April, the perfect month to set off on an adventure!

April, the perfect month
to set off on an adventure!

All the more reason to begin Black Desert Mobile!

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As the harsh winter, with its icy grip, gives way,
flower buds begin to bloom in the fields,
welcoming April, marked by cherry blossom petals dancing along the roadside!

The perfect time for all Adventurers to begin their adventure!

Want to see how many hidden Black Pearls you have?
Join the Black Pearl return to get 100% of Black Pearls!

Get 100% Black Pearls back only on the Oasis Server!

Attempt safe enhancement with the blessing in Totems!
Receive Okiara's Blessing!

Play Black Desert Mobile this spring in the Spring Season!

New crafting recipes for +7 Rift Totem and +8 and +9 Umbral Chaos Gear!

All of the above are to be updated on Apr 2 (Tue)?!

Want to know the details?
Check out the details from the links below!

Get 100% back!

Black Pearl Return

From the Black Pearl return to various events!

New Oasis Server

Safe enhancement with the blessing in Totems!

Okiara's Blessing

Join Black Desert Mobile this spring!

Spring Season

for +7 Totems and +8 → +9 Umbral Chaos Gear

New Crafting Recipes Added

Want to learn more on events in progress,
redeemable coupons, and tips?



Black Pearl Return

Wanna see how many hidden Black Pearls you have?
Check out the Black Pearl amount you'll receive!

(After maintenance on Apr 2 (Tue) - until the update maintenance on Apr 30 (Tue))

Black Pearl return? I want more details!

Get Black Pearls back based on all purchases made until Mar 30 (Sat), 2024!

Get Black Pearls back only with a Family created on the Oasis server!

Find out amount in only 10 seconds! Your hidden Black Pearl Return is...

Receive [Black Pearl x10,000 Chest] even if you're a new Adventurer!

But I played on another server!

You'll receive Black Pearls on the Oasis server
based on all your purchases on the other server!

If you're an Adventurer who made purchases ASIA
with many Families on various servers in the ASIA region...

including the Calpheon server,
Serendia server,
Dandelion server,
Hexe server,

and other servers, all the purchases made
will be totaled into one!

And distributed in Black Pearls
through the Family created on the Oasis server!

How can I check? my Black Pearl amount?

Go to the link below and click
[Check Black Pearl Amount]!


How do I get my Black Pearls back?

It's very simple!

Step one! Log in to Black Desert Mobile and select the Oasis server!


Step two! Create a new character on the Oasis server!

Step three! Collect all returned Black Pearls from the in-game mailbox!


On the Oasis server!
All Adventurers get 10,000 Black Pearls!

What if I've never made a purchase?

No need to worry!

All Adventurers on the Oasis server


are guaranteed at least
10,000 Black Pearls!

New Adventurer? Get 10,000 Black Pearls!
Didn't purchase a thing? Get 10,000 Black Pearls!
Got a Black Pearl return? Get 10,000 more Black Pearls!


· You can participate only once per account.
· This event is available for new, returning, and active Adventurers.
· Get Black Pearls back based on all purchases made until Mar 30 (Sat), 2024 (in USD for each product).
· The purchase amount will be calculated based on the most recent price for each product.
· For this event, you will get Black Pearls back only through the new Oasis server.
· The words "Get back" or "return" in this event refers to getting Black Pearls, an in-game form of currency, proportionate to your purchase amount.
· You can check the exact quantity of Black Pearls you'll get back through the [Check Black Pearl Amount] button.
· Complete the "Hexe Marie, the Witch" quest to open the Black Pearl x10,000 Chest given from the additional event on the new server.
· The event period and reward details are subject to change depending on the circumstances.
· This event abides by the [Terms of Service] and [Operational Policy].




New Oasis Server

Experience an Oasis with plentiful Black Pearls
in Black Desert Mobile!

A perk you can get
when you begin your adventure on the Oasis server!

Get your Black Pearls back only on the Oasis server!

Haven't made any purchases?
Don't worry, all Adventurers are guaranteed 10,000 Black Pearls!

Going higher and higher! Various events to support rapid growth!

Check out the details below.

Events await in the Oasis!

There are events for speedy growth
 on the Oasis server!

Complete daily missions
from the Bundle of Holy Vials of Splendor Daily Support! event!

Enter Chaos Rifts every week and receive Chaos Jewel/Ah'krad Chest,
an essential item for progression!

Server Hot Time!
Server Hot Time effects will go on for 24 hours for a month!

Black Pearl x10,000

Chaos Jewel x1/Ah'krad x3 Selection Chest

Bundle of Holy Vials of Splendor

Horse Emblem: Tier 8

Not only are there events helpful for progression
in addition to the rewards above,
but there's also a special Oasis-exclusive shop!

Check out the event details
after the update maintenance on Apr 2 (Tue).


Okiara's Blessing

Safe enhancement with the blessing in Totems!

After maintenance on Apr 2 (Tue) - Until maintenance on Apr 30 (Tue)

Enhancement level will not drop even upon failed enhancement with
the Okiara's Blessing you receive!

Get Okiara's Blessing x2 immediately only from the event in progress!

Attempt a higher enhancement level with the simple and easy use!

Sell to and buy from other Adventurers!
Okiara's Blessing is registrable on the Market!

Check out the details below.

Want to know what Okiara's Blessing is?

Safe Totem enhancement!

Okiara's Blessing

Safe enhancement! Free, protected Totem enhancement!

Register on the market! You can use the market to buy and sell at your leisure.

Where can I get Okiara's Blessing?

Tap "Claim Reward" from the event banner!

Complete the story, "The Awakened Watcher" to receive
Okiara's Blessing x2 upon opening the chest!

Only on the old server!

Check the event details
after the update maintenance on Apr 2 (Tue).

How to Use Okiara's Blessing

Okiara's Blessing
can only be used for a +6 or higher enhancement level Totem.

You can select Okiara's Blessing to use
after choosing the Totem to attempt enhancement
from Black Spirit's Influence - Enhance menu.

Tap Okiara's Blessing to use it
for an enhancement attempt and you will see a text like the one above.
Be sure to check the text before attempting enhancement!

Enhancement level will not drop upon failed attempt
and will stay the same!

You can register Okiara's Blessing on the Market
to sell it to other Adventurers.

Okiara's Blessing will all be deleted during the update maintenance on Apr 30 (Tue),
so we recommend using all of them before then!


Season Character: Spring Season

Join Black Desert Mobile this spring!

(After the update maintenance on Apr 2 (Tue) - until the update maintenance on Jul 23 (Tue))

Season character? Spring Season?
I want to know more!

Progress about 5 times faster with your season character
and receive abundant rewards!

Create a season character
in the Spring Season and complete the season for new completion rewards!

Season Plus! Continue progressing your character
through various support even after completing the season!


From the beginning to completion
and Season Plus, post completion!

You can check out all the details
on the season guide

from creating a season character

to completing the Season Plus.

Check out the details you want to learn!

Season Character
Season Pass
Basic Season Info

Season Character Adventurer's Guide

Season Gear
Tuvala Gear
How to Enhance Gear

Season-Exclusive Content


★ Important ★
Where to Obtain Season Items

Resonating Beach


Remaining Tuvala Gear
Main Quest Express Pass
A Variety of Items

Season Character TIP!


Increase CP
with elements other than gear!

Increase CP in the Season


I'm now an Adventurer too!
How do I use rewards?

Season Completion Guide


Get support in progressing
even after season completion in

Season Plus




New crafting recipes!

+7 Totem, +8 → +9 Umbral Gear

Added +7 Totem crafting recipes! Crafting is easier than ever!

+8 → +9 Umbral Gear!
Attempt safe enhancement without fail through "Eidolic Umbral Gear."

With the newly added crafting recipes,
we hope you progress
higher and easier!

Check the details below.

+7 Rift Totem Crafting Recipes

(To be updated Apr 2 (Tue))

Wonderful news for Adventurers who do not yet have a +7 Rift Totem
or want to attempt +8!

With enough materials, you can craft
a +7 Rift Totem!

Crystallized Totems are used as a crafting material
for a +7 Rift Totem Chest
just like a +6 Rift Totem.

Crafting a +7 Totem
and enhancing it to +8 is easier than ever!

Eidolic Umbral Gear Crafting Recipe

(To be updated Apr 9 (Tue))

If you've completed +8 awakened enhancement on gear
through Severing Umbral Gear,
but were hesitant to attempt enhancing gear to +9,

attempt safe enhancement up to +9
with Eidolic Umbral Gear!

Safe gear enhancement from +8 → +9! The enhancement level does not drop.

+8 Gear and Ah'krad x1 as materials for easy crafting!

Get your Eidolic Umbral Gear to +5 to easily change it to +9 Gear!

Attempt +9 Gear
with Eidolic Umbral Gear!