[Nov 1 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2022.11.01

Update Notice


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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Nov 1 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.



Featured Updates


Developer Commentary:

In the last developer's talk video, we informed you how the upcoming improvements to the Emblem system will allow you to maintain your Emblem's existing stats, therefore lessening the burden of enhancing Emblems.

We put substantial effort into developing Path of Glory Season 10 to meet our Adventurers' expectations. Two big aspects that set Path of Glory Season 10 apart from previous seasons are that it's the last season, and that it comes with the addition of Gemstones.

As we previously hinted, Season 10 is the last season of Path of Glory, and the Emblems you obtain from this season will be the last ones to get.

We hope this update lessens the burden of having to obtain new Emblems every season, while also maintaining the stats of your enhanced Emblems.

Since Emblems will be maintained from now on, we've added "Gemstones" which require a longer span of time to max out, to provide that sense of constant progression for our Adventurers.

You can constantly increase the grades and stats of your Gemstones as you enhance them. Your efforts will gradually build up and confer greater power throughout your entire Family.

We hope our Adventurers enjoy this new progression path with improved Emblems and the new season of Path of Glory.

- After maintenance on Nov 1 (Tue), Path of Glory Season 9 will end and Season 10 will begin.
- Season 10 will be the last season of Path of Glory.
ㆍNew Emblems obtained during Season 10 will be permanent.
ㆍEmblem stats apply to all characters in your Family and can be obtained as a reward from Path of Glory.
ㆍ[Badge of Glory] can be obtained from Path of Glory and is used to enhance Emblems.
- Season 10 Emblems include Mystical, Abyssal, Primal, and Chaos grades.
ㆍYou can transfer enhancement EXP of the previous season's Emblem to the new season's Emblem through the Emblem menu.
- Season 9 Chaos Emblems can only be transferred to a Season 10 Abyssal Emblem or higher.
-  You can even transfer a Season 9 Emblem to a Season 10 Emblem with +4 or higher enhancement level.

Rift 19

- A new difficulty level, Rift 19, was added to Path of Glory.
- The required Family CP for Path of Glory: Rift 19 is 170,000.
- The terrain for Rift 19 is the same as Rift 17 and Rift 18.
- Enraged Bosses (Red Nose, Giath, Bheg, Muskan) will appear in Waves 1 to 4 of Rift 19 in no particular order.
- The boss Magram will appear in Wave 5 and will call forth monsters that execute devastating attacks on the gate.
ㆍLava Faolun called forth by Magram is weak to the effects of "Quagmire."
- Added an achievement for completing Path of Glory: Rift 19, Wave 5.

Tus' Nest Season 10

- [Season 10] Tus' Nest Map Pieces can be obtained by completing Path of Glory: Season 10.
- You can enter Tus' Nest by tapping the upper right tab from the "Glory" menu.
- The entry material for Tus' Nest is [Season 10] Tus' Nest Map Piece x20.
- Upon completing Tus' Nest, you can obtain an Abyssal or Primal Emblem according to chance.

Emblem Decorations: Gemstones

- Added a new Gemstone feature to Primal or higher-grade Emblems for Season 10.
- Additional Gemstone slots will be unlocked when reaching Emblem enhancement +10, +20, and +30.
ㆍGemstones will not be removed even if the enhancement of a Primal Emblem was decreased from crafting a Chaos Emblem.
ㆍYou cannot refine these Gemstones until their enhancement level requirements are reached.
Ex) The second Gemstone will not be removed when you use a +21 Primal Emblem with 2 refined Gemstones to craft a +19 Chaos Emblem.
However, the second Gemstone cannot be refined until the enhancement level of the Chaos Emblem reaches +20. 

- Gemstones will automatically be added to the slots when you reach each of the enhancement levels.
- Refined Gemstone stats will remain the same when you craft a Chaos Emblem with a Primal Emblem.

- You can refine each Gemstone up to level 100. The success rate decreases with higher refinement levels.
- Gemstones can be refined using Silver and the new enhancement material [Tus' Breath].
ㆍYou are guaranteed to obtain [Tus' Breath] from Tus' Nest, and you also have a chance to obtain it from the Path of Glory.
- Gemstones begin from Unique grade and their grades improve with higher refinement levels.
- Gemstone refinement does not decrease upon fail, so restoration is unnecessary.

Developer Commentary

Your fairy has entered into adulthood as she adventured with you, yet she still observes you and the world full of curiosity.

Your fairy wants to be more like you, and shows great interest in your various, colorful outfits. Another journey awaits in which you'll help make an outfit for your fairy. At the end of this journey, you'll be able to give your fairy beautiful outfits and ornaments.

When you're ready to make an outfit for your fairy, you can obtain magical fairy brooches. Brooches are another factor for both you and your fairy's progression. The more activities you perform with your fairy, the stronger her Brooches will become and help you in your adventure more.

Share a new experience with your fairy with the addition of fairy outfits and Brooches!

Fairy Outfits

- Added "Fairy Outfits" that can be equipped on your fairy.
- Fairy Outfits will be available after completing the new story, "Fairy Meets Fashion."
ㆍThe story is unlocked after completing the story "Fairy" and after your fairy successfully Blossoms for the first time.
ㆍYou can purchase Fairy Outfits from the "Appearance & Pets" tab in the Pearl Shop.
ㆍFairy Outfits cannot be dyed.
- Tap the outfits in the Fairy Outfit menu to preview them.
- Tap the "Outfit Info" button to check out the item description of the selected Fairy Outfit.
- You must give the Fairy Outfit to your fairy to equip it.
ㆍFairy Outfits can be purchased once per Family and the Fairy Outfit item already given to your fairy cannot be returned to you.
ㆍIf your fairy turns into Baby Fairy, the equipped outfit will not be displayed. It will be displayed again when your fairy turns back into Laila through Blossom.
- Tap the "Preview" button to preview outfits equipped by fairies of different personalities.
ㆍOutfits for Baby Fairy will be added in a future update.

Fairy Brooches

- Added "Fairy Brooch."
- Brooches will be available after you complete "Fairy Meets Fashion."
- There are two types of Brooches: [Solar Brooch] and [Lunar Brooch].

Enhancement Solar Brooch Lunar Brooch
Material Exuberant Sunstone Dawning Moonstone
Stats AP, DP, Max HP AP, DP

- You can use enhancement materials to increase enhancement success rate for Brooches.
ㆍYou can attempt Brooch enhancement with at least a 10% success rate.

- You can attempt to upgrade your Brooch to the next grade at +29 enhancement of each grade.
ㆍ[Daybloom] is required to upgrade [Solar Brooch], and [Nightbloom] is required to upgrade [Lunar Brooch].
ㆍ Brooches start from Normal grade and can reach up to Chaos grade. You must first fulfill the "max trait points" requirement for the given grade to attempt upgrade.

Grade Required Max Trait Points
Magic 20
Rare 60
Unique 100
Epic 140
Mystical 180
Abyssal 220
Primal 260
Chaos 300

- The enhancement level of Brooches will stay the same upon a failed upgrade, but the materials used for upgrade will disappear.
- Upon successful upgrade, the Brooch will reach the next grade and the "PvP Damage Reduction" effect will be added.
ㆍEnhancement level resets upon successful upgrade.

- Materials for enhancing and upgrading Brooches can be obtained from fairy content.
ㆍYou can obtain [Nightbloom] according to a set probability.

Obtained From Rewards
Fairy Adventure Exuberant Sunstone, Nightbloom
Fairy Talk Exuberant Sunstone, Daybloom
Fairy Wish Dawning Moonstone





- [Gladiator] Fixed an issue where you could not use Evasion during the additional attack of "Shield Charge."
- [Lahn] Fixed an issue where "Blossoming Slash" was able to hit enemies from afar.
- [Primrose] Fixed an issue where using "Flow: Icy Illusion" of "Glacial Wall" with the Labreve branch inscribed would not allow additional movement when max charge is not at 2.
- [All] Fixed an issue where you would have to tap the "Move to the closest Oasis" button twice during auto-combat in Great Desert.




Developer Commentary

When we first introduced fairies to you, we designed fairy appearances and personality changes in a certain way.
Much like ourselves, fairies can change appearances depending on their current traits, but this did not entail an immediate change in personality and speech. Their personalities changed only through the dramatic process of Blossoming, and the requirements to do so are not easy to meet.

We received a lot of feedback from our Adventurers regarding their difficulty in understanding how their fairy's personality changes, due to the discrepancy in appearance and personality.

With this update, we've made improvements so that our Adventurers can more clearly see the changes in their fairy's personality. We hope this will allow you to bond with your fairy even more as a friend who accompanies you in your adventures.

- Changed so that it's easier to change the fairy's personality according to her current trait points.
- Changed your fairy's wings and hair color to better portray your fairy's traits.
- Improved the + button in [Bond - Study] to adjust the quantity only up to the max available based on current Curiosity and remaining daily study limit.


- Added "Name Change History" in [Settings - Account].
ㆍTap the button to review or cancel your name change requests.
ㆍThe item used to request the name change will be returned to your inventory upon cancellation.
ㆍThis does not apply to Guild Mark Change Coupon.




- Improved the following tutorials to explain in-game functions more clearly with images and guides.
ㆍApplies to: Equipping Skills, Combat, Dark Energy, Move, Skill Upgrade
- Optimized the performance of certain visual effects that play when struck.
- Added a warning message that explains how the multiplier cannot be increased further if completing Co-op Rush with the set multiplier will result in max Knowledge level.
- Added information of the highest possible grade in the descriptions of "Unknown Memory" items.


- Expanded the map for Elite Guild Raid.
- Adjusted certain spawn locations of Desert Fogans in Great Desert.

Bug Fixes


Elite Guild Raid

- Fixed an issue where Urugon and Loure Ravi would sometimes not enter frenzy.


- Fixed an issue where guild push notifications with 3 lines or longer would appear stacked on top of each other.
- Fixed an issue where server connection would sometimes become unstable with the message "Failed to load character information."


- Fixed an issue where it was sometimes possible to move during preparation in Node War toward a nearby Ogre in certain Nodes.
- Fixed an issue where max multipliers could not exceed 10 with the fairy skill "Boss Rush Multiplier" at level 6 or higher.
- Fixed an issue where the attack ranges of certain bosses were abnormal.
- Fixed an issue where you could not interact with certain objects when you're unable to accept Bounty Missions.
- Fixed an issue where auto-combat would sometimes deactivate in Temple of Desterio in Great Desert.
- Fixed an issue where the cooldown of fairy skill "Auto-Pickup: Desert Loot & Oyster" would sometimes reset.
- Fixed an issue where Atumach would sometimes become inaccessible.
- Fixed an issue where the Black Spirit would not adventure in your stead when moving to your Camp or Great Ocean through the World Map.
- Fixed an issue where login times would appear abnormal on the Blood Kin Request list.



Starting Events

Fairy Support!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 1 (Tue), 2022 - Nov 7 (Mon), 23:59
PLAY BDM! Relay Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 1 (Tue), 2022 - Nov 7 (Mon), 23:59
PLAY BDM! Combat Support Missions
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 1 (Tue), 2022 - Nov 7 (Mon), 23:59
PLAY BDM! CP Milestones
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 1 (Tue), 2022 - Nov 28 (Mon), 23:59
Monthly Login
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 1 (Tue), 2022 - Nov 30 (Wed), 23:59
Path of Glory Season 10 Special Shop Is Here!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 1 (Tue), 2022 - Nov 14 (Mon), 23:59
Path of Glory Missions: Season 10 Begins!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 1 (Tue), 2022 - until further notice

Ending Events

· Bewitched Desserts Event
· Halloween Memorable Gifts Event
· Find Talish's Treats!
· Halloween Spooky Puzzle Event
· Sharing Is Scaring! Halloween Cookie Box
· Talish's Surprise Visit
· Giant Halloween Pumpkin Event

Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Items

- Special Package
· Pearl & Emblem Boost I
· Pearl & Emblem Boost II
· Moonlight Boost Chest

- Tus' Special Shop
· After maintenance on Nov 1 (Tue), 2022 - Nov 14 (Mon), 23:59

Item Quantity Purchase Limit Price
Path of Glory Starter Chest 1 1 per week 1500 Pearls
Twisted Time & Harmonious Light Selection Chest 2 3 per week 300 Pearls
Path of Glory S10 Entry Pass 1 1 per week 300 Black Pearls
Restoration Scroll 10,000 1 per week 500 Black Pearls
Ah'krad 1 1 per week 1,000,000,000 Silver
Vase of Dawnlight Dew 1 1 per day 500,000,000 Silver
Nightbloom 10 1 per week 3,000 Social Tokens
Dawning Moonstone 50 1 per week 2,500 Social Tokens
Nightbloom 10 1 per week 1,000 Mileage
Dawning Moonstone 50 1 per week 1,000 Mileage

- New Fairy Outfits (Black Pearl)
· [Fairy] Venecil Dress
· [Fairy] Kibelius

- New Fairy Ornament (Black Pearl)
· [Fairy] Owl Horn-Rimmed Glasses