[Aug 23 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2022.08.23

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Aug 23 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


Featured Updates

Developer's Comment

Many of you Adventurers have voiced your concerns with the market fees. Those were reasonable concerns, so we have been searching for a natural way to introduce these improvements.

We decided to borrow the hands of a trader that led the legendary merchant guild engraved to Valencian trade history.

Every merchant is respectful of Al Yurad, the magnate of countless achievements and legacies. Traders call his first legacy the "Magnate's Ring." Merchants give praise to this glorious legacy, and insist on charging less market fees from the owner. No merchant is unaware of the value and esteem the Magnate's Ring holds.

Meanwhile, there have also been rumors about the "Merchant's Ring," only worn by respected traders of well-known merchant guilds.

Two treasures of golden glow were found at the same time! Perhaps this is your chance to become the next legendary magnate! It wouldn't be so difficult to track down treasures that have already been found.

Who would be the Adventurer to collect the Merchant's Ring and the Magnate's Ring, and follow Al Yurad's footsteps?

- Added new Treasures to Orzeca's Garden, "Merchant's Ring" and "Magnate's Ring."
- You can receive Market Fee Reduction effects from the Knowledge entries of Merchant's Ring and Magnate's Ring.
ㆍMerchant's Ring reduces market fees by 5%, and Magnate's Ring reduces market fees by an additional 3%.
ㆍCrafting Magnate's Ring will result in a total of 8% Market Fee Reduction.
ㆍThe effects from Merchant's Ring and Magnate's Ring apply to all characters in the Family.
- Your Market Fee Reduction stats can be checked in the market and the Bonus Effects list in the inventory.
- Merchant's Ring can be registered as crafting material for Magnate's Ring only after registering "Muremos' Records" and "Black Dragon Tablet."

Developer's Comment

Patrigio is expanding his trading business!

On top of his usual sales, he now accepts certain items from Adventurers and distributes them in secret.
Of course, the adventurers are aptly rewarded for their generous deliveries.

Patrigio has a secret standard for appraising items. Nobody knows why this enigmatic trader accepts the items, nor how they are appraised. But what we do know is that he reveals the top delivery rankings, and that the merchant guild gives out rewards based on the total value of the delivered items.

The Adventurer in 1st place can receive a "Brooch of the Tycoon," imbued with the energy of a tycoon from the past. You can craft the "Necklace of the Tycoon" with this brooch, which will sometimes summon a Tycoon Specter when attacked to pummel nearby enemies with gold. The stunning power of the Necklace of the Tycoon should make for an interesting variable in various combat situations.

Let's go back to Patrigio's new business plan! He wants you to deliver various items.

You can deliver the items you've gathered from fishing, foraging, and mining. We hope that this feature puts a smile on Adventurers enjoying life content! You can also deliver glyphs that have already been appraised, so you can get rid of those pesky glyphs that were cluttering your inventory!

Jump into Patrigio's new and exciting business, and aim for the Necklace of the Tycoon!

Merchant Guild Delivery

- Deliver items to the merchant guild through Patrigio in towns.
ㆍMerchant Guild Delivery is available after completing Main Quest "Lemoria Guard Post."

- The appraisal of delivered items is not based on their grades, but instead on Patrigio's standards, which is not displayed.

Category Description
Fish - Deliver fish from Fishing Zones, Camp, and Great Ocean.
ㆍ You cannot deliver fish from Great Ocean Hot Spots, Eventide Island, or Worker Gathering.
※ Fish from Great Ocean Hot Spots that are "obtainable from regular fishing" can be delivered.
Gathered Materials  - Deliver "Powder of Life," "Dark Crystal Ore," and "Strong Timber" obtainable when Foraging, Mining, and Logging with Master Lv1.
Glyphs - Deliver glyphs of all grades.
ㆍ Appraised, unidentified, tradeable, and spiritbound glyphs can all be delivered.


Merchant Guild Rewards

- If you delivered at least one item to the merchant guild, you will receive a reward chest the following Monday.
- "Patrigio's Delivery Reward" will contain better rewards with more valuable items delivered.

Brooch of the Tycoon

- Rewards are given out according to the rankings tallied on Monday at 00:00.
ㆍ[Brooch of the Tycoon] will be given to the Adventurer in 1st place for Merchant Guild Delivery.
ㆍRankings are updated every day.
- You can use [Brooch of the Tycoon] to craft [Necklace of the Tycoon] or sell it at a high price on the Market.

Necklace of the Tycoon

- You can craft the necklace with [Brooch of the Tycoon], a Chaos-grade necklace, [Chaos Jewel] x10, and 100 billion Silver.
- Adventurers who equip it have a 5% chance to summon a Tycoon Specter to deal 500 fixed damage up to two times and stun enemies when attacked.



Developer's Comment

Mystic and Grandmaster have a good balance of AP, DP, crowd control, combos, and other attributes.

However, relative to how other classes have been balanced so far, they could stand to see a little more work.

We made adjustments in this update with the focus on improving damage and skill combos for the two classes.

Though these two classes' abilities are well balanced overall, we will continue to analyze and adjust any necessary aspects for class balance.


Dragon Punch

- Increased attack speed.
- Increased combo speed when used consecutively.
- Changed the attack motion of the dragon when your character's right hand is used.

Fury Dive

- Increased the attack speed of the last hit.

Somersault Kick

- Improved so that you can use "Somersault Kick" again more quickly after using a skill.


- Adjusted the visual effects of the last hit to match the actual attack range.


- Changed the visual effects.

Gale Force

- Increased PvP damage.
Lv 1: 454.41% x 3 → 545.29 x3
Lv 10: 572.22% x 3 → 686.6% x3

Hell Sweep

- Changed to increase damage by 2.5 times now instead of 3 times with "Flow: Super Energy Blast."
- Increased PvE and PvP damage.
Lv 1: 445.5%, Max 4 hits →  534.6%, Max 4 hits
Lv 10: 579.15%, Max 4 hits → 694.9%, Max 4 hits
Lv 1: 338.58%, Max 4 hits → 406.2%, Max 4 hits
Lv 10: 440.15%, Max 4 hits →  528.1%, Max 4 hits

Energy Vacuum

- Improved to combo more quickly into "Hell Sweep" and "Gale Force."


- Changed the skill buff's visual effect.
- Added "Damage against monsters +10%" upon using Shoulder Thrust.
Improved skill description.
- Withstand the enemy's attacks with an iron will.
- PvP damage taken -30% for 2 sec while immobilized

Effects upon using Shoulder Thrust:
- Next skill's damage +40%
- Damage against monsters +10% for 10 sec

Developer's Comment

Warlord affects a wide area with his attacks and swiftly moves forward.

In our last update, we made adjustments so that he can more easily enter and leave the battlefield and deal damage more consistently in the front line. However, with other classes having increased efficiency in their attacks, he still displays relatively weak attack capabilities.

With this update, we've increased the combo speed, attack speed, and damage of "Upper Hand" and "Conduit" and improved the passive skill, "To Arms." Warlord will now be more offensively capable, with smoother combos and heavier attacks.


Upper Hand

- Increased attack speed.
- Improved "Upper Hand" to combo more quickly with other skills.
- Increased PvP damage.
Lv 1: 222.75%, Max 7 hits → 267.3%, Max 7 hits
Lv 10: 308.81%, Max 7 hits → 370.57%, Max 7 hits


- Increased attack speed.
- Increased PvP damage.
Lv 1: 324%, Max 3 hits →  421.2%, Max 3 hits
Lv 10: 421.2%, Max 3 hits → 561.6%, Max 3 hits

Circle Slash

- Increased the attack range bonus of To Arms: Circle Slash from 10% to 15%.

To Arms

- Changed "PvP damage taken -15% for 10 sec" to "PvP damage taken -25% for 10 sec."

Developer's Comment

Archer is a ranged class who can mark locations advantageous for attacking enemies. In the last update, we improved his mobility so that it was possible to evade the attacks of other classes to make room for his own attacks. However, he couldn't build up enough damage, despite these opportunities.

To resolve this, we increased the cast speed of "Luminous Barrage" and changed the debuff of "Concentrated Blast" for a smoother combo. Also, the damage of "Radiant Barrage" and "Focused Shot" was increased so that you can more efficiently make use of the attack opportunities.



- Increased travel distance when used forward or backward.
- Increased travel distance when used consecutively.

Concentrated Blast

- Improved to combo more quickly with "Snapshot," "Luminous Barrage," and "Fend Off."
- Changed "Knockdown on hit" to "Knockback on hit."

Luminous Barrage

- Increased cast speed.
- Increased attack speed of Flow: Volley Fire.

Radiant Barrage

- Fixed an issue where the hit information of the skill was incorrect.
Lv 1: 815.1% x2 → 815.1%, Max 2 hits
Lv 10: 1018.87% x2 → 1018.87%, Max 2 hits
Lv 1: 542.64% x2 → 542.64%, Max 2 hits
Lv 10: 678.3% x2 →  678.3%, Max 2 hits
- Increased the number of hits of "Flow: Spirit Arrow" by one.

Focused Shot

- Increased the "All skill damage increase" effect by 5% (10% → 15%).
- Increased the "Damage against monsters increase" effect by 5% (10% → 15%).


- Improved to combo more quickly into other skills.

Rising Storm

- Improved to combo more quickly into other skills after "Flow: Blue Cloud."


- Improved to be able to switch directions to the back upon using "Flow: Counterattack."

Void Knight, Phantasma

Black Spirit's Rage
“Black Spirit's Rage: Absorb”
- Removed the magic consumption requirement and adjusted AP and DP values to match the other classes.
“Black Spirit's Rage”
- Removed the magic consumption requirement.
- Damage +25% at 50% Magic
- Added "Damage +50% at 100% Magic."


- [Archer] Fixed an issue where the "Max 2 hits" in the skill description for Radiant Barrage would display the stats with the enhanced skill, "Flow: Spirit Arrow," applied.
- [Drakania] Fixed an issue where attacks while running would abnormally repeat.
- [Drakania] Fixed an issue where certain body parts would render incorrectly with certain customization settings.
- [Drakania] Fixed an issue where the pants of the Margorian Outlaw outfit would appear abnormal during certain actions.
- [Phantasma] Fixed an issue where the glowing visual effect wouldn't be displayed when using Black Spirit's Rage with [Dark Matter Stone].
- [Phantasma] Fixed an issue where only Super Armor would be applied for "Vediant Shockwave" during Auto-Combat.
- [Warlord] Fixed an issue where the travel distance would sometimes be too short when using "Backdraft" after a forward Evasion.
- [Warlord] Fixed an issue where "PvP damage reduction" would not apply when the "To Arms" passive skill buff is applied from Evasion.
- [Shai] Fixed an issue where the "disable stealth" effect would not apply when the Flow skill and branch are applied to "La La La!"
- [Shai] Fixed an issue where the "Increase Crit Chance" enhancement skill effect of "Swoosh" would only be applied on hit.
- [Destroyer] Fixed an issue where "Flow: Table Flip" would be activated sometimes during Auto-Combat.
- [Kunoichi] Fixed an issue where 2 Seal stacks could be gained upon using "Cripple" without branches inscribed.
- [Blade Master] Fixed an issue where you couldn't switch directions when using "Flow: Counterattack."
- [Void Knight] Fixed an issue where the number of hits would decrease by one when attacking monsters with the Ahib branch inscribed to "Fury of Kamasylvia" while in Enchanting Frenzy.
- Fixed an issue where the grabbed target couldn't be grabbed again sometimes after using grab skills.
- Fixed an issue where Forward Guard, Super Armor, and Invincibility would last shorter than the skill motions while the attack speed or move speed reduction effect is applied.



Node War

Developer's Comment

Node War is PvP content in which you can show off your strength and unity with guild members as you battle with other guilds to occupy nodes. The CP of guild members definitely affects victory as battles focus on which guild is more powerful than the other, which sometimes turns the nodes occupied by guilds with guild members of relatively high CP into unassailable fortresses. Also, it was previously difficult for guilds with much lower CP or newer guilds to participate in Node Wars.

We added "nodes with CP limit" with this update so that you can experience Node War even with comparatively low CP and so you can also have the opportunity to occupy nodes. There will be a CP limit applied each week for certain Tier 1 Nodes, which means that all Adventurers who exceed the CP limit can participate with a CP that matches the limit.

With the update, you'll be able to experience a smaller gap or feel a better balance in CP in the actual battlefield. Also, you'll be able to experience a different battlefield every week, with the rotation of nodes for which the CP limit will be applied.

- Changed certain Tier 1 Nodes out of the 29 to now have upper CP limits.
ㆍAdventurers with CP that exceeds the limit will have their CP adjusted when entering.
- CP limits will be applied to a different node every week.
ㆍFor example, if the CP limit was applied to Forest of Seclusion this week, it will be applied to either Kasula Farm or Ehwaz Hill the following week.
ㆍCheck out the nodes with CP limits from the Siege Gateway within the Guild Fortress.

Day Node
Mon Bree Tree Ruins, Saunil Camp, Phoniel's Cabin, Mansha Forest
Thu Forest of Seclusion, Bradie Fortress, Long Leaf Tree Forest, Crioville, Lynch Farm Ruins
Fri Plains of Agris, Northern Quarry, Southwestern Gateway, Bree Tree Forest, Inner Masha Forest
Sun Ehwaz Hill, Old Dandelion, Forsaken Lands, Glutoni Cave, Treant Crossroads

- CP limit will be applied to the following nodes after maintenance on Aug 23 (Tue):

Day Node
Mon Saunil Camp
Thu Crioville, Lynch Farm Ruins
Fri Southwestern Gateway, Inner Masha Forest
Sun Forsaken Lands, Ehwaz Hill


Battlefield of the Sun

- Added a chat shortcut in Battlefield of the Sun: Calpheon Defense regarding the Outer Gates.


- Changed the Unidentified Elion/Hadum Rune items to be usable after completing the Great Desert Family quest, "Awaken, Black Spirit."
- Changed the item name of "Black Spirit Mission Pass" to "Black Spirit Mission Pass Point."


- Added a search function for regions on the World Map.

- Improved the visual presentation when Loure Ravi spawns during the Elite Guild Raid.
- Improved Bluetooth keyboard support on devices above iOS 14.




- Improved Party Rush so that party members are displayed on the minimap.
- Changed the Guild War enemy alert to not display when entering a zone if the enemy guild Adventurers in the zone are all incapacitated.
- Improved so that you can send guild push notifications via chat shortcuts.

Bug fixes and other changes


Siege/Node War

- Fixed an issue where elephants would sometimes float midair during a Siege/Node War.


- Fixed an issue where the enhancement level would be displayed as roman numerals in the confirmation window for Craft when attempting to craft a +6 Rift Totem Chest.
- Fixed an issue where the icon for Evasion would appear abnormal while Lupa is mounted on Heilang in 8-key mode.
- Fixed an issue where the achievement reward for using Path of Glory entry passes was different from the actual rewards given.
- Fixed an issue where certain outfits for Ranger would appear abnormal.
- Fixed an issue where the CP increase from recommended gear would appear abnormal while enhanced gear is equipped.


- Fixed an issue where it would appear as if the location of Tukar Laytenn in the Great Desert would change abnormally on the minimap.
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't loot a Chaos Rift Loot Chest from Chaos Rift III.
ㆍThe [Chaos Rift Loot Chest] was sent to your in-game mailbox based on the number of entries to Chaos Rift III during maintenance on Aug 23 (Tue).
- Fixed an issue where pets taken out would move awkwardly.
- Fixed an issue where Ramoness content was inaccessible during the set schedule (weekend).



Starting Events

Collect Wanted Posters!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 23, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 29 (Mon), 23:59
Hit or Miss! Hammer of Fortune
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 23, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 29 (Mon), 23:59
Hammer of Fortune Login Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 23, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 29 (Mon), 23:59
August Weekly Login
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 23, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 29 (Mon), 23:59
Black Spirit Mission Pass
· Event Period: After maintenance on Aug 23, 2022 (Tue) - until Nov 15 (Tue) maintenance

Ending Events
· August Roulette Event
- [Roulette Ticket Piece] can be exchanged until: Aug 29 (Mon), 23:59 (Server Time)
· August Roulette Ticket Daily Missions
· Ganin Arth's Special Support

Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Items

- Special Pack
· Buccaneer 1+1 Pack
※ The extra chest you receive can be opened after the scheduled maintenance on Aug 30 (Tue).
· Limited Totem Step-up I
· Limited Totem Step-up II
· All-Inclusive Alchemy Awakening Pack

- Power Boost Package

- Event Banner
· Black Spirit Premium Mission Pass
※Can be purchased until the scheduled maintenance on Nov 15, 2022 (Tue)
· 10 Black Spirit Mission Pass Points