There are various titles you can obtain by exploring the Black Desert Mobile world. 


Titles are categorized into three distinct types. A variety of benefits and rewards can be earned the more you collect them. 



Titles are categorized into [Combat], [Life Skills], and [Adventure]. You can obtain titles by meeting certain conditions. 

If you obtain a title, it will be shown on the top of your Family name.

Titles can either be shown or hidden by going to [Settings] > [Game] > [My Character]. 


① You can check your titles in [My Info]. 


② Press each icon (Combat, Life Skills, Adventure) to check the list of titles available for each category.

Hints for obtaining a certain title can be seen by pressing a title. 

If you [Apply] a title, it will be shown on top of your character. 

Titles can be shown/hidden in the [Settings - My Character] tab. 


You can acquire the following rewards by collecting titles. 

If you collect a certain amount of titles, title rewards will be indicated as “In effect”. These effects can be stacked. 


Title rewards give additional EXP gain on foraging, logging, fishing, and mining. Some grant bonus attributes for workers.