[Jul 26 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2022.07.26

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Jul 26 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


Featured Updates

Developer's Comment

Party Rush was developed to provide a boost for Adventurers to overcome the early game CP block, and also to encourage guild and blood kin activity.
The low drop rate of [War Horn: Cadry Gatekeeper] will make it feel more rewarding when you obtain it.

We expect that Adventurers will be able to bond with guild members and blood kin by participating in Party Rushes together, and gradually increase their CP with the addition of Abyssal Party Rush in future updates.

- "Party Rush" has been added. You can access Party Rush with the item [War Horn: Cadry Gatekeeper].
ㆍ[War Horn: Cadry Gatekeeper] can be used by Adventurers with 13,000 CP or above, and who are part of a guild or blood kin.
ㆍYou can obtain this item from Spoils of Battle dropped by enemies at East and South Valencia.

- The owner of a [War Horn: Cadry Gatekeeper] can invite up to 2 other guild members or blood kin to their party.
ㆍ[War Horn: Cadry Gatekeeper] is consumed upon entering, and the required CP is 13,000.
ㆍParty Rush cannot be entered with less than 3 party members.
ㆍThe instance lasts for 30 minutes, and can be re-entered within this time.
- The Adventurer who used the War Horn will obtain 100 Chaos Cores, and others will obtain 20 Chaos Cores. Various rewards are given upon completion.
- [War Horn: Cadry Gatekeeper] must be used within 24 hours, and can be sold to an NPC after expiry.


Developer's Commentary

Windwalker, Reaper, and Crimson Lily are all classes with high mobility that allow them to quickly approach the enemy to strike, and retreat before giving the enemy a chance to counterattack.

But in large-scale PvP content, there are situations where these classes are not able to deal enough damage after an approach, or are killed because of their lack of Super Armor skills.

So in this update, we added Super Armor options to the Forward Guard skills of these classes.

Furthermore, we increased the skill damage and reduced the cooldown of certain skills, so that these classes can deal significant amounts of damage to enemies within melee distance.

Ethereal Blast

- Improved skill range so that the character is part of the hitbox.


- Increased PvP damage.
Lv 1: 455.8% x 3 → 500.52% x 3
Lv 10: 592.45% x 3 → 650.67% x 3


Wind Slicer

- Changed so that "Increase Range" is innately applied to the skill, and replaced it with the skill enhancement "Super Armor."
- Increased the damage of skill enhancement "Additional Attack" from "Same damage as Wind Slicer" to "150% damage of Wind Slicer."

Soul Reaver
"Shards of Darkness”

- Added "Remaining cooldown -2.5 sec on hit."
- Improved the cast speed of "Soul Reaver" when it is used after "Death Circus."


- Reduced cooldown by 1 sec. (7 sec → 6 sec) 

Shadow Slash

- Reduced cooldown by 1 sec. (6 sec → 5 sec)


Vacuum Slice

- Added skill enhancement "Super Armor."

“Super Armor”

- "Super Armor" applied instead of "Forward Guard"

Death's Nocturne

- Added "Super Armor during the skill (Not applied in Arena)."
- Added "Cannot be grabbed during the skill."
- Increased attack speed and move distance.
- Increased PvP damage.
Lv 1: 188.16% Max 10 hits → 252% Max 10 hits
Lv 10: 244.6% Max 10 hits → 327.6% Max 10 hits

Bug Fixes

- [Drakania] Fixed an issue where the character was sometimes unable to target an enemy after using "Rip and Tear."
- [Windwalker] Fixed an issue where the character was sometimes unable to target an enemy after using "Gale Harvest."
- [Sura] Fixed an issue where the character would sometimes fail to approach the target when using "Shadow Cloak" at maximum distance.




Developer's Comment

In the past, Declare Points were added to minimize the inconveniences that came from Guild Wars progressing in ways we hadn't intended.

The number of unintentional exploits have decreased since then, but we noticed that there are still some inconveniences to be found in this content.

Declare Points will now decrease with more members in the guild, making it harder for guilds with inactive members to declare Guild Wars.

Guild War requires coordination among the members, so we hope this change will make Guild Wars exclusive to active guilds, with members who complete Guild Quests daily.

- Increased Declare Points rewarded from completing a Guild Quest from 4 to 7.
- Changed Declare Points so that guilds will lose 9 Declare Points daily per guild member.
ㆍRequirements for declaring Guild War remain unchanged.
- Changed the Guild Rookie level limit from "total Family level" to "highest level in the Family."
- Changed the Protect button in the [Guild > War > Protect] menu to display "No Permission" for members other than the Guild Master.
- Changed the protect feature so that guild members cannot be protected within 24 hours of defeating an enemy guild member.
- Improved the Guild UI for members, pending members, protect, and Atumach result screen so that table headers can be tapped on to sort the table by that information.


Developer's Comment

The "Pursue" function was added to allow Adventurers to chase down enemy Adventurers during combat or engage in combat more frequently with Adventurers who track you down.

However, we found some unintentional occurrences such as some Adventurers pursuing enemy Adventurers even outside of Outlaw Zone, despite there being no combat.

We made some changes to the "Pursue" function to alleviate these types of occurrences.

- Changed the feature that allows you to pursue designated enemies to no longer display enemies' locations and only display whether they're online or offline.
ㆍYou can use the "Pursue" feature in normal regions excluding the Black Sun and Twisted Nightmare when your target is either in Outlaw Zone or your guilds are at war with each other.



- Added a Black Spirit guide that provides information on auto-absorbing Dark Energy when using the "Open Chests" feature.
- Changed to provide details on Twisted Nightmare 12 hours before Twisted Nightmare opens (Updated on July 29).
- Added visual effects to the message displayed when your Knowledge level increases or Knowledge is acquired when AP, DP, or Max HP increases.
- Added a Quixel license icon at the bottom of the loading screen during game startup.


- Increased the shop prices of the following treasure materials to 50,000,000,000 Silver:
ㆍ[Cipher of Light], [Ancient Seed], [Ring of Vows], and [Eliza's Comb]


- Improved Hero of Karkea to match participants more quickly.


- Changed the cooldown for pings in stages where you can use the ping feature to 1 sec.


- Added Amity to certain NPCs in Northeast Kamasylvia.

Location NPC 
Lemoria Guard Post Dellenas 
Leminei Lain
Lemoria Central Camp Doran
Viv Foretta Hamlet Foretta
Ancient Tree of Wisdom Mathieu
Obi Bellen




- Improved the time remaining for expansion to be displayed on the "Expand Camp" button for Town Hall.


- Fixed an issue where your device wouldn't stop vibrating with the "Vibrate when attacked by other Adventurers" settings on during sleep mode when taking constant damage such as burn damage.
- Improved Spectral Boss stages so that the boss is automatically target-locked when it spawns.

Bug fixes and other changes



- Fixed an issue where certain parts of your dyed weapon would appear undyed when leaving your camp.
- Fixed an issue where the expected enhancement stats would appear as +0 when attempting to transfer enhancement on gear that is Awakened Enhancement +4 or above.
- Fixed an issue where the question mark icon would continue to be displayed under certain circumstances for your debuff resistance stats on the "My Info" window.
- Fixed an issue where it would appear as if the area would reset to Gahaz Altar when rejecting entry from the loading screen for Field of Valor: Desert.



Starting Events

Twilight Boost Spoils of Battle Hot-Time
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jul 26, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 1, 2022 (Mon), 23:59
Twilight Boost Harmony Scroll Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jul 26, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 1, 2022 (Mon), 23:59
Twilight Boost Token Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jul 26, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 1, 2022 (Mon), 23:59
Twilight Boost Token Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jul 26, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 1, 2022 (Mon), 23:59
Growth Support Capsules
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jul 26, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 1, 2022 (Mon), 23:59
Power Boost Login Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jul 26, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 1, 2022 (Mon), 23:59

Ending Events

· Drakania Level Up
· Twilight Grace - Temple of the Sun
· Accessory Chest of Grace Event
· Special Login Event of Grace
· Token of Grace Event
· Login Missions of Grace

Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Items

- Special Pack
· Twilight Boost Welcome Pack
· Twilight Boost Chest
· All-Inclusive Boost Pack
· All-in-One Alchemy Stone Pack


- Merv's Palette (28 Days) x1 has been included in All-Inclusive Plus Chest currently sold in Pearl Shop after July 26 maintenance.
· Please be reminded that purchased All-Inclusive Plus Chest before July 26 maintenance will not have Merv's Palette (28 Days)