[Jul 19 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2022.07.19

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Jul 19 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


Featured Updates

Developer's Comment

We are pleased to announce that our Adventurers will now be able to instill Chaos Energy into Alchemy Stones.
There currently are 8 types of Alchemy Stones and each has a different type and usage. Because of this, Adventurers had to undergo the inconvenience of replacing Alchemy Stones for each different type of content.

We focused on resolving this inconvenience when developing Chaos Alchemy Stones. You can craft Chaos Alchemy Stones with the more frequently used Primal Alchemy Stones. Also, you can combine "Enhanced," "Lucky," "Savage," and "Brave" Chaos Alchemy Stones with the new item, [Harmony Stone].

The effects of all combined Alchemy Stones will be applied upon equipping the [Harmony Stone], without having to replace Alchemy Stones for each different type of content.

CP would increase drastically if the AP and DP increase from all types of Alchemy Stones are applied. To prevent this, Chaos Alchemy Stones will not increase AP or DP, with the exception of the "Enhanced" type that increases your CP the most.

In return, we've adjusted the values of the additional effects of each type of Alchemy Stone to draw out their characteristics. Also, we've added "Alchemy Resonance" so that you'll still feel the value in enhancing your Alchemy Stones.

When crafting a [Harmony Stone] for the first time, you'll be able to combine "Enhanced" and "Savage" Alchemy Stones. You'll gradually be able to combine "Lucky" and "Brave" Alchemy Stones after completing respective quests which will take some time to complete.

You can unleash a special power by awakening the [Harmony Stone] you crafted.

The awakened [Harmony Stone] will be available for Enhancement with [Twisted Time] and the recently added item [Harmonious Light]. You must have been hanging onto both of these items, wondering what they could be used for. We are pleased to reveal the [Harmony Stone] along with how to use the two items. You can obtain [Twisted Time] from Ancient Ruins: Eternal and [Harmonious Light] from Twisted Nightmare as well as Chaos Rift II.

We thought it was important to make the stats of Harmony Stone appealing in order for the materials to serve their purpose. Only "Branch Damage Increase" was being applied in PvP content, but we added "Branch Damage Reduction" to enhance combat sustainability. At the same time, we've removed DP and added AP for minimum damage efficiency in PvP and hunt efficiency in PvE.

The [Harmony Stone] will be an appealing item by itself and will also make gameplay special in the Ancient Ruins, Chaos Rifts, and Twisted Nightmare.

Adventurers who've unraveled a way to control Chaos Energy contained within an Alchemy Stone through the energy of harmony shall awaken the true power of harmony to experience a higher level of ability.

New Story

■ Story: With Great Power
- Added two new stories about Chaos Alchemy Stones, "With Great Power" and "The Brightest Light."
ㆍ"With Great Power" is available after completing the Northeast Kamasylvia main quest "Final Moments, Illezra."
ㆍUpon completing "With Great Power," the crafting method for [Harmony Stone] and upgrade methods for Primal Alchemy Stones will be added.
ㆍCrafting methods for "Enhanced" and "Savage" Chaos Alchemy Stones will be available upon crafting [Harmony Stone].
ㆍYou can combine Alchemy Stones and awaken [Eternal Alchemy Stone] upon completing "With Great Power."
■ Quest: Even Greater Power

- The crafting method for [Chaos Alchemy Stone: Lucky] will be added upon completing "Even Greater Power."
ㆍYou can accept "Even Greater Power" via Gorgath in Keplan, Dias Farmlands, or Tarif after completing "With Great Power."

■ Quest: The Brightest Light
ㆍYou can craft [Chaos Alchemy Stone: Brave] upon completing "The Brightest Light."
ㆍYou can accept "The Brightest Light" from Gorgath in Tarif after completing "With Greater Power."
ㆍYou'll need Awakened +3 or higher Primal ""Brave"" Alchemy Stone x1, Chaos Jewel x2, Ah'krad x10, Caphras Alchemy Stone Secret Book x1, Lapis Lazuli x30, and 3,000,000,000 Silver to craft a [Chaos Alchemy Stone: Brave].
- You can combine [Chaos Alchemy Stone: Brave] with [Harmony Stone] upon completing the quest.

■ Crafting Chaos Alchemy Stones

- Added crafting methods for Chaos Alchemy Stones.

Chaos Alchemy Stone Crafting Materials
Enhanced  Ah'krad x10, Chaos Jewel x2,
Caphras Alchemy Stone Secret Book x1, Lapis Lazuli x30, 3,000,000,000 Silver
Awakened +3 or higher Primal "Enhanced" Alchemy Stone x1
Savage Awakened +3 or higher Primal "Savage" Alchemy Stone x1
Lucky Awakened +3 or higher Primal "Lucky" Alchemy Stone x1
Brave Awakened +3 or higher Primal "Brave" Alchemy Stone x1

ㆍThere are no AP nor DP stats for "Savage," "Lucky," and "Brave" Chaos Alchemy Stones.

ㆍThe enhancement level of the Primal Alchemy Stone will be maintained when crafting Chaos Alchemy Stones.

■ Combining and Extracting Alchemy Stones

- Increase stats by combining "Enhanced," "Savage," "Lucky," and "Brave" Chaos Alchemy Stones with [Harmony Stone].

- You need Ah'krad x20, Chaos Jewel x10, and 12,000,000,000 Silver to craft a [Harmony Stone].
- You can combine Chaos Alchemy Stones with the Harmony Stone from the [Alchemy Lab > Combine Alchemy Stone] menu.
- All Alchemy Stones combined with the Harmony Stone can be extracted.
- You can use 100,000 Silver to extract or combine Chaos Alchemy Stones with the [Harmony Stone].

■ Awakening Alchemy Stones
- Awakening Harmony Stones

- Added the story "Comes Great Harmony," which unlocks Harmony Stone Awakening.
ㆍYou can awaken the [Harmony Stone] upon completing the story.
ㆍYou can proceed with the story after completing "With Great Power," for opening Chaos Alchemy Stones, and quests for opening Chaos Alchemy Stones, "Even Greater Power" and "The Brightest Light."
- You can awaken the [Harmony Stone] from the "Awaken Alchemy Stone" menu in the Alchemy Lab after completing the story.
- You need Chaos Jewel x10 and Ah'krad x20 to awaken [Harmony Stone].
- You can make enhancement attempts using [Harmonious Light] and [Twisted Time] with the awakened [Harmony Stone].
- You can obtain [Harmonious Light] from the Pila Ku Execution Room in Chaos Rift II and Twisted Nightmare.
- You can enhance the awakened [Harmony Stone] up to Lv 40. Upon a failed enhancement, you can use Silver or Restoration Scrolls for a guaranteed restoration.

■ Enhancing Alchemy Stones

- You can enhance "Enhanced," "Savage," "Lucky," and "Brave" Chaos Alchemy Stones from the "Enhance Alchemy Stone" menu in the Alchemy Lab.

ㆍChaos Alchemy Stones require the same enhancement materials and restoration cost as Primal Alchemy Stones.
- Added a new item, [Caphras Crystal], that can be used for enhancing Abyssal, Primal, and Chaos grade Alchemy Stones.
- You can attempt enhancement with all types of Chaos Alchemy Stones with Caphras Crystal x1 and Caphras Dust x10,000.
ㆍYou can obtain [Caphras Crystal] from completing the story, "With Great Power."

■ Alchemy Resonance
- The total enhancement level of "Enhanced," "Savage," "Lucky," and "Brave" Chaos Alchemy Stones equipped on the [Harmony Stone] will determine the Alchemy Resonance level.
- Resonance will be applied based on enhancement levels I to X of the "Enhanced," "Savage," "Lucky," and "Brave" Chaos Alchemy Stones equipped on the [Harmony Stone]. The enhancement levels applied to resonance level are as follows:

Enhancement Level  Enhancement Level Applied to Resonance
II  2  
III  3  
IV  4  
VI  6  
VIII  8  
IX  9  

- There are up to 40 resonance levels, and the AP and DP stats applied for each level are as follows:

Resonance Level AP DP
10  10 
15  15 
20  20 
25  25 
30  30 
35  35 
40  40 
45  45 
10  50  50 
11  55  55 
12  60  60 
13  65  65 
14  70  70 
15  75  75
16  80  80 
17  85  85 
18  90  90 
19  95  95 
20  100  100  
21  105  105  
22  110  110  
23  115  115  
24  120  120  
25  125  125  
26  130  130  
27  135  135  
28  140  140  
29  145  145  
30  150  150  
31  155  155  
32  160  160  
33  165  165  
34  170  170  
35  175  175  
36  180  180  
37  185  185  
38  190  190  
39  195  195  
40  200  200 

■ Added Exchange Method
- Added a crafting method that enables you to exchange the same "Unified," "Savage," and "Brave" Primal Alchemy Stones.

Exchange  Materials for Exchange
"Unified" Type "Savage" or "Brave" Alchemy Stone + 500,000,000 Silver + Caphras Dust x100,000
"Savage" Type "Unified" or "Brave" Alchemy Stone + 500,000,000 Silver + Caphras Dust x100,000
"Brave" Type "Unified" or "Savage" Alchemy Stone + 500,000,000 Silver + Caphras Dust x100,000

 ■ Eternal Alchemy Stone
- Added a feature that allows you to awaken [Eternal Alchemy Stone].
ㆍYou can proceed with this from the Awaken Alchemy Stone menu in the Alchemy Lab.
- You need [Chaos Jewel] x18 and [Ah'krad] x60 to awaken an [Eternal Alchemy Stone].
- The 40th Resonance will be applied when equipping the awakened [Eternal Alchemy Stone].


Developer's Commentary

Although Lancer was improved in large-scale PvP content with the recent class balance, she hasn't yet shown great performance in small-scale PvP content.

Her attack speed was increased with the skill "Divine Guard" to make up for the gaps and missteps that were the result of her previously slow movement.

The mobility of her skills "Radiant Burst" and "Blessing of Enslar" have also been improved. She can now combo into "Holy Thrust" more quickly, thus increasing its accuracy.

We anticipate that Lancer will make use of her improved mobility even in small-scale PvP content to enter and evade more smoothly.

Radiant Burst

- Increased movement distance.
- Improved to combo into "Holy Thrust" more naturally after 1st hit.

Holy Thrust

- Improved to combo into "Holy Thrust" more naturally after Evasion.

Divine Guard

- Improved to be able to attack while chasing more in the direction of enemies.
- Increased attack speed.
- Improved to combo more quickly into "Holy Thrust."

Blessing of Enslar

- Added an effect that increases your run speed when running for 2.5 sec.

Developer's Commentary

Yacha was designed as a melee class, but the last hit of his "Fiery Plume" skill threatened even those thought they would be safe from the last hit. It exceeded its expected travel distance.

Due to this issue, we are decreasing the attack range of the final hit of "Fiery Plume" to mitigate this unexpected long-range advantage.

Fiery Plume

- Decreased the attack range of the last hit.


-  [Yacha] Fixed an issue where the damage increase effect of "Unshackled" was not properly applying to "Eagle Drop" and "Lights Out."
- [Drakania] Fixed an issue where your character would move abnormally when selecting 3, 4, or 5 from "View Pose" in her appearance settings.
- [Huntress] Fixed an issue where the neck would appear abnormal when wearing the Clead outfit.



Blazing Chaos Crystal

- Increased the enhancement level for the Rift Stone to be enhanced with [Blazing Chaos Crystal] from 100 to 150.
- Added the [Blazing Chaos Crystal] to be obtainable from Spoils of Battle when Rift Stone level is below 150.
- Changed the number of [Blazing Chaos Crystal] rewarded for completing the daily task "Complete Bounty Mission x2" from 1 to 2.


- Changed the purchase requirement for items sold at the entrance of the Chaos Rift to match the required CP in order to prevent erroneous purchases.
※ The "from Lv 60" requirement still remains the same.
- Adjusted the names of Abyssal - Primal Alchemy Stones.


Path of Glory Season 9 Changes

- Path of Glory Season 9 will newly begin with the scheduled maintenance on Aug 2.

■ Extra Entry Pass
- You'll no longer be able to access Path of Glory with the Path of Glory Season 8 Extra Entry Pass.
- We suggest that you use the Extra Entry Passes before the scheduled maintenance on Aug 2.
※ The number of extra entries for Season 8 will also reset with the scheduled maintenance on Aug 2, 2022.
※ The stacked number of basic entries that reset daily will also reset.

■ Path of Glory Season 8 Special Missions
- The event has ended with the end of Path of Glory Season 8.
※Ended on: Jul 12 (Tue), 2022, 23:59




- Improved to display the crystals equipped on the gear on the "Repurchase/Recovery" list.

Bug fixes and other changes



- [Paladin/Lancer] Fixed an issue where the hair style would appear abnormal when zooming out during customization.
- Fixed an issue where the MP stats would not be displayed properly in a normal Arena.


- Fixed an issue where Auto-Fishing wouldn't work properly during Auto-quest sometimes during the Valencia quest, "Relax and Fish."



Starting Events

Twilight Grace - Temple of the Sun
· Event Period
Jul 22 (Fri) 20:00, 20:15, 20:30
Jul 23 (Sat) 18:30, 18:45, 19:00
Jul 24 (Sun) 18:30, 18:45, 19:00
A Special Twilight Gift of Grace!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jul 19, 2022 (Tue) - Aug 15, 2022 (Mon), 23:59
Accessory Chest of Grace Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jul 19, 2022 (Tue) - Jul 25, 2022 (Mon), 23:59
Special Login Event of Grace
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jul 19, 2022 (Tue) - Jul 25, 2022 (Mon), 23:59
Token of Grace Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jul 19, 2022 (Tue) - Jul 25, 2022 (Mon) 23:59
Login Missions of Grace
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jul 19, 2022 (Tue) - Jul 25, 2022 (Mon), 23:59

Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Items

- Special Pack
· Twilight Grace Welcome Pack
· Twilight Grace Chest
· Power of Chaos Chest I
· Power of Chaos Chest II