[Mar 14 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2023.03.14

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Mar 14 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.



Featured Updates


Developer Commentary:

We are quite honored and excited to finally present the renewal of Camp content to our Adventurers.

Many of our Adventurers requested an update on Camp content at every ball we held. Unfortunately, we couldn't fulfill the request fast enough.

In the Camp, you can enjoy a variety of content aside from combat, which amounts to more diverse gameplay experiences.

We'll begin with this renewal and gradually make more improvements in future updates while maintaining what makes the Camp unique and enjoyable.

For the first Camp renewal, we increased the max level of various buildings, including the Town Hall. Also, we added Banners as a way to commemorate the feats your Family has achieved throughout the adventure.

And for a future update, we plan on adding new Life content based on the expanded Camp that you can enjoy in Camp, with a system where both Adventurers who enjoy combat and Adventurers who prefer other content can interact with each other.

We will continue to make our best efforts to meet your expectations in future updates as well. Thank you for your patience.


- Added Tier 9 Town Hall with the first Camp renewal.

Town Hall

- The appearances of certain buildings will change if you upgrade to a Tier 9 Town Hall, and you'll gain additional benefits.
ㆍFood Storage Limit increases by 20,000
ㆍCan hire 1 additional Worker
ㆍCan build 1 additional Lodging
- Changed the Camp Funds you can receive from each tier of Town Hall.

Tier Before After
Tier 1 20,000  200,000 
Tier 2 25,000  400,000 
Tier 3 30,000  600,000 
Tier 4 35,000  800,000 
Tier 5 40,000  1,000,000 
Tier 6 50,000  2,000,000 
Tier 7 200,000  3,000,000 
Tier 8 1,000,000  4,000,000 
Tier 9 - 5,000,000 


- You can upgrade your Refinery up to Lv 30.

Level Function
26  Max Black Stones: 26 
27  Max Black Stones: 27 
28  Max Black Stones: 28 
29  Max Black Stones: 29 
30  Max Black Stones: 30 

Alchemy Lab

- You can upgrade your Alchemy Lab up to Lv 18.

Level Function
16  Max Crafting Spots: 6
Max Task Repeats: 16
17  Max Crafting Spots: 7
Max Task Repeats: 17
18  Max Crafting Spots: 8
Max Task Repeats: 18

- If you have a Tier 9 Town Hall, you can craft [Magical Essence] at a Lv 16 or higher Alchemy Lab.


- You can upgrade your Stable up to Lv 9.
ㆍYou can keep up to 19 horses.
ㆍMore Feed can be stored.

Food Storage, Garden

- You can upgrade your Food Storage up to Lv 25.

Level Function
21  Food Storage Limit: 160,000 
22  Food Storage Limit: 170,000 
23  Food Storage Limit: 180,000 
24  Food Storage Limit: 190,000 
25  Food Storage Limit: 200,000 

Trade Workshop

- You can upgrade your Trade Workshop up to Lv 18.

Level Function
16  Max Crafting Spots: 8
Max Task Repeats: 16
17  Max Crafting Spots: 9
Max Task Repeats: 17
18  Max Crafting Spots: 10
Max Task Repeats: 18


- You can upgrade your Storage up to Lv 17.

Level Function
16  Storage Slots: 125 
17  Storage Slots: 130 

- The following buildings will have different appearances based on the tier of your Town Hall:

- Added "Family / Camp Info" to the icon list that appears when you tap Town Hall.
- Added Family Feats to the main menu.

Family Info

- A window with your Family Creation Date, Family CP, and other simple information will be displayed.
ㆍ"Main Vanguards" are the five characters within your Family with the highest CP.


Family Feats

- Added Family Feats.
ㆍGo to Town Hall → Family / Camp Info → Banners on the upper right of the screen or "Family Feats" on the main menu to check out this new content.
- There are 4 Family Feat categories: [Adventure, Combat, Battlefield, Life]. Each category features different objectives for achieving feats.

- You begin each category from level 1, then in order. The objective of the next feat will be revealed upon completing the current level.
ㆍYou can build the Banner for each category upon completing the level 1 feat of the respective category.
ㆍYou can use Logs and Rugged Boulders to build Banners from the "Build" option in Camp.
ㆍYou cannot build more than one Banner of the same category. You can only upgrade Banners that have been built.
- Each time you complete a feat under each category, you can upgrade the Banner of that category.
ㆍTap "Upgrade" on a Banner built in Camp for the next level Banner.
- You cannot remove Banners that have already been built and can only change the placement.

Camp Info

- Tap the "Camp Info" tab to check out information on Camp Management/Updates.
ㆍIn addition to the Camp Manager summary, this list of available buildings and upgrades will be displayed when entering Camp.

Developer Commentary:

Traces of Chaos Energy has been found in the ancient relic discovered in the land of Drieghan. The traces contain recipes for using Primal Relics to craft Chaos Relics.

Chaos Relics will strengthen your core skills and work as an excellent means to overcome the "Draconic Curse" that has befallen Drieghan, as they increase Max Branch Damage with each successful enhancement.

Also, you will be able to find new skills at the Ancient Relic Altar which you can enhance by offering Relics of each Branch. With this update, you can use Relics that didn't serve much purpose to now gain effects that'll help you in combat.

Our Adventurers have been giving much attention to Branch Damage due to the "Draconic Curse" that has befallen Drieghan and the effects from Chaos Alchemy Stones. We hope that you'll be able to increase the damage of your preferred Branch with Chaos Relics and the new Offer Relic: Branch feature.

- Added Chaos Relics.


- Added the Story - "Mysteries of the Ancient Relic," relevant to Chaos Relics.
ㆍYou must have a +8 or higher Primal Relic to accept the story.
- Crafting recipes for Chaos Relics of each Branch will be added once you complete the story.


- You can craft Chaos Relics once you complete the new Story - "Mysteries of the Ancient Relic."
- You can craft Chaos Relics of each Branch that you want with the following materials from the Craft menu after completing the story.
ㆍRequired materials: Awakened +8 or higher Primal Relic x1 (any Branch), Chaos Jewel x10, Ah'krad x30, 10,000,000,000 Silver
ㆍImbued Glyphs on the material Primal Relic will be maintained.


- Chaos Relics can be enhanced up to +10 from Enhancement in the Black Spirit's Influence menu.

Branch Enhancement

ㆍYou need Ah'krad x1 and Dimensional Fragment x50 for Branch Enhancement.
ㆍHigher enhancement levels require more Dimensional Fragments per enhancement attempt.
ㆍYou can use Restoration Scrolls or Dimensional Fragments when failing enhancement for guaranteed restoration.
ㆍMore currency (Restoration Scrolls or Dimensional Fragments) is required for restoration for higher enhancement levels.
ㆍSuccessful Branch Enhancement with Chaos Relics will increase AP and DP stats, Branch Damage, and Max Branch Damage.

Offer Relic: Branch

- Added "Offer Relic: Branch" to the Ancient Relic Altar.
ㆍThe tab will unlock after completing Story - "Mysteries of the Ancient Relic" and reaching Lv 100 with Ease of Burden, Wisdom of Battle, and Goblin's Blessing.
ㆍThe damage of each Branch will increase when you increase the skills' levels by offering Relics of the relevant Branch for "Aal's Flame," "Serrett's Light," "Labreve's Eye," and "Ahib's Blade."
- Added "Increase Branch Damage" to Auto-Offer Relic Settings in the Pearl Shop > Relic menu.
ㆍWhen you check "Increase Branch Damage," Relics will automatically be offered to increase their respective Branch passives.
- Higher-grade Relics require more Silver but grant more EXP per offering.



Wind Rider
- Increased the time the character attempts grab.


- [Maegu, Woosa] Added interaction messages between the two sister classes.
- [Spiritwalker] Fixed an issue where the actual "Extra Damage to Bosses/World Bosses" from "Guardians' Descent" of "Descent of Heavenly Beast" was only +10%.
- [Sura] Fixed an issue where Evasion would not activate even when the "Use Evasion during Auto-Combat" option is on.
- [Paladin] Fixed an issue where, at times, the unenhanced version of "Shield Throw" would be used at full Sacred Power during auto-combat.
- [Zayed] Fixed an issue where the voice of another class would play when previewing "Constriction."




- More pets can be registered in Pet Memories.
ㆍAdded pets: Red Panda, Lost Penguin, Long-Tailed Rosefinch, Bos'n Jack, Card Soldier Choppy, Cosplay Corgi, Pila Fe Mischievous Dog, Carmadun Owl, Young Golden Dragon, Fluffy, Shudad's Courier, Desert Fox
- Increased the purchase limit for [Pet Photo Paper] from 19 to 31.
- Added a feature which allows you to preview the skill info of skills that you can change from the change skills window from the Pets menu.


- Improved to be able to set the enhancement goal when auto-enhancing Lightstones.
- Improved the speed of auto-enhancing Lightstones.

Great Desert

- Improved free Purified Water to stack up to 7 if not collected daily.
ㆍAdded an icon to the right of the minimap that navigates you to the Purified Water UI.
ㆍThe UI will only appear when you can collect free Purified Water.


- Added the text "Debuffs combo in the following order: [Stun ▶ Daze ▶ Knockback ▶ Knockdown, Knock-up, Bound]" to the bottom of the Skill menu.
- Added an alert from the Black Spirit that tells you when you can absorb Dark Energy and enhancement is available before completing the Main Quest - "Altar Imp Captain."


- Added a feature which allows you to zoom in, zoom out, and scroll the UI with a trackpad or mouse on Mac or Macbook devices.
- Reduced the time required to complete dispatch in South Mediah for Family Dispatch - Merchantry from 9 hours to 8 hours.
ㆍThe above change does not apply to Dispatch already in progress, and the 1 hour reduction only applies to new Dispatches.

- Spring has arrived in Black Desert Mobile. Enjoy the warm spring breeze and the flowers in full bloom!
ㆍCherry blossom decorations will be placed in each town until Mar 27 (Mon), 23:59.

- Changed the condition for collecting Guild Bonuses after joining a guild.
ㆍBefore: Available after joining a guild, regardless of whether you are able to participate in a Node/Siege War
ㆍAfter: Available from when you can start participating in Node/Siege Wars





- Improved tutorials that previously required player interaction to now explain with only images and text.
- Applied to: Purified Water, Compass, Using Combat Buff, Combine Totem, Craft Primal Relic, Co-op Rush
- Tutorials you've already completed may display again after the update.
- Improved the auto-progress feature to not pause unless a tutorial must mandatorily be played.
ㆍMandatory tutorials: Dark Energy, Enhancing Gear, Boss Missions, Boss Rush, etc
- You can check out the tutorials you missed while auto-progressing quests from [Menu - Tutorial].


- Improved the readability of the descriptions of Novice/Expert/Master Skill Training Books and Skillbooks of classes that have not been Awakened.
- Improved the "Awaken Dream Horse" button to display after completing the Story - "Legendary Dream Horse" even when you don't have a Tier 8 Horse in the Stable at Camp.
- Improved the in-game mailbox to sort mail by remaining time in ascending order.


- Changed certain terrain of "Inner Mansha Forest" in Southwest Calpheon.
- Improved to be able to accept party invites even in Sleep Mode.
- Improved the Pearl Shop to scroll back to the purchased item on the list after a purchase has been made.
- Improved Normal Arena, Ranked Arena, and Hero of Karkea to start after a 3-second countdown.

Bug Fixes



- Fixed an issue where the Stamina Potion pop-up would appear when approaching Great Desert Excavation Goods, Black Rock Altar, Great Ocean Fishing Hot Spots, and Coral Chests with not enough Stamina.
- Fixed an issue where the Exit button on the top of the Field of Valor menu that displays after leaving Field of Valor would not display.
- Fixed an issue where, at times, a square shadow would abnormally appear in certain topography.


- Fixed an issue where you couldn't sync your social network account from a guest account.
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't enter the Field of Valor through the party widget under certain circumstances.



Starting Events

Eileen's Cherry Blossom Puzzle
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 14, 2023 (Tue) - Mar 27 (Mon), 23:59
Orwen's Cherry Blossom Raid Gift
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 14, 2023 (Tue) - Mar 27 (Mon), 23:59
Nelopole's Cherry Blossom Gift
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 14, 2023 (Tue) - Mar 27 (Mon), 23:59
Chaos Relic Support Exchange!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Mar 14, 2023 (Tue) - Mar 27 (Mon), 23:59

Ended Events

· Ordeal of the Fallen
· Collect Sandstorm Relics
· Zayed Release Daily Missions
· Great Desert Weekly Missions!
· Full Chaos Set Missions!

Pearl Shop


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Items

- Special Pack > Special Package
· Luck on Luck Pack
· Lucky Chaos Relic Pack
※ Available until: Mar 20, 2023 (Mon), 23:59
· Goddess' Emblem Pack

- Special Pack > Step-Up Shop
· Double Chaos Step-Up I
· Double Chaos Step-Up II
· Double Chaos Step-Up III

- Increased purchase limit for Wardrobe +5 Slot Expansion Coupon
· 30 > 70