📘 Tips & Tricks 📘

📘 Tips & Tricks 📘

Greetings, Adventurer!


We realized some of you may get overwhelmed with so many new updates and revamped contents recently, so we have prepared a series of updated guides and helpful links to assist you in your adventure.


We have collected some of the best Tips & Tricks Postings that were submitted by our own adventurers below!

We've also included helpful links such as the channels of our official partners & creators, and links to Black Desert Mobile's official social media accounts. 

We hope these will enhance your gaming experience, and will continue to provide assistance in every way we can!  


Black Desert Mobile Official Guide

Please check out the Adventurer's Guide when you need detailed information regarding the game! 🔍

Adventurer's Guide

Learn various contents and information through videos on our official Youtube Channel! 🎬

Black Desert Mobile Youtube

Community & Social Media

Did you know that the largest community in Black Desert Mobile is Discord?
In Discord, not only you can meet new adventurers but you can also interact with other players and Pearl Abyss staff!

Black Desert Mobile Discord

Class Strategy

Black Shrine

Writer Submisson Link
Voldsthum LINK
JunKwang LINK
Gwynbleidd LINK
Raijin雷様 LINK
一нeяsнeуs一 LINK
一厶ce一 LINK
Filhan LINK
Skywalker LINK
RocknRollä LINK
Barnick LINK
Voldsthum LINK
Gwynbleidd LINK
xBlackFyrex LINK
Raijin雷様 LINK
JunKwang LINK
SharkBaits LINK


Official BDM Content Creators/Partners

■ Partners
Name Region Language Platform

GEE CH (Thai)

Asia Thai
Rubik Europe Russian
Siegred Asia Bahasa Indonesia
GreatMobileGaming Europe English
ggJennifer America English
66PROs Asia Thai
Fried Siomai Asia Filipino
Cantiller Asia English

■ Creators
Name Region Language Platform

Play ไป เรื่อย

Asia Thai
 Europe English   
America Spanish
Archmage Magician
America English
TheSpadesTV America English

Venom GamingTv

Asia English
Asia Filipino / English
America English
Phobio Europe English
Schokolade Europe English
delpetet ASIA Indonesian/English

Geo 7

ASIA Tagalog
xgames_tv America Portugese
OpG ZexTy America English


Europe Russian

Black Desert Mobile Social Media Accounts


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