Get your Black Pearls back!
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Get your
Black Pearls back!

This event has ended.

※ You will get your Black Pearls back based on the purchases made until Mar 30 (Sat), 2024, 23:59.


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This event will start after the maintenance on Apr 2 (Tue) and last until maintenance on Apr 30 (Tue).

You can participate only once per account.

This event is available for new, returning, and active Adventurers.

Get Black Pearls back for this event based on all purchases made until Mar 30 (Sat), 2024 (in USD for each product).

​The purchase amount will be calculated based on the most recent price for each product.

For this event, you will get Black Pearls back only through the new Oasis Server.

The words "Get back" or "return" in this event refers to getting Black Pearls, an in-game form of currency, proportionate to your purchase amount.

You can check the exact quantity of Black Pearls you'll get back through the [Check Black Pearl Amount] button.

Complete the "Hexe Marie, the Witch" quest to open the Black Pearl x10,000 Chest given from the additional event on the new server.

The event period and reward details are subject to change depending on the circumstances.

This event abides by the [Terms of Service] and [Operational Policy].