improved the skill "Mountain Leap" (a variant of "Disrespect") to grant Invincibility during jump instead of Super Armor.
- [Archmage] Fixed an issue where the character would use basic attacks repeatedly during auto-combat.



Minimum Damage

Developer Commentary:

In Black Desert Mobile, there is a system that guarantees a minimum amount of damage even when attacking Adventurers with far higher DP than your AP.

The system was implemented to encourage Adventurers of relatively low CP to challenge Adventurers of higher CP, who usually have an advantage over them.

Although the system supports Adventurers with lower CP by allowing them to deal meaningful damage despite the significant difference in CP, it can be discouraging for Adventurers with high CP because they will take the same minimum damage regardless of how high their CP is.

While the current system is advantageous for fighting against those with higher CP, it may negatively affect your experience when fighting against those with lower CP, and this can make CP progression feel meaningless.

The increase in CP as our Adventurers progress is one of the major sources of enjoyment in the game, which is why we try to provide as many ways for our Adventurers to increase their CP as we can, while making that progress as visible as possible.

Providing a variety of ways to increase CP and enjoyable factors along the way are important, but we also think that hard work must be rewarded with satisfying results.

On that note, we decided to adjust the system so that the minimum damage decreases as the gap between AP and DP increases.

- Adjusted the minimum damage to gradually decrease when the opponent’s AP is lower than your DP.

Before When: Enemy AP < Your DP
- A fixed damage floor is applied to enemy attacks against you
After When: Enemy AP < Your DP
- Damage floor changes based on CP difference
ㆍDamage gradually decreases with higher CP difference, up to 12,500
ㆍMinimum damage applied when CP difference is 12,500 or more (40% compared to before) 

- This applies to Normal areas (during Guild Wars), Outlaw Zones, Black Sun, Node Wars, Siege Wars, and Twisted Nightmare.

Great Desert

- Decreased the max HP of Kureba Larvae that spawn in the Temple of Ohm.
- Improved enemies in the Temple of Ohm to not get stuck on objects such as trees and resources for Gathering.
- Removed Ancient Kutum from the tooltip that lists what are not affected by the Great Desert difficulty level.
- Removed items that you cannot actually obtain from the list of obtainable items for the Temple of Shayla.


- Changed the item acquisition info for the items [Tear of the Goddess], [Ancient Relic Remnant], and [Ancient Relic Remnant Fragment]
- Added the information that the effects also apply in the Field of Valor: Hadum to the Great Desert Hot Time items.
- The effects from the items were already being applied.


- Improved tutorials that previously required player interaction to now explain with only images and text.
ㆍApplied to: Begin Auto-Questing, Use Workers Efficiently!, Change Great Desert Difficulty, Change Desert Mount
- Tutorials you've already completed may display again after the update.


- Changed the magnifying glass icon that leads you to the CP Comparison UI to always appear when tapping on another Adventurer.
ㆍAdded a notification to display when tapping on a target whose information is unavailable.
- Improved the design of the upgrade requirement for your Fairy from the Fairy Blossom screen.
ㆍThe UI will not be visible if the requirement has been met.
- Added visual effects to the background of the Pets → Capture Memory screen.
- Added a notification to display when you don’t have enough Stamina or inventory slots to use the Fairy skill, “Black Rock Altar Auto-Offering.”


- Added the Igneous combat trailer to play while updating the game.
- Changed the Igneous trailer to play from the server selection screen.
- Added a button that allows you to invite all guild members and friends to party-type content excluding Arenas.
- To celebrate April Fool's Day, special guests will appear from each faction in the Battlefield of the Sun instead of the usual Commanders and Supreme Commanders until the scheduled update maintenance on Apr 4 (Tue).




- Improved to automatically log in with the previously logged-in Apple account when the game app is restarted.
- Changed to prevent left and right margins from appearing on Galaxy Z Flip 2,3, and 4 models.
- Fixed an issue where Alyaelli's Rift bosses in [Knowledge - Boss] would display awkward descriptions if their Knowledge had not been acquired.

Bug Fixes



- [Destroyer] Fixed an issue where the character would be abnormally slow in recognizing the next target with the skill "Slugfest."
- [Sura] Fixed an issue where the Weapon on/off setting would not be applied in Town with certain Outfits equipped.
- Fixed an issue where, during a guild war, the target lock feature could be used on Adventurers in areas of the Great Desert where Purified Water is not consumed.


- Fixed an issue where the visual effect displayed when you can offer to a Black Rock Altar would not appear in the Crescent Pilgrimage Great Desert Outlaw Zone.
- Fixed an issue where the UI would appear abnormal when tapping the Battlefield of the Sun and Trials of Ator from the item acquisition info pop-up for Sun Crystal and Chaos Crystal to navigate to the relevant menus.
- Fixed an issue where the names of certain classes would display for Outfits used as material for crafting from [Craft → Gear → Outfit → Outfit Exchange].


- Fixed an issue where inputting another key while pressing jump (Left Thumb) on a gamepad wouldn't work properly.
- Fixed an issue where the camera wouldn't zoom properly in Eventide Island and Glowing Eventide Island.
- Fixed an issue where the progress of quest objectives that require equipping items of certain grade, enhancement level, or awakening wouldn't update properly at times.



Starting Events

Igneous Unravels His Arcana!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 28, 2023 (Tue) - Apr 10 (Mon), 23:59
Igneous Release Daily Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 28, 2023 (Tue) - Apr 10 (Mon), 23:59
Igneous Premium Login
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 28, 2023 (Tue) - Apr 24 (Mon), 23:59
Igneous Level Up Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 28, 2023 (Tue) - Apr 24 (Mon), 23:59
Happy Birthday to Your Family!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 28, 2023 (Tue) - Until further notice

Ended Events

· Interdimensional Remnants
· Element of Water Missions
· Element of Fire Missions
· Elemental Core Event
· Eileen's Cherry Blossom Puzzle
· Orwen's Cherry Blossom Raid Gift
· Nelopole's Cherry Blossom Gift
· Zayed Premium Login
· Chaos Relic Support Exchange!

Pearl Shop


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Items

- Special Pack > Special Package
· Igneous' Gift [1+1]
· Arne's Lucky Chest
· Marg's Lucky Chest
· Igneous' Moonstone Chest [2+1]
※ These products are available until Apr 17 (Mon), 2023, 23:59

- New Igneous Armor Outfits

Item Currency
Shudad (Armor) Pearl
Lord Red (Armor) Black Pearl
Karlstein (armor) Black Pearl
Martillo Swimsuit (Town Outfit) Pearl
Desert Camouflage (Armor) Pearl
Treant Camouflage (Armor) Pearl
Venia Riding Suit (Armor) Pearl
Splat Fisher's Clothes (Armor) Pearl
Karki Suit (Armor) Pearl
Shudad (Weapon) Pearl
Lord Red (Weapon) Black Pearl
Desert Camouflage (Weapon) Pearl
Treant Camouflage (Weapon) Pearl